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Is your health important to you and do you know what you drink ?

Perth bottled water from Prestige Water is providing their customers with the highest quality of healthy drinking water made from your OWN tap. If you do not like the taste of regular tap water and want to improve the quality of water you drink, please find out here how you can drink only the best, and free from the tap.

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Drinking the best with Perth Bottled Water

Prestige Water is a specialist in filtered Perth Bottled Water. Why buy expensive water if you can make it yourself free from the tap. Unlimited drinking water and know what you drink. You are 75 - 80 water so why drink water with chlorine from the tap. Chlorine is added to the water by all water companies to disinfect. Chlorine is toxic so it make sense to remove it before drinking. This is the Prestige Water filtration bottle:

Filter Bottle Perth Bottled Water

This amazing filtration bottle from Perth Bottled Water | Prestige Water will remove chlorine and other impurities from tap water. Also very important minerals will be added back to the water so you can drink unlimited healthy drinking water free from your tap.

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Drinking water in the summer but with taste!

Also such a thirst during this wonderful summer with beautiful sunny days? I have the feeling that I am somewhere in a tropical country with this beautiful summer weather. Beautiful weather with high temperatures and then also a nice sun ensures that you need a lot more moisture, so it's important that you drink enough. Drink water from a Perth Bottled water cooler. I notice in hot weather that my need for hot drinks such as tea is zero so I often stick to water. Well, I actually always like water the best. I actually stopped drinking soda years ago that only made me more thirsty when I drank it. Water also helps the best against thirst. Your body needs around 2.5 liters of fluid per day with these temperatures! There are minerals in water from a Perth bottled water cooler. In the summer, water is actually the best thirst quencher. Forget soft drinks and ready-made juices that contain a lot of sugar unnoticed. Drinking water with fruit and spice. Do you find it hard to drink enough because your water is a bit boring after the umpteenth glass, add fresh fruit, herbs such as mint or basil or even vegetables such as cucumber. Really delicious and super easy to make. You can also opt for frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit. Woolworths and Coles sell the frozen fruit in small boxes in the freezer compartment. It is therefore also fresh, but immediately frozen after picking. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. So vitamins are preserved. I often add mint to water for a fresh taste, basil provides more spice for example. You can vary endlessly. Coconut water is also a nice and healthy alternative as a thirst quencher. You can also add some fruit here. Below I give you some nice suggestions for water with taste and coconut water variations.

  •     Water with thin slices of cucumber (with cheese slicer in length) lemon and mint
  •     Water with strawberries, blueberry and basil or mint. Eating delicious ripe fruit
  •     Water with orange, blueberry and mint
  •     Water with orange and coriander
  •     Water with grapefruit and rosemary
  •     Water with watermelon, strawberry and mint
  •     water with slices of orange and lemon
  •     coconut water with slices of orange, cinnamon stick and a piece (1 cm) of ginger
  •     coconut water with pineapple

Do you now have another tasty variant, please let us know below as a response. I wish you a beautiful and fantastic sunny summer! So drink plenty of water from a Perth bottled water cooler. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

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