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How do I drink sufficiently in warm weather

When the weather is warm, you sweat more than usual. It is therefore important to drink more water to prevent dehydration. But what is sufficient and what do you have to pay attention to?

  • When you urinate less than usual or your urine is dark in color, you have not drank enough. There is a chance that you will dry out. When you dry out, you sweat less than usual. You can therefore get a light feeling in the head and even fainting.
  • A glass of water every hour from your Water Cooler Buccan. Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?
  • An adult needs about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid a day from drinks. In warm weather it is good to drink at least 2 liters of water. Not everyone gets thirsty automatically if you drink less than the recommended amount. Take a glass of water every hour, even if you are not thirsty.
  • Make sure you have water from your Water Cooler Buccan with you. Filtered water or Bottled water.
  • Water is the best choice: cheap, it contains 0 calories and it just comes from the tap. Fill a bottle of water at home and take it with you when you go out. So you always have water on your way, even if you are in a traffic jam or the bus and train are very delayed.
  • Sugary soft drinks and alcohol
  • It is not smart to quench your thirst with sugary drinks such as cola, orange juice. There are a lot of calories in it. Choose rather for water, tea and coffee. Coffee does not drift moisture, but alcohol does. If you drink a drink with alcohol on a hot day, it is best to drink a glass of water next to each glass of alcohol. You can give your water from your Water Cooler Buccan a natural flavor by adding pieces of fruit, for example. Is water healthy?

Extra salt unnecessary

  • It is not necessary to eat extra salt in hot weather. Those who sweat a lot and a long time will lose more salt. But if you continue to eat normally, that loss will be replenished automatically.
  • Pay extra attention to over-70s
  • The kidneys work less well in the elderly. They should therefore drink about 1.7 liters per day daily and in warm weather more than 2 liters. Pay extra attention to older people who are less self-sufficient. Elderly people who suffer from urinary incontinence problems, constipation or other diseases are also vulnerable.

Extra attention for babies

  • Breast-fed babies do not need to get extra water from a bottle. Children and drinking water. That can even be detrimental, because the child may drink less milk from the mother. In warm weather, breast milk automatically becomes more watery. Just tell your child a little more often.
  • Do you give your baby bottle-feeding?
  • Then in between you can give a few spoons of water in warm weather. Ask your health center for advice if your child has diarrhea or if you are worried or drink enough water from your Water Cooler Buccan. From 6 months on your child will eat and drink more and more things. You can water in between or for example some lukewarm fruit tea without sugar.

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Detoxify and drinking from your water cooler Buccan

This is a detox information page. On this page, you can read why detoxing is good for you, who can follow a cleaning course and how you can keep your bowels clean.

Why detoxify?

Food is up for grabs in the rich West. Everywhere around you wherever you are or look there is somewhere a stall, shop or appliance where you can buy food. Children and young people, in particular, are "snacking" a lot in this society and are not eating enough healthy food. Just look at the schools . When we go to the supermarket we usually throw everything in our shopping cart without wondering what it contains. We have not learned to read the packaging, which is usually full of preservatives and colorings, aromas and flavors. In this way, we pollute our body year after year. At some point, we get all kinds of complaints: mentally and physically. So how aware are we actually about our diet? What does this do to our body and mind? Ancient cultures and civilizations had a need to keep the liver clean. There are many useful purification formulas that have been passed down from generation to generation or through education by the ancestors or by traditional healers. Drink more from your water cooler Buccan. In the East, it is quite normal to do cleaning courses. Just like brushing teeth is a habit with us. In our current existence, it is important to clean our body regularly.

- Too much stored waste, both physical and psychological, can eventually make us sick. If we pollute ourselves too much, we no longer function well and all too often we get into a vicious circle of feeling bad and then getting sick.

- By regularly clearing yourself of unnecessary ballast, you ensure that body and mind continue to function properly. This way you give your body a chance to recover and the necessary rest.

- Cleansing improves our health and after a cure, you feel much more energetic, fitter and you will function better and more alert mentally.

- Cleaning works not only physically but also mentally on the whole person. It frees your body and mind and ensures health, reflection and rest.

Breathing exercises, yoga and meditation are an ideal way to support the body during this process. It is best to clean in the spring and fall.

Detoxify. Who can follow a cleaning course?

Virtually anyone who wants to thoroughly cleanse their body and mind and thus maintain their health can follow a course. Make sure you adjust this well to the fitness and health of your body, cleaning too long or too intensive is obviously not good!

Of course, your medical background also plays an important role. It is strongly recommended to consult your (general practitioner) doctor (or a natural doctor) for a course of treatment. Especially if you use medication or if you have a low resistance, are recovering, are old or a child, etc.

Mental preparation: You cannot complete a detox cure if you are not mentally ready. You have to be aware that treatment, detoxification, detoxification ... requires a certain discipline to succeed.

During detox, you often experience physical discomfort, so try to drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler Buccan.  Fortunately, this is only temporary and will pass. During a cleansing course take time to let go, let go physically but also let go spiritually, purify the mind. It is a time of reflection and awareness.

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There are several ways to detox yourself, good health starts with clean bowels! There are a lot of bacteria in your intestines (about 1 to 2 kilos). Bacteria mainly eat carbohydrates. Your small intestine contains the enzymes needed to digest the different carbohydrates. Therefore, if the enzymes do not do their job sufficiently, the food cannot be absorbed through the wall of the small intestine. So the undigested food sinks further into the colon. There, the bacteria wait for the tasty food, which they quickly eat. Many residual products remain in the form of gas and acid. The acid also affects the intestinal wall and is anti-inflammatory.

Keep your bowels clean:

It is advisable to drink a large glass of lukewarm warm water with lemon on your empty stomach in the morning. This has a cleaning effect and thus ensures that all waste products are removed from the night. The lukewarm warm water stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, making it easier and easier to empty yourself. We often eat sugars, which creates a scalding effect for fungi. And this can lead to candida. Eating meat frequently is harmful to the intestines because it acidifies the body. The following complaints are caused by contaminated intestines: Constipation, abdominal pain, migraine, parasites, back pain, menstrual complaints, menopausal complaints, digestive disorders, headache and fatigue.

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Great tasting alkaline filtered water with minerals from the benchtop or floor standing water cooler Buccan

Drinking water improves your performance

Our brain consists of 85-90% water and is embedded in a water bed; the brain liquid.

It is therefore obvious that with a water deficit of just 3%, our concentration, performance and efficiency decrease and we get headaches.

Drinking water has many benefits

In addition, up to 1200 liters of blood flow through our brain every day to supply it with oxygen and carbohydrates.

A particularly severe lack of water leads to the collapse of the circulatory system, as there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the brain and the blood pressure then drops rapidly.

Drink enough water to prevent tiredness, lack of drive and concentration difficulties and to activate your full performance.

Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar

Why is Filtered Water so Important?