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Drink Water and losing weight

What does water do in your body. Many people are getting lost every day. How can I lose weight? What can I eat or not? Will I go for a second time? Drinking water helps with losing some weight. These are recognizable questions to many people. In any case, you can try to lose the excess kilos quickly in many ways. You can go to the gym or follow a strict diet. Of course, moving more and eating less is a good starting point, but there are more things to be considered that can help to lose weight. Read this article and discover how drinking water can help to lose weight. Water cooler Aitkenvale and water dispenser Aitkenvale.

Many drinks are thickeners

What about the drinks you encounter daily? Beverages are also thickeners, which many people do not mind or are unaware of. How much soda do you drink on a day? And how much water? You probably drink more soda and fruit juice than water. And now let soft drinks and lots of fruit drinks be real thickeners. It is therefore our tip to turn those relationships fast. Drink a lot of water daily from a Water cooler Aitkenvale and water dispenser Aitkenvale, and you'll see that weight loss becomes a lot easier! Another good alternative to water is tea. Preferably green tea or herbal tea. Drink or add tea without sugar. In the beginning, this may get used to, but soon it will be just as tasty! For a flat and tight stomach you should (possibly) lower your fat percentage! Nutrition plays an important part here. That's why Oscar Helm (slimming coach) has a simple weekly menu, including recipes, so you know exactly what to eat. 

How much water do you need?

A person needs an average of at least one and a half to two liters of water per day from a Prestige Water Water cooler Aitkenvale and water dispenser Aitkenvale. Then we are talking about a normal day in terms of body effort. If you are going to exercise, you will naturally sweat more and you should also drink more water for compensation. You can drink more water than two liters a day, but do not worry too much. Three liters a day is already quite a lot, but this is still healthy. Furthermore, it is important to spread the intake of water throughout the day. Drink per hour so definitely not more than half a liter of water, larger amounts of water can not absorb your body in such a short period of time. Drink plenty of clean water.

Features of water

Water has some important functions in the body. There are minerals in water from a Water cooler Aitkenvale and water dispenser Aitkenvale. Harmful substances in the human body are discharged through water and the fat burning is stimulated by water. In addition, drinking plenty of water causes a reduced hunger feeling. But why is it so good to drink a lot of water if you are losing weight? When you lose weight by eating less or by moving more, you will struggle with the fat reserves. By burning more energy than you get in, those fat reserves are addressed. When losing weight, substances from that fat are released. Fats contain many harmful substances, which must therefore leave the body as soon as possible. Water promotes the rapid discharge of these harmful substances. Thus, during watering, water plays a very important body function. Weight loss through sports is of course very effective. But this also means that water plays a decisive role. Only when you drink enough water will your body be given the opportunity to completely discharge the fats. Sports, drinking water and getting lost, go hand in hand.

Less hunger

A third function that can fulfill water is to reduce the feeling of hunger. A feeling of hunger is similar to the feeling of thirst for the body. The incentives that enter the brain about this are related to each other. By drinking plenty of water, make sure that not only the thirsty feeling disappears, but also the feeling of hunger is reduced. And when you're less hungry, the portions of the meals are also a little smaller. Of course, it helps absolutely during weight loss! Great tasting water from a Water cooler Aitkenvale and water dispenser Aitkenvale.

Are there any good substitutes for water?

Drinking a whole day, that's not easy for everyone. One question that comes back regularly is whether water is replaced by other beverages. The answer to this is yes, but we would like to add some comments and remarks. Yes: there are good substitutes for water. Coffee but - especially - tea can serve as a substitute for water. Be sure to drink these beverages 'pure', so without the addition of sugar and milk. These are thickeners! However, soft drinks are less suitable as replacements of water, because many sugars and other unnatural substances are added to it. It's really no harm to drink a glass of soda every day, but when you want to lose weight, water is really a better choice. Another drink that many people see as a good replacement of water is fruit juice. But there are different fruit juices. Pure juices are a good replacement, although it is not advisable to drink fresh fruit juices throughout the day. Too many sugars and, therefore, natural sugars can cause weight gain. Really a trace are the fresh fruit juices, with which many sugars and other thickening substances are added. Even though most of the fruit juices look healthy, they are usually not!


We can be brief about it: water is an excellent tool for weight loss. By drinking plenty of water - one and a half to two liters of water a day - waste is quickly removed from the body. Hot and cold water from a Water cooler Aitkenvale and water dispenser Aitkenvale. This is certainly important during the weight loss, because harmful substances are released from the fats. In addition, a sufficient amount of water helps in the body to stimulate fat burning. Finally, drinking water also causes the feeling of hunger to be reduced. That's why there are three solid arguments for drinking plenty of water! It is also possible to replace some water daily with, for example, coffee, and tea (without milk and sugar!) Or fresh fruit juices. But in fact, water is the very best source of moisture for your body, so it is not advisable to replace the full amount of water with other beverages. Take the drink of at least one and a half to two liters of water, so just spend your day's rhythm. Drinking water is definitely not a fable! Water, a super drink.

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