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This happens when you drink too little water from your water cooler Bracken Ridge

These are the consequences of drinking too little water. I am such a person who forgets to drink by default. Eating on the other hand ... But well, that is not what this article is about. So I always drink too little. And I'm not talking about alcohol, but about water, tea, limo. You call me and I do not drink it. Not even coffee. Now I am fortunately not the only one with regard to this disease. How many liter of water should you drink.

The following things should also be very familiar to people who also always forget to drink.

1 No signal
Sometimes I think: I look like the Sahara herself. I do not seem to need water. At least, where my body functions perfectly when I am feeling hungry (rumbling belly, grumpy from here to and including), my body does not react at all when I should drink water. Thirst? I do not often have that. No, even after exercising. I can not easily drink all day, and then run six kilometers through the Vondelpark. And if you think that after wards I have to hang under the tap like a fast dog? No, I immediately flop on the couch without any pardon to find out after two hours that I still have not drunk anything. Drink heaps of filtered water from a Water Cooler Bracken Ridge.

2 Headache
As if my body feels a bit guilty, I still get a headache at the end of the day. But that signal is much too late, because then try to drink away that headache again without drowning.

3 Muscle pain
I always suffer from muscle pain. I once drew on this theory and perhaps it is not correct, but I think that there is a certain causal connection between a. Drinking too little and b. muscle pain. Do you now think: 'yes, I sometimes have muscle pain', then I understand that, but believe me, I do not exaggerate. I do not know how your muscle aches feel, of course, but I feel paralyzed every week for three days if I've camped on Monday. I can practically no longer move after moving house, painting a wall, or carrying very heavy shopping bags. At the moment I'm tapping this piece with muscle pain in my arms because I dragged and decorated a Christmas tree yesterday.

4 Well-intentioned advice
People who do drink regularly water from a  water cooler Bracken Ridge always come up with those well-intentioned advice. 'Just put a bottle of water on your desk' and 'take a drink every time you walk along the tap'. That is really nice and kind, but something like that is really difficult for people like me. It is a bit like saying to a sports center: 'Just go to work every day after work'. Lose weight by drinking water. Okay, okay, that might be even more difficult, but take it from me, if I put a bottle of water on my desk, it will stay there all day. I just forget about it. And if I suddenly notice him after two days, then a smell comes out of which the sewer can learn something.

5 Dry skin
The Nivea pots can not be reached (especially in the winter months). My face looks like a sandpaper and my legs and back tickle like the nits. Drinking water makes grow your hair faster. At such moments I think: 'DRINK MORE, DRINK MORE, SHOW YOUR LIFE AND DRINK MORE', then at breakfast only work my oatmeal inside.

6 No unwillingness
Healthy drink water from a Water Cooler Bracken Ridge. It may seem that I am not doing my best to get rid of this ailment, but that is not the case. I have really tried everything. Cold bottles in the refrigerator, water bottles on my desk and putting a water alarm clock, but again: making such a ritual in your life is not that easy. Just ask people who forget to eat (OMG I suffered). You do not need to serve four sandwiches every morning and afternoon.

7 Good intention
Every year with New Year's Eve you are again planning to drink more from 1 January. And usually you succeed the first day with a flag and streamer. After all, drinking water when you are broke is very simple.


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Benchtop Water Cooler Bracken Ridge
Benchtop Water Cooler Bracken Ridge
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Bracken Ridge
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How much fluid should I drink from my water cooler Bracken Ridge?

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Our body consists of more than 60% moisture, and yet there are people who survive the day on 6 cups of coffee and a glass of water. In addition to the fact that caffeine extracts moisture from the body, we also drink a lot of sugary drinks instead of pure water from a water cooler Bracken Ridge.

Unfortunately it is also true that there is a lot of confusion about how much water you should drink per day. Before most people ask themselves this question, they often forget that every person has a different body composition. Without moisture, a person can survive a maximum of 4 days, and the fluid balance is dealt with laconically, even in top sports. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.

Difference male / female

The moisture content in women is higher than in men, this is due to the increased fat percentage of women. Women therefore have a slightly larger supply of fluid, so men must be stricter on their fluid intake. This is already a big difference and makes it clear that you cannot just say how much someone should drink. Drink heaps of filtered water from your water cooler Bracken Ridge.

Function of water in our body

Before I go into how much fluid a person needs to drink per day, I first go into more detail about what functions water, or moisture, has in our body. Our body is in motion all day, even the organs use energy at rest. Moisture is closely involved with the temperature regulation in our body. When we exercise, our body loses moisture through our sweat, this is to cool us down for various functions to run smoothly. So here you can directly link why you should keep drinking during exercise and why you lose performance if you don't drink. So if, for example, you do not drink enough from your water cooler Bracken Ridge during a marathon, you will fall out automatically.

Electrolytes and moisture

Cells contain minerals and nutrients, but also waste. The cell wall can only allow moisture through, this is also called semi-permeability. The direction from which the moisture goes up is determined by the concentration of substances on both sides of the cell membrane. If there is more substance on one side, moisture is sent that way, this process is called osmosis. Normally our diet contains a balanced composition of substances, and therefore also dietary salts. The most important electrolytes are potassium and sodium. Sodium is mainly outside the cell, and Potassium is mainly inside the cell. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.

If the moisture intake is insufficient, a fluid deficiency will occur, which means that too much sodium is present outside the cells, which attracts moisture from the cells. To eliminate this, the body extracts fluid from the muscles, for example, and a fluid deficiency occurs. This is called primary dehydration. You get thirsty, you get tired and your workout goes a lot less than you would like.

Then there is also a salt (sodium) deficiency, which causes the body to excrete all the fluid because it cannot retain any fluid in the cell without sodium. This can cause dizziness, among other things. Salt less food is therefore definitely not recommended. Of course you can also have a lack of salt because you are sick, so you have to vomit a lot.

Organ functions

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. At the beginning of my blog I already wrote that our body consists of 60% moisture. This is partly because all our organs also need moisture. Our digestive system runs on a large part of water, among other things, without which no faeces can be made. Do you have a fluid deficiency? Then you can also suffer from diarrhea because the body extracts all the fluid from the intestines.

Have you ever put an egg in a closed pot of water as a child? Can't break it? This is also why our brains are protected to a certain extent. Enough reasons why you should drink enough per day.
But how much do I have to drink per day?

As you may have already expected, I cannot give clear numbers for this. This has to do with your gender, daily activities and sports and, for example, age. There are so many factors to take into account, but I want to give you the following.

Average use of fluid from the organs:

- Exhalation of air through the lungs 400 ml
- Urine through the kidneys 1000-1600 ml
- Evaporation on the skin surface 500-700 ml
- Stools through the intestines 80-100 ml

This amounts to an average of 2000 - 2800 ml, which means that you definitely have to drink 2.8 liters per day, especially if you exercise.

Difference hot or cold weather

I can already hear you thinking, when it's summer I drink a lot more! But have you ever thought about cracked dry lips in the winter? Or that the heating is on level 100 inside and you lose a lot of moisture through your breath? Of course it is difficult not to drink if you are not thirsty, but did you know that often when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty? The body often confuses this feeling. So if you are hungry, drink a glass of water first and then eat.

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