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Perth Water Cooler

Have you had enough of buying bottled water and pay a fortune. We sell filtered water coolers with a 7-stage filtration bottle. You never have to buy water again, just refill the filtration bottle with your own tap water and the filter will remove chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals. Our filter also add some very important minerals back to the water as well. The right Perth Water Coolers for a great price without any rental contracts. Why not buy one of our Perth Water Coolers and get it delivered within the next few days. Choose from a wide range of modern designs,from the Bench Top up to our Stainless Steel model. Please call Perth Water Coolers on 1800 500 334 if you need more information. Or send us an email: Email Perth Water Coolers to find the right machine before you buy.

Perth Water Coolers for the Home

Fresh and great tasting water on tap! We have been providing water coolers for homes for more that 12 years. From our Bench Top, Floor Standing and the Stainless Steel model, they all come with the 7 stage filtration bottle. The filtration bottle converts tap water into healthy and great tasting water. You can refill the bottle as often as you like so now you have unlimited drinking water available for you and your family. If you are looking for a water cooler for home you will find all information you need here: Home Perth Water Coolers.

You can send us an email: Email Perth Water Coolers

Or call us on: 1800 500 334

Perth Water Coolers for the Office

Small or large office Perth Water Coolers with the 7-stage filtration bottle. If your business owns one of our water cooler systems you are free of buying bottled water. For more that 12 years we are providing satisfied businesses throughout Australia with our Office Perth Water Coolers. Find out how much money you would save by switching to one of our Perth Water Coolers:

Water Filtration Perth Water Coolers


Want to some weight? Perth Water Coolers

1. Start with a small goal, be realistic

The biggest mistake you can make if you want to lose weight is to ask yourself the impossible. Filtered water or bottled water. The cover models that you see everywhere in magazines often need a combination of aptitude, sports regime and strict diet to make their body look like this. To create such a body you are really talking about top sport. Since top sport is probably not for you either, I would be happy to let you pass the ideal of becoming a cover model. But what can you do to keep losing weight longer?

It is important that in your hectic life with a crowded agenda, you create as many bright spots as possible. To have the greatest chance of success, set a small goal for yourself today. Then one for tomorrow. Then one for next week and then for in a month. Is water healthy? With each step, the challenge is greater and the goal more difficult to achieve. Drink lots of water from a Perth Water Cooler. By taking small steps on purpose, you will find that you achieve your goals more often, which increases your confidence. It is a snowball effect that will give you a breeze to keep you from losing weight for 3 months or more.

2. Take a good look in the mirror

Many people do not look well in the mirror at the start of their waste plan. You may be ashamed of yourself, but it is extremely important that you see yourself in full naked before you start losing weight. You stand in front of the mirror and do the following exercise: You tell yourself 3 points that you like about yourself. There are good minerals in a Perth Water Cooler. Then you write down one thing that you don't like about yourself. This ensures that when you start losing weight, you have a clear goal. A clear goal ensures focus. Focus ensures that when you experience a relapse, you know what you are losing weight for. You repeat this exercise every month. That way you see progress and you get a boost to continue. In addition to a mirror, I would also recommend a scale with multiple measuring points, a skin pleat and a measuring tape. The more you measure, the longer you can keep losing weight. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

3. Cook your breakfast

In a world where it is hip to eat raw food in large numbers, I want to give you one thing: for centuries people in the oldest parts of the world such as China and Greece are used to cooking their food. These are the cultures that "coincidentally" are often among the healthiest eating habits in the world. Especially if you suffer from fatigue, digestive problems or a rash, I can recommend this. The more energy you have, the better you can keep losing weight for longer. Great tasting water from a Perth Water Cooler.

So do the following: try to have a hot breakfast 3 times a week. This will already be a world of difference for you, since you are probably used to yogurt or a sandwich. Try the following: Scrambled eggs with rye bread and raw ham; Oatmeal made from with rice milk or water, blueberries and cinnamon; banana pancakes with honey made from buckwheat flour. You're ready to kick ass, full of energy every day!

4. Apply the 80/20 rule

What if I sin once? What if I want to drink a glass of wine once? What if I am bubbling somewhere and there are bitterballen in front of my nose? .... Rest assured! Don't hurt yourself with the words that you will never lose weight or with the thought that it is not for you. Everyone has these moments. That cannot be otherwise in a busy life with many people who do not take your diet into account. Tell yourself that you are doing everything you can to live healthily 80% of the time. That means that you can have a drink on Friday evening and get fries on Sunday. No problem! Hot and cold water from a Perth Water Cooler.

Look at the layout of your life and determine on which 1.5 day (often during the weekend) you probably eat and drink things that are less good for you. That way you already take it into account and you will find that the number of times you sin is not too bad. The most important thing that you shouldn't do is feel guilty if you don't succeed. The most important thing to do is to acknowledge that you have eaten or drank something that is less healthy. That way you ensure that the next meal is healthy and that you can work with focus on your goal the next day: losing weight without relapse.

Tasty water from Prestige Water Coolers is the best water to drink to lose weight. Children and drinking water. If you take out a subscription through MyFitLevel, you use the app in which you can keep track of all your food. Even if it is not included in your plan. That way you can see how you are making progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

5. This is how you handle your pitfalls

Everyone has pitfalls when it comes to food and drink. Write down what you like and what does not fit in your diet. But also the moments that you are used to snacking. It is always a good idea not to put any more candy in your cupboard. If you then want to snack, you are faced with an empty cupboard and you can only choose the healthy alternatives.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?