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We are an Australian " Filtered Water Cooler Geelong" company and turn normal tap water into healthy, great tasting drinking water.

We could be of your interested if you:

  • Are you still drinking tap water with all the chemicals such as chlorine?
  • Are you paying rent on your water cooler?
  • Are you buying bottled water?

With Water dispensers Geelong you OWN your water cooler and you NEVER have to pay for your drinking water. Our unique 7-stage filtration system gives you unlimited great tasting drinking water for your whole family or business. Simply put your own tap water in the top compartment of the filtration bottle. Our filter cartridge will remove chemicals such as heavy metals, chlorine, sediment, from the water and very important minerals fill be added back to the water as well. Now you can enjoy a top quality drinking water free from your own tap. If the water level is low in the bottle you can refill it as of then as you like. Never run out of drinking water again with Geelong Water Dispensers. No plumbing required, you can place our water coolers anywhere you like. So why not replace your rental water cooler system and start saving, OWN your water cooler now.

All our models dispense either hot and cold water OR room temperature and cold water.

Why Prestige Water:

  • We can supply you the cheep est option for great tasting drinking water
  • Top quality water coolers from water dispensers and water coolers Geelong
  • Unique 7-stage filtration for the best quality drinking water with minerals
  • NO ongoing rental costs
  • NO ongoing buying of bottled water
  • Bench Top or Free standing models
  • Unlimited healthy drinking water supply, you will love the taste

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Why drinking water will help with greater health

Drinking lots of water

Tap water vs Filtered water

Drinking ice cold water: does it help to lose weight?

And what is the effect on your body? We sorted it out.

Calculate how much water you should drink. You must have heard them: well-intended advice such as: put lemon in your water to lose weight. Or: drink warm water immediately when you wake up. Or rather: drink ice cold water to burn more calories. Cold water from a water cooler and water water dispenser Geelong. We have already examined the former waste tip, and today it is high time for the latter.

4 strength exercises that help with weight loss

Drinking ice cold water would cause your body to burn more calories. And technically that is also true: your body needs to get started to get the water to body temperature. But the actual effect is not as delusional as it is presented.

The myth seems to be traced back to a study from 2003 in which German scientists investigated the effect of ice cold water on their bodies in fourteen people. Added minerals from a Geelong water dispenser or Geelong water cooler. The outcome? 6 Facts about drinking water. By drinking two liters of ice-cold water, the body would burn calories 30 percent faster.

"Unfortunately" there are now more recent studies where the same has been tested and where the result was much lower: it would only be 4.5 percent faster incineration. Translate this to an extra calorie burn per glass and you count about 4 to 7 calories. We can be long or short about it, but that of course does not help.

Smart anyway?

Although cold water may not have a major effect on your metabolism, it can help you to hydrate better while exercising - allowing you to keep going longer and therefore burn more calories. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. How does that work? Not only does cold water help cool your core (which naturally heats up as a result of exercise), but your stomach would also absorb cold water faster than warm water, according to research from Columbia Health.

What works

Just keep adding nice water to your daily habits and try to replace it as much as possible with other drinks. If you exchange a glass of coke every day for water, then you will definitely notice a difference after a while, because you will receive structurally fewer calories. There are NO calories in water from a Prestige Water Cooler dispenser Geelong. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Just don't spend all your money on the trick of drinking ice cold water to lose weight - there are plenty of better tips to apply.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?