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Drinking water: A small adjustment with great effect

The 'Drink Water' campaign of Youngsters on Healthy Weight is probably the best known in Australia. With Prestige Water, the mascot in the form of a drop of water, it is always a very nice introduction to schools. Especially when Prestige Water also distributes the waterbidons. Drinking water is a small adjustment with great effects. There can not be anything wrong with that. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Prestige Water has visited a majority of the schools and the schools have started the water campaign. "All schools tackle it in the way that suits their school best." Says Peter de Wolf. "Some schools replace the lemonade for water and / or stimulate eating fruit and vegetables at 10 o'clock. To create the most important awareness among the children and for the school that the whole team supports and participates. "The School started last November and children reacted enthusiastically. "Athletes also drink water and master also has such a cool bottle." Were reactions from a few children. Fruit water.

Peter: Such a small adjustment can already be very effective. Water is good for your body, it's free and we have the best drinking water in the world here and it's always available. So what stops you? Choose your lemonade or other sweet drink or the nice fresh water? Lemonade, on the other hand, is also bad for the teeth. Healthy eating practices. So even more reasons to choose water. "

At schools, posters are hung with all kinds of packages and bottles of alcohol. It indicates how many sugar cubes are in it and how many minutes you have to cycle or skipping to burn these calories again. Take, for example, a packet of Wicky: there are 3 sugar cubes in it, this means 10 minutes of jumping or 14 minutes of cycling. Peter: "Children also make these drinks posters themselves and calculate how much sugar is in the different products and what you have to do to burn them. In addition, they receive a magazine, which contains several great tips, facts and ideas. And of course all students get a Prestige Water bottle. "

Before starting a campaign with the campaign, the JOGG team is often present on, for example, a coffee morning where parents meet. Parents already get to know the theme and are often unpleasantly surprised about the amounts of sugar in the different packages of drinks. "It is a huge eye-opener for parents, they do not know that there are so many added sugars in so-called healthy products. If we also make the parents aware of the children, then the circle is complete. "Peter says. Drinking water and losing weight.

Free Standing Water Cooler Dispenser

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