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Lemon water in the morning

Drinking warm lemon water daily, as first in the morning, suddenly turned out to be a huge hype. For many, this is also part of their morning routine. First drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. It appears to bring many health benefits. But also disadvantages. Read on to know everything pro's and con's of hot lemon water! Healthy eating practices.


  •     Drinking water and losing weight. Digestion. A glass of warm water helps here in the morning. It starts everything after a night's sleep. But the citric acid can also promote digestion by stimulating stomach acid. Fruit water.
  •     It starts your metabolism. Lemon water activates your metabolism and you may notice that you maintain a healthy body weight, or even waste.
  •     Cleaning your body. It cleanses your body and provides a natural detox for this. You can see it as a natural flush. A big advantage of this is that your skin is also a lot quieter. Add a piece of fresh ginger and / or corkua for even more health benefits!


  •     Lemon juice by itself is very sour. It has a PH value of 2/3. This is very bad for your teeth. As soon as it comes into contact with your teeth, it removes the enamel. Your teeth will also turn yellow. So the best thing is to throw it back in one go to minimize contact with your teeth. A straw is also an option, although it still comes into contact with your teeth on the inside.
  •     If you let a slice of lemon soak in your glass of water, you unconsciously also drink the pesticides of the fruit. For this reason, it is always wise to buy organic lemons or simply squeeze it out.

If you decide to drink hot lemon water, always rinse your mouth with water after wards! Actually I should drink more water.

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