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Headache? Maybe you are just thirsty.

Is water healthy? Dry mouth, thirsty, headache, and heart problems: These are some symptoms that may occur with a moisture shortage. If you have a moisture shortage, your body is getting stronger signals that it's time to drink water. You probably know, but it's no harm to say that your body is out of water for more than half. It is in the cells, in the spaces between them and in the blood. All that water in your body has even many vital functions. Drink healthy water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Bermagui.


Thus, water absorbs nutrients, which make it easier to enter the blood through the intestinal wall. Water also absorbs waste so transported through the blood. As a result of the formation of sweat, water also keeps your body temperature up. As you lose heat, you lose heat again.

Moisture level

Good hydration in the summer. It has become clear to you that it is crucial to keep your moisture content up to date. Men account for 63% of water and must receive about 2.5 liters of moisture daily. Women have more fat tissue and consist of 52% of water. They therefore have 2,3 liters enough.


If you lose more than half a liter of moisture, the hypothalamus detects that you are drying out. So drink heaps of water from a Water Cooler Bermagui. The hypothalamus is a gland deep in the brain. This indicates, among other things, that the blood is less watery and then gives you a feeling of thirst. If you do not drink at such a moment, your body will give a stronger signal. Because who loses more than 2% of his body weight to moisture, gets headache and becomes lonely.


A moisture loss of 3% to 5% causes heart disease. If you lose more than 20%, you can not retrieve it anymore. This will only happen if you spend three days without drinking in a dry environment. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

Thirst classes

If you get around the thirst, some people would not be wise to drink coffee and tea. You would only dry out of it. The Nutrition Center, however, says that is a typical sandwich. With a cup of coffee or tea you get as much moisture inside as with a glass of water from a Water Cooler Bermagui. Only caffeine ensures that your moisture secretes faster. Therefore, after drinking a few cups you have to coffee more often to the toilet.


Alcoholic refreshments are drying out. Alcohol blocks the action of the anti-diuretic hormone. That hormone stimulates the recovery of water by the kidneys. So when you drink alcohol, less water is recovered, which means that your urine is waterier than normal. Therefore, after a few beers you have to go to the toilet more often than usual and you also get thirsty.


Calculate how much water you should drink per day. It is important to maintain your moisture content, otherwise there will be several complaints. Do you notice that you often have a headache without any particular reason? Maybe it's because you drink too little. Take a bottle of water along the way and make sure you drink regularly. Do you prefer some warmers? Coffee and tea are also good at keeping the moisture balance up to date. Healthy and tasty drink water from a Water Cooler Bermagui.

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