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Drinking warm water is healthy

Why is hot water drinking healthy?

How many liter of water should you drink. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, hot food and drink is beneficial. People eat hot at least twice in most countries. In Asian countries it is also common to drink hot water. Warm means from 37 to 75 degrees, not so hot that you burn your tongue or that you are sweating. The average internal temperature of a person is 37 degrees. If this temperature is increased by two degrees, we feel pretty sick because of the fever. Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser from Prestige Water.

From the same principle, you can say that we produce the opposite effect when we eat and drink ice-cold, chilled, or even at room temperature. In this case we will only experience the inconveniences in the long term; after years we notice that often in the first case our digestive system no longer works so well. And the negative effects do not remain on our other organs. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicin) means cold; everything under body temperature. Healthy drinks instead of water. This is the basis for all kinds of discomfort, pain and chronic diseases in Western society.

How does this work?

  • Hot water keeps your organs in good condition and promotes blood circulation. Drinking chilled liquids of eg 3 degrees is the same as stopping your organs in the freezer. The natural effect of cold is contracting, slowing down and shrinking. Great tasting water from a Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser. Cold food and drink causes blockages in the flow of the meridians, slows the blood circulation, and reduces the organ functions to (far) under what they can.
  • Drinking cold water causes an imbalance in the internal body temperature. This can lead to what Chinese Medicine call an Internal Cold Pattern. This manifests itself in cold hands and feet, Raynaud, painful menstruation, fertility problems, varicose veins, weak appetite, difficult digestion (abdominal distension after eating, abdominal pain, too weak faeces or constipation), weight gain, chronic fatigue, a lot of urination, depression , joint complaints or chronic pain. Spicy or warming (winter) herbs, such as, ginger, cumin, cardamom, fennel etc. can sometimes dissipate internal cold, but drinking plenty of hot water and taking hot meals is the easiest way. Hot and cold water from a Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser.
  • You better save your energy. Our organs only work optimally at 37 degrees. If we permanently cool our organs by drinking and eating too cold, they must permanently work harder to first heat the liquids or food before it comes to digestion. We are constantly overloading our body and we are thereby wasting energy to make that which we take us useful for the body. This energy can be better used to cure our disorders / discomfort and increase our resistance.
  • You increase your defenses and thus reduce the chance of disorders. Lose weight by drinking water. People are heat animals and our biggest enemy is the cold. Yange energy in our body means heat energy and movement. Heat is needed for all metabolisms in our body. Our immune system is built up with the help of warmth and movement of Yang (everything we eat is converted into energy and dust by means of Yang Qi, which nourish and protect our body.) Building up heat in our body means building up resistance.
  • In the long term, eating and drinking cold products will lead to weight gain. Drinking cold water is often used as a means for weight loss. It suppresses the appetite, because it has an astringent effect on the muscle tissue (including the smooth muscle tissue of the stomach wall). Minerals from a Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser. It would cause a higher calorie burn because the body is switched on to work harder to reach the right temperature. But ultimately you weaken the digestive organs and in the long term you will achieve the opposite: overweight. It is a simple natural principle: cold slows down and accelerates heat, so more heat in your body provides faster and better digestive metabolism.
  • Hot water ensures better humidification of the body. Again: cold causes contraction and delay, heat for the opposite. This way the organs and tissues are better hydrated. You often notice that you suffer from dehydration to some extent only when you start drinking hot water. You get more thirsty as a result of a "wake up" from the cooled state of your body. Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser from Prestige Water is the best water ever!
  • After physical effort, hot water helps to regulate the internal and external temperature. Drinking cold water after a workout causes a shock effect on the organs. During physical training, inner heat is forced to the surface where the body sweats for cooling, so you cool inside. Cold water cools the internal even more.

Mineral Filtered Drinking Water Purifier Cooler Dispenser

Losing weight with a step-by-step plan: slim in 5 steps! (Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser.)

Healthy and fast weight loss becomes reality with the help of our handy 10-step plan. Loss of weight is in the wish list of many people, we find it difficult to get started and therefore it remains a dream for many. In addition, many people do not seem to do weight loss efficiently. They choose shakes or eat as little as possible. This is not going to help you fight the kilos, it can even make it worse.

It is difficult to find a diet that suits you. Drink lots of water from a mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser. Every body is different and therefore responds differently to diet plans. We have a choice of endless different diets, all of which are praised on the internet, and no longer know where to start. All these rules and laws make it quite a task. Let go of this, you do not need these recommendations and diet tips at all.

Eating healthier is the most important element of healthy weight loss. It not only helps with weight loss, it has all kinds of benefits for your body and mind. To help you with healthy food and a good waste schedule, we have worked out a number of steps. By following our steps you know what you have to do to be able to lose weight healthily. Tips for summer.

Start with healthy food

Before we explain the step-by-step plan to you, it is important to know that a healthy diet is the start of a healthy life. It also helps in losing weight. Because you get the right nutrients, your body will start burning fat faster. The unhealthy substances that you no longer take ensure that your fat is stored.

By eating healthier you will see results faster. This does not mean that you have to go too far, it is wise to pay attention to your diet and to be aware of what you eat. It does not mean that you can never take anything that contains sugar, you just have to use it more sensibly. Your diet is half the battle!

The 5-step plan for weight loss

In addition to healthy food, there are more things you can do to lose weight. Try to do everything in moderation, exaggeration is never a good idea. Include our 10 tips in your nutrition and exercise plan and you will soon find that it benefits you!

1. Drinking water

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Best water from a Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser. It is important that you are and remain well hydrated. Drinking water is the easiest way to lose weight, and it is also important. Your body needs constant water. The moment you get a dry mouth and you feel that you are getting thirsty, your body is actually already too dehydrated. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and try to supplement this. You will notice that your body responds well to this. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.

Drinking water helps you lose weight. It is good for your body, skin and you feel satisfied sooner. Drinking a glass of water before eating will fill you up faster. This means fewer calories while you are as satisfied as ever! Hydration with water, coffee and tea is healthy. You can leave soft drinks and fruit juices better.

2. No alcoholic drinks

Stop drinking alcohol, or at least reduce it, will have to when you want to lose weight. Certainly if you regularly drink a glass, this will yield a lot. It is not always nice or easy, but it benefits your body a lot. In your body, drink is completely converted into glucose, also known as sugar. You arrive quickly and it can get in the way of your entire diet process. Healthy water from a Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser.

3. Prepare fresh meals

We don't always feel like cooking healthily. A busy job, the household, children and appointments, how nice is it that you can save time on dinner? You have to avoid this. Try to leave the ready-made meals in the supermarket, which contains many unhealthy nutrients that you cannot use while losing weight. Sugars, salt and unhealthy fat are in almost every jar and every package that you come across.

4. Avoid sugar

It cannot be said often enough, try to avoid sugar. There is a difference between natural sugars and refined sugars, the refined variant is processed in the factory and is bad for you. Natural sugars are processed better by your body, but you should not take these too much. Sugar is used in almost all products in the supermarket. There are no sugars in a Mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser. Try to pay attention to this.

5. Fiber-rich food

Opt for fiber. By eating fiber-rich food you keep your intestines healthy and you feel saturated for longer. Pasta, rice, bread, you can get it all fiber-rich. Whole grain pasta and brown rice are examples of this. Fruits, vegetables and legumes also contain fiber. Losing weight becomes easier by eating fiber-rich foods. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.

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Drink Himalayan salt and promote your health, Healthy mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser from Prestige Water

I was looking for an inexpensive and easy way to naturally get minerals and then came across Himalayan salt. I made a solution of this in water, a so-called sol, which I now use daily in my smoothie.

Why Himalayan salt

Pure and natural Himalayan salt contains 84 vital building blocks in the form of minerals and trace elements, with especially high levels of calcium, magnesium, iron and sulphur. Himalayan Salt is a natural mineral salt that is completely absorbable at the cellular level due to its unique crystal structure, formed under very special conditions. There are many minerals in the water from a mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser. Moisture and drinking water.

Himalayan salt is strictly controlled and is a natural mineral salt that contains all the minerals we need for our life processes. In addition, it is completely absorbed by our body, which is certainly not unimportant. We cannot or hardly absorb many (chemically) produced minerals. And all for 2½ euro cents per day. The use of Himalayan salt strengthens the immune system, promotes physiological balance, stimulates the metabolism and purifies, detoxifies, revitalizes and harmonizes the body.

Difference between table salt and Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt does not burden our body as the usual salts do. Refined salt, table salt does not make any positive contribution to our functioning because it can no longer be absorbed by our cells due to the refining process. Rock salt and other unrefined sea salt contain all the necessary minerals that we need, but those minerals are "inorganic" so too large to be absorbed in our cells.
By the way, salt is refined because the chemical industry has an insatiable need for the pure substance NaCl for many chemical processes: use as table salt is an absolute side issue. So, in other words, salt, a substance that can give us very faded, is destroyed because there is more money to be made in other ways.

The body perceives this refined salt as poison - unnatural - and does its utmost to remove it from the body, which overloads our kidneys. The excess salt in our body attracts water and deposits in muscles and bones, which can cause arthritis and rheumatism, among other things.

Making a sole Water of life

5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism. A sole is a saturated solution of Himalayan salt in water. I filled a clean sealable glass bottle with filtered water and Himalayan salt and then shake it to dissolve. You continue to add Himalayan salt and shake until the salt is no longer dissolved. The water then contains 26% salt. More salt cannot absorb the water. This is called a saturated solution - a sole. Great tasting water after a 8-stage filtration from a mineral filtered drinking water purifier cooler dispenser.

Just like me, you can use this sole daily in your smoothie or any other liquid. Keep the bottle cool but not in the refrigerator and out of the sun and then it will last forever. Good luck and let us know how you do it or how you fared.

Alternate with effervescent

Alternate your flat water with spa bubbly. Some people may be sensitive to this, for example people with irritable bowel syndrome. Spa red also contains some salt, which is not good for your kidneys in large quantities. So feel free to drink spa with a 'little shot', but with some degree. Incidentally, avoid Spa bubbly variants that are sweetened.

Great tasting water from the Prestige Water benchtop or floor standing mineral filtered drinking water purifier, dispenser, cooler

When your body becomes dehydrated, many bodily functions can become compromised as water regulates:

  • Body temperature
  • Hormone regulation
  • Stimulating energy consumption
  • Blood density
  • Skin moisture
  • Cell longevity
  • Positive Digestion
  • Cushioning function for the spinal cord, brain and eyes
  • Disposal of waste products

Our bodies constantly lose water through breath, sweat, urine, and feces.1 When we're sick, we lose even more water through vomiting and diarrhea, increasing the risk of dehydration.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?