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Reasons to drink warm water with honey every morning

You have every morning greedily grabbing their cup of coffee, others prefer to start the day with a cup of tea. What kind of water to drink. You can use the hot water tap from your Water Cooler Carina. But what if you would try something different? Tips to drink more water. After lemon water, there is now also honey water, and the benefits are endless.

1. It helps you to lose weight

Honey is a natural sweetener and will therefore ensure that you absorb a healthy source of calories. It can also help you avoid your appetite, which means you will eat less sugar throughout the day.

2. It stimulates digestion

Honey water helps to cleanse the colon, neutralize body gases and prevent bloating.

3. It boost your immune system

Honey has properties that kill bacteria and is a strong antioxidant. A glass of hot honey water a day from your Water Cooler Carina will undoubtedly boost your immune system.

4. It controls coughing and a sore throat

Hot water softens the throat, and honey adds a scoop. The antioxidant properties of honey help to fight a cold.

5. It improves oral health

By adding a slice of lemon to the honey water from your Water Cooler Carina, the acidity of the lemon and the antibacterial properties of the honey will work in bad breath.

6. It rejuvenates the skin

Honey in combination with lemon has restorative and antibacterial properties and will stimulate the production of collagen. Your skin and drinking water.

7. It reduces allergies

It will not take care of your allergy, but pure, natural honey can reduce sensitivity to environmental allergies.

8. It gives you an energy boost

Honey is an instant energy booster. While your body is hydrated, it keeps you alert and fresh, especially after a good night's sleep. About Prestige Water. Great tasting water after filtration from your Water Cooler Carina.

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Drink plenty of water. That's how you do that.

Filtered water or bottled water. Do you ever consider how important the role of water is in your life? Brushing teeth, going to the toilet, washing hands, showering, cleaning and, most importantly, our bodies cannot function without water. Sometimes it is difficult to get enough water. Prestige Water is happy to give you some useful tips to ensure that you drink enough water from your water cooler Carina in one day. Is water healthy?

A few facts in a row: did you know that:

  • Our body consists of 70% water?
  • A person cannot live without water for more than 3 days?
  • Frozen water is 9% lighter than ordinary water?
  • Do we use an average of 119 liters of water per day?
  • Only 1% of this is used as drinking water or for preparing food?
  • We pay an average of 0.25 cents per day for water?

Maybe an open door, but if you want to live a healthy life, you should drink enough water. Yet it appears difficult for many people. On average, we need around 2 liters of water per day. In some cases more, depending on the temperature outside and how much you move. Do you want to maintain your fluid balance? Then the following tips are worth trying:

Make sure there is a glass or bottle of water next to your bed

You know it. You wake up in the morning and immediately notice a very dry mouth. You prefer to drink the entire tap immediately, but because the tap is just a little too far and you have just woken up, you still have to wait. A missed opportunity. It is important to properly hydrate your body in the morning. Place a glass or bottle of water next to your bed and drink it when you are awake.

Watch out with caffeine

Headache? Anyone who drinks insufficient water may suffer from headaches due to the fluid deficiency. What many people don't know is that caffeine causes moisture to leave the body faster. This results in a moisture deficit faster. Drink a glass of water next to your cup of coffee to maintain your fluid balance and to prevent headaches.

Download an app to keep track of your water intake

Children and drinking water. Perhaps a bit far-fetched, but if you really have problems with not enough fluid intake, it can be very useful to keep track of your fluid intake. There are a number of useful apps to do that, such as Water Alert and Water Balance.

Choose a healthy alternative

We understand that only drinking water from your water cooler Carina can get boring. At some point you need something sweet. Unfortunately, most sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar. Prestige Water has a delicious, healthy and sugar-free alternative for this.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?