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What happens to your body if you drink insufficient water

Cold water drinking. One of the most important parts of our body is the brain. They need the most energy and they consist of 75 percent water. No wonder you have to ensure that the moisture balance in your upper room is maintained. If you do not, that has an effect on your ability to concentrate. Even if you suffer from mood swings during these hot days, it may be because you drink too little water from your Water Cooler Bundamba. Drinking water helps with losing some weight. Drink plenty of fresh water, restore the balance above it, prevents headaches and makes you sleep better at night.

Our blood consists of 94 percent water. That is at least the case if you drink enough water. When you drink too little water, the blood becomes thicker and blood pressure decreases. In this way, the blood only flows to the most vital organs leading to dizziness, concentration disorders and nausea. Can food influence your sleep.

Our heart also needs water. Those who drink too little influence the functioning of the nerve cells. Those nerve cells are responsible for the right heart rhythm and therefore very important.

If there is too little water supply, no sweat is produced, the skin dries out and the body is no longer able to cool itself. So, drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Bundamba. This increases the body temperature. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

Every day we lose one hundred fifty milliliters of fluid through our urine. These are actually waste products and can only be discharged if the kidneys receive enough water to produce the urine. To be able to pee enough, our kidneys actually need five hundred milliliters of water. In reality, of course, we have to drink a lot more than that. After all, all body parts that we list above also need water from your Water Cooler Bundamba.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Bundamba
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Bundamba
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Detoxing: is a detox cure pointless?

Drink water from your Benchtop or Floor Standing water cooler Bundamba

Detoxing or detoxifying: removing life-threatening toxins from the body. For example, mainstream medicine phrases the word detox. It does not have one meaning in alternative medicine. In any case, a detox cure would remove toxins from your body. Such a detox treatment can consist of only detox tea and juices (an extreme form of detox), but can also consist of unprocessed and healthy food, with lots of fruit and vegetables.

Little research on detox cure

Can the answer be given to the question: is a detox cure useless? Not really. So far, little research has been done on detoxes. The available studies are often small-scale and are not scientifically substantiated. It is known that we ingest chemicals every day, for example via medicines, exhaust gases, processed food and pesticides. However, the body has its waste processing system, so that it can clean up and excrete toxic substances. This is mainly done via the liver. As a result, people with a healthy body and a healthy liver have little risk of toxins accumulating.

It is therefore just the question: do we need such a detox diet or is it only necessary with extreme poisoning or a reduced effect of certain organs (such as your liver)? Further research should show whether a detox cure is effective. Tips to get through the summer COOL.

Bad eating habits

According to the American professor Clemens, there is no evidence that detox cures work. Clemens says that some people feel better during a detox cure, but according to him that is simply because earlier bad eating habits don't get a chance during a detox cure. Research by Clemens shows that a normal, healthy and varied diet, enough exercise and enough sleep offers the body the best conditions to cleanse itself.

Detox cure can be dangerous

Some researchers warn that some detox treatments can be dangerous, for example if it is recommended to drink (exceptionally) a lot of water. This can lead to incorrect blood values and sometimes even damage to the kidneys. Alkaline drink water made from your own tap from your own water cooler Bundamba.

Only detox tea and juices

With an extreme detox treatment with only detox tea and vegetable juices, you often get too few nutrients, such as carbohydrates. Ketogenesis then takes place, in which your body has difficulty converting sugars into energy. Among other things, this leads to fatigue and poorer physical and mental performance. With too few carbohydrates, your body also uses muscle protein as an energy source, which is at the expense of your muscles. By not getting enough nutrients you also risk a vitamin and mineral deficiency and a negative influence on the immune system.

Healthy and unprocessed food

A detox cure is a short period of about a week and a half. With an extreme detox cure, you will likely lose a few pounds. After that you can easily fall back into your old habits, giving you a kind of yo-yo effect. When you start detoxing, you lose weight, then you keep gaining weight. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

There are also less extreme detox treatments, where you pay a lot of attention to your diet. For example, you do not eat processed meat and ensure that you consume a lot of fruit and vegetables. This does not necessarily have to be a cure: you can apply it perfectly in your daily life and make it a lifestyle.

Other methods to keep your body healthy inside:

  • Moderate alcohol consumption, drink more water from your water cooler Bundamba
  • Stop smoking
  • Eat a varied diet
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise sufficiently and have a healthy body weight

The use of detox products

The independent English institute Sense about Science previously examined fifteen detox products and concluded that manufacturers cannot achieve the detoxifying effect of their products. The study examined products such as mineral water, vitamin cures, facial cleansers and body brushes. Most manufacturers of these items and cures admitted on inquiry that they use the term detox for cleaning or brushing, when the literal meaning is "removing toxins."

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