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Have you had enough of buying bottled water and pay a fortune. We sell filtered water coolers with a 7-stage filtration bottle. You never have to buy water again, just refill the filtration bottle with your own tap water and the filter will remove chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals. Our filter also add some very important minerals back to the water as well. The right Perth Water Coolers for a great price without any rental contracts. Why not buy one of our Perth Water Coolers and get it delivered within the next few days. Choose from a wide range of modern designs,from the Bench Top up to our Stainless Steel model. Please call Perth Water Coolers on 1800 500 334 if you need more information. Or send us an email: Email Perth Water Coolers to find the right machine before you buy.

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Fresh and great tasting water on tap! We have been providing water coolers for homes for more that 12 years. From our Bench Top, Floor Standing and the Stainless Steel model, they all come with the 7 stage filtration bottle. The filtration bottle converts tap water into healthy and great tasting water. You can refill the bottle as often as you like so now you have unlimited drinking water available for you and your family. If you are looking for a water cooler for home you will find all information you need here: Home Perth Water Coolers.

You can send us an email: Email Perth Water Coolers

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Perth Water Coolers for the Office

Small or large office Perth Water Coolers with the 7-stage filtration bottle. If your business owns one of our water cooler systems you are free of buying bottled water. For more that 12 years we are providing satisfied businesses throughout Australia with our Office Perth Water Coolers. Find out how much money you would save by switching to one of our Perth Water Coolers:

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The Prestige Water 45 sec video, How to make great tasting drinking water

7 reasons why drinking water from a Perth Water Cooler is important.

Drinking water, we all know what it is and we have probably all learned that drinking water is important. It is also very important to lower or keep your BMI healthy. Many people drink water all day long. For example during exercise, during dinner, before going to sleep or immediately after getting up. Alkaline water, is the natural e of water.

Or simply when you are thirsty. But why is drinking water so important?

You probably never heard that so you probably don't know that either. Because what is the essence of drinking enough water? But first I will explain to you what water is.

What is water?

The chemical name of water is H2O, which you probably know. Besides that water is the primary necessity of life for people, water is also the most important substance that you can find on earth. In short there is no life without water. An important fact is that your body consists of more than 70 percent water, for this reason alone it is important that you drink enough water. I will explain to you why drinking water is really important. Many people underestimate drinking water.

Many people underestimate the functions and beneficial effects of our primary necessity of life number 1. You will drink healthy water from the Perth Water Coolers. Watch our video how it works. Or simply because they do not know the importance of drinking water. Water is not only important when you are thirsty, but actually for your entire life for optimum health. Water is the most important substance for life. You would think that this is oxygen, but even oxygen cannot be absorbed without water. Water has important functions in your body. Water is therefore involved in many different processes in the body. Think of your digestion, but also your blood, sweat, urine, saliva and faeces largely consists of water. This means that all these processes need water to function properly and to exist at all. What drinking water really does for your skin.

Now I have only talked about the processes known to you that need water, but there are also many processes that you probably don't know. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

Drinking too little water.

Drinking too little water is a bigger problem than you might think. I will explain this with an example. Take for example illnesses such as headache, abdominal pain and constipation.
There are enough people who go to the doctor with these complaints. But this is actually not necessary at all. We have often labeled human thirst signals incorrectly, we have come to call them a clinical picture. By this I mean the headache, fever etc that I have just mentioned.
These illnesses are often very easy to remedy, simply by drinking more water. The cause of many disease problems lies in drinking too little water. And that is what we do not understand, do not know or do not want to understand. Many people also drink too little during intermittent fasting. So start drinking more water from the Perth Water Coolers.

Too many people still don't drink enough water and that's why I describe in this blog the importance of drinking enough water and why drinking too little water is not good for you.

Drinking water is important for your health.

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Water is the most important source of energy for all physiological functions and therefore drinking water is very important for your health. Drinking too little water can cause increased stress. Let me give you an example. As you get older you lose the feeling of thirst and you run out of water or moisture faster.

Too much water in the body

If you drink a lot, the amount of water in the body increases. This reduces the amount of salt per liter (the concentration). After a signal from the control system, the kidneys immediately produce much more watery urine. That is urine with little salt in it. The amount of water in the body drops again, and the composition of the water in the body returns to what it was.

Too little water in the body

If you lose a lot of water, for example by sweating a lot, the amount of salt per liter in the body (the concentration) increases. The control system notices this and sends a signal: you are thirsty. If you don't drink anything, a signal will go to the kidneys to excrete less water. The kidneys prevent more water from being lost and the amount of salt per liter continues to rise. The urine darkens in color because it is more concentrated. Great tasting water from a Perth water cooler.

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Why is hot water healthier than cold water? Use the room temperature tap from the Perth Water Coolers.

A large glass of cool water: I can't get enough of it. It may sound strange, but I really think I can say that an ice-cold glass of water is my favorite drink. When I wake up, at breakfast, during lunch, during the day, at dinner and on my bedside table, there is always a bottle of water. It cools me down, quenches thirst and is good for me. I recently heard something interesting about the latter. Cold what does not always seem to be good. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

Let us state first and foremost that it is important to get enough fluid; we all know the well-known recommended 2 liters of water per day. But we don't really know much more than that. Until we took a look at Ayurvedic cuisine.

We know this about drinking water

I have been told that when you drink water that is not your body temperature, you pee it out. Whether that is true, I have unfortunately never found out. On the other hand, you can use up to 2.5 liters of water during a day by urinating, sweating and breathing. We get about 1 liter of water from our food. So we have to drink enough to get it back up to standard.

How much you have to drink depends on the climate in which you live. In the tropics you will sweat more and therefore lose more moisture and have to drink more water (or other drinks) due to the shortness of breath. Clear so far. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

Cold water versus hot water: what about?

You must have heard it; Drinking a glass of warm water from the Perth water coolers in the morning with a dash of lemon juice would do wonders for digestion. Hot water would increase digestion and help lemons to break down thanks to the minerals and vitamins and toxins in the digestive tract. We went looking for something more text and explanation about this health hype.
Hot water over cold water, according Prestige Water

In Ayurvedic leather (the oldest health doctrine from India) it is recommended to always start your day with a warm glass of water. It would be the best internal cleansing, which starts the digestion, the meal can be processed better and the food can be absorbed in this way. If the hot water is drunk between meals, it could also effectively support the excretion of water-soluble toxins from the dhatus (body tissues).

Also interesting: You are what you digest according to Ayurvedic teachings. What's up with that?

This research argues for warm water after a meal

Cold water, on the other hand, would bring cold to the digestive system (called "Agni" in Ayurveda), making food more difficult to digest. Drinking cold water while eating is therefore not recommended in Ayurvedic teachings. Do you want to drink water? Then rather at room temperature or warmer. Not only is Ayurvedic leather recommended to drink hot water. There are so many minerals in the water from the Perth water coolers. This pharmaceutical and medical research also believes that when you drink cold water, your blood vessels narrow, reducing digestion and reducing hydration.

The same research argues for hot water for several reasons. The researcher explains, among other things, that when drinking cold water your body puts energy in regulating the temperature instead of processing the food. Especially after eating cold water would not be a good idea. Excess mucus would develop, causing the immune system to work less and make you more susceptible to diseases.

This is what a nutritionist says about hot water

Nutritionist Anita tells Prestige Water about this that warm water improves blood circulation in the body. It is also a bit "softer" for the organs (some people get a feeling of cold water on the empty stomach, for example) and hot water helps break down food faster. As a result, hot water also helps more with waste disposal compared to cold water. However, a great deal of scientific research is still lacking. Drink healthy water from the Perth water coolers with a 8-stage filter bottle.

Also interesting: Drinking more water from a Perth Water Cooler, but how?

Drink more water in hot weather. If your body is overheated, for example, on a very active hot summer day, it is good to provide your body with cold water to quickly bring your body back to 'normal' temperature, Peter explains. "I always advise people to start the day with a large glass of water and to investigate what feels better, but most of my clients and I also keep it on warm water. That feels best. "
Peter also recommends that you stop drinking water half an hour before eating, and half an hour after eating. Drinking water while eating causes the stomach juices that your body naturally produces to dilute, so that food is less well digested, and nutrients are less well absorbed by the body.

Conclusion: stay hydrated! Drink plenty of clean water.

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