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How much water should you drink in warm weather

When the weather is warm, you sweat more than usual. It is therefore important to drink more water to prevent dehydration. But what is sufficient and what do you have to pay attention to? Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

The Nutrition Center has a number of useful tips for you:

A glass of water every hour

An adult needs about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid from your Water Cooler Caboolture South per day. In warm weather it is good to drink at least 2 liters of water. Not everyone gets thirsty automatically if you drink less than the recommended amount. Take a glass of water from your Water Cooler Caboolture South every hour, even if you are not thirsty.

Make sure you have water with you

Water is the best choice: cheap, it contains 0 calories and it just comes from the tap. Fill a bottle of water at home and take it with you when you go out. So you always have water at hand, even if you are in a traffic jam or if buses or trains are delayed.

Sugary soft drinks and alcohol

It is not smart to quench your thirst with sugary drinks such as cola, orange juice. There are a lot of calories in it. Choose rather for water, tea and coffee. Coffee does not drift moisture, but alcohol does. Can you lose weight by drinking water. If you drink a drink with alcohol on a hot day, it is best to drink a glass of water next to each glass of alcohol. You can give your water a natural flavor by, for example, adding pieces of fruit and making fruit water.

Need extra salt?

It is not necessary to eat extra salt in hot weather. Moisture and drinking water. Those who sweat a lot and a long time will lose more salt. But if you continue to eat normally, that loss will be replenished automatically.

Pay extra attention to over-70s

The kidneys work less well in the elderly. They should therefore drink about 1.7 liters per day daily and in warm weather more than 2 liters of water from your Water Cooler Caboolture South. Pay extra attention to older people who are less self-sufficient. Elderly people who suffer from urinary incontinence problems, constipation or other diseases are also vulnerable.

More attention for babies

Grandchild visiting? Breast-fed babies do not need to get extra water from a bottle. That can even be detrimental, because the child may drink less milk from the mother. In warm weather, breast milk automatically becomes more watery. Great tasting drink water with minerals from your Water Cooler Caboolture South. A child can then just a bit more often at the breast. Does your (small) child get bottle-feeding? Then in between you can give a few spoons of water in warm weather. Ask the counseling office if a child has diarrhea or if you are worried or drink enough. From 6 months onwards, children start to eat and drink different things, you can water in between or for example some lukewarm fruit tea without sugar.

Drink enough against dehydration

If you urinate less than usual or if your urine is dark in color, you have drunk too little. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water. There is a chance that you will dry out. When you dry out, you sweat less than usual. You can therefore get a light feeling in the head and even fainting.

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Filtered water from your water cooler Caboolture South with minerals

1. Why a detox cure?

Due to our lifestyle and living environment, we ingest all kinds of toxic substances, including smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition, medicines and air pollution. Often we don't even notice it. These toxins are broken down by our liver and leave the body through the kidneys with the urine or through the intestines with the feces. A surplus of waste, which cannot be processed by the body, is temporarily stored in our fat cells and the connective tissue of the skin. Detoxing occasionally is a way to get rid of all stored waste and toxins.

2. How do I know if it is necessary to detox?

  • Do you have little energy?
  • Do you drink alcohol daily?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you eat unhealthy?
  • Do you use medicines every day?
  • Do you suffer from your digestion?
  • Are you regularly sick?
  • Do you have dull, dull skin?

Is the answer to one or more of these questions yes? Then it is time to consider a detox cure.

3. Can I just start?

There are many different ways to do a detox. I advise you to delve into the possibilities first. Then you can decide for yourself which way suits you best and whether you can start detox right away. When in doubt, always consult with your doctor.

4. How can I do a detox cure?

There are several ways you can do a detox cure. You can also combine these methods together:

  • adapted diet
  • nutrients that help detoxify your body
  • juice cure
  • fasting
  • dietary supplements containing fiber, vitamins, herbs and minerals
  • detox drink
  • bowel irrigation
  • detox plasters

5. Which method is best for me?

The method you choose depends on a number of factors such as the intensity of the detox, the budget, the duration. There is a suitable method for everyone. If you want to follow an intensive detox cure, this requires good preparation. You can also choose to drink a detox drink daily after breakfast and you can support the detoxification process by paying more attention to your diet or reducing the number of toxins.

6. How much water from my water cooler Caboolture South should I drink?

Actually I should drink more water. The purpose of a detox cure is to detoxify your body from waste. By drinking a lot of water you promote its excretion via kidneys, intestines and sweat. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. By adding some fresh lemon juice you stimulate digestion. The citric acid stimulates the production of bile which supports the removal of waste and toxins.

7. Can I continue to eat everything?

This depends on the method you choose. It is recommended to especially choose raw food. This contains more nutrients and enzymes that support your digestion, as well as fewer toxins. It is often not recommended to eat dairy, eggs, meat, shellfish, sugar and grains during detox treatment. In any case, make sure you don't eat processed foods, as they contain artificial additives, dyes and preservatives that all need to be broken down again.

8. With which products do you support a detox?

There are many products available to help you detox. With a change in your diet, you are already taking the first good step. With enough fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds that contain a lot of fiber, you stimulate the removal of waste and toxic substances. In addition, there is a whole range of products with detoxifying properties that support your liver so that it can do what it is good at, detoxify.
Provide supportive:

    milk thistle
    greater celandine (celandine)


    black pepper
    barley grass

9. Can I keep exercising during a detox?

A detox cure can demand a lot of energy from you. It is better to take it easy, but you are allowed to exercise. Exercise is good, especially if you sweat a lot because this promotes the removal of waste.

10. What is juice fasting?

A juice fast is a detox method in which you replace your daily diet with fruit and vegetable juices, water and herbal teas. This is a rigorous course of action so be careful. Prepare your body for it by "tapering off" and do not take too long because you do not get all the necessary nutrients during such a course.

11. Do I lose weight during a detox cure?

Drinking water and losing weight. Our body stores a surplus of toxins in fat cells. These fat cells are not burned to ensure that these substances are not released. By detoxing you ensure that the stored toxins are removed in the fat cells. If your body needs energy after wards, it can appeal to these fat cells.

12. Is it good for your skin?

Liver and skin together ensure the removal of substances. If your liver has a hard time, you will often see this reflected in the skin. This is because waste products and excess fats are also stored in the subcutaneous connective tissue. All kinds of skin problems and impurities can be a sign of a liver that has to work too hard to detox. With a detox cure, you can support your liver and you often see that in healthier skin. Your skin will also look younger by drinking plenty of water from your water cooler Caboolture South.

13. Do I get more energy after a detox treatment?

One of the reasons someone decides to do a detox cure is to get more energy. Your body uses a lot of energy to clean itself from all waste and toxins. After a detox cure, chances are that you have more energy again.

14. Do I sleep better after a detox?

During sleep, many processes in our body slow down so that little energy is used. Then the detoxification process starts. The liver works hard to remove all waste and toxins. Little sleep inhibits this process. A surplus of toxins makes you sleep poorly. You will see that you sleep better after a detox cure.

15. Do I have to stop if I get a headache?

All kinds of inconveniences can arise during detox. It can cause nausea, diarrhea, constipation and headache, among other things. This can be a sign that toxins are released and removed. So it is very normal that you get a headache during a detox cure. If you don't trust it, stop.

16. Can I drink alcohol?

It is better not to drink alcohol. Alcohol is very stressful for the liver. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of a variety of liver diseases. Alcohol (ethanol) is a poisonous substance that is converted by the liver into acetaldehyde (also poisonous) and then into acetic acid, which can serve as an energy source. Excessive alcohol consumption can damage the liver and therefore the detoxifying function also deteriorates.

17. Is a detox good for your resistance?

When your body is busy detoxing, it can have a negative impact on your resistance. If you eat unhealthy, you exercise little and you regularly drink a beer or wine, it is very well possible that you catch a cold faster. With a detox, you support the resistance so that you are less susceptible to pathogens.

18. Can a detox during pregnancy?

No, a detox is not recommended during pregnancy.

19. Is detox expensive?

Choose the method that suits you and that is within your budget. You can get complete detox packs, which can be very expensive, but often that is not necessary at all.

20. Are there also disadvantages to a detox?

As long as you use your common sense, there are few drawbacks to a detox. Are you doing a detox to lose weight? Keep in mind that you will often be back to your old weight quickly if you don't change your lifestyle and eating style. A detox diet can be difficult to maintain and because you get few nutrients, this can be at the expense of your energy and your resistance. A number of side effects can also occur, such as nausea, diarrhea, headache and rash. So think in advance why you actually need a detox. Often, with a change in your lifestyle and diet, you can reduce the amount of waste and toxins that your body has to process. If this does not work, there are plenty of options to support your liver and body in its removal.

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