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If you are looking to purchase a Floor Standing water dispenser in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast and do not want to pay for water anymore, please see our product here.

Floor standing water dispenser Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast   Floor Standing Water Dispenser Brisbane

Never having to pay for your drinking water? Yes, that is possible. Prestige Water floor standing water dispenser Brisbane has a filtration bottle installed on the floor standing water dispenser. This means you never have to buy drinking water again. If you are concerned about impurities in your drinking water please reed here how you can filter and purify your own tap water. Simply remove the lid from the filter bottle, fill up your jug with tap water and poor this into the top compartment of the filtration bottle. The tap water will flow through the filter cartridge where chemicals such as chlorine, organic sediments will be removed. Also some very important minerals will be added back to the water and the water will be more alkaline. This multy stage filter cartridge will convert regular tap water into great tasting drinking water. Never run out, simply refill as often as needed. This Floor Standing water dispenser Brtisbane has a chilled tap and a hot water tap. You find 2 switches at the back of the water dispenser. The green switch will turn on the chilled water and the red switch will turn on hot water for all your hot water drinks such as coffee, tea. If you do not need the hot water, simply switch of the red switch at the back of the water dispenser and this tap will dispense room temperature water. In south east Queensland we service areas from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, and more.

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Water Dispensers Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast   Bench Top Water Dispenser Brisbane

WOW, this bench top model will fit perfectly on your kitchen bench. It works the same as our floor standing water dispenser but there is no storage cabinet underneath.

A chilled floor standing water dispenser Brisbane or the bench top model in your home or office. You, your whole family or staff will have instant access to healthy drinking water all the time. No need to fill up your fridge with bottled water anymore.

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Why you lose weight by drinking water

Drinking water and losing weight. Adding two glasses of water for every meal is a good way to lose weight. There are a whole series of causes behind this. Actually I should drink more water.

Drinking lots of tap water helps you lose pounds if you are overweight. Try water from the Prestige Water floor standing water dispenser Brisbane. That actually makes perfect sense. However, it was only scientifically demonstrated for the first time in 2008. Why is it so logical?

To start with, because the water is usually colder than your body. Go after it. Heating a liter of water costs 4,186 kilojoules per degree of warming. A glass of water, say 200 ml, therefore needs more than 18 kJoule of energy to heat up from 15 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees, your body temperature.

That is about the same amount of energy that is released in your body during the burning of half a gram of fat. Well, that is not really much, but suppose you drink six extra glasses of water a day, we are already talking about 3 grams of fat that you burn extra. On an annual basis it saves 365.25 times as much: a thick kilo. New model of the floor standing water dispenser Brisbane. And that's not even everything.

Full stomach

In reality, people lose twice as much if they drink so much water every day. There are three reasons for this. One: if you drink a lot of water, you will probably consume fewer other drinks, such as soda or fruit juice. So you get less energy-rich substances. Two: water that you drink just before eating takes up space in your stomach, so that you feel full earlier and therefore eat less. That also reduces your energy intake.

The third, lesser-known reason is somewhat more complicated. A glass of water drives energy consumption further up than the required heating can explain. Slimming American women who drank more than a liter of extra water a day lost two kilos of extra weight in a year.

Measurements by the German physiologist Michael Boschmann show that a human body burns about 100 kJ extra in the hour and a half after drinking half a liter of water at 22 degrees. If you heat that water up to 37 degrees in advance, then that extra energy consumption is about 40 percent smaller, he says. "Exactly the energy that you would otherwise need to heat the cold water with your body." So warm water also draws energy from the body. The reason for this has become known step by step in recent years. Hot / Room temperature and Cold water from a floor standing water dispenser Brisbane.

It has to do with dissolved substances, Boschmann has known for a few years. He discovered this during tests with volunteers. Drinking half a liter of salt water hardly had any effect on their energy consumption, while pure water did. The difference lies in the effect on the blood, which does not get thinner from salt water and from pure water, meaning that the osmotic value becomes lower.

When the blood composition changes, the nervous system responds almost immediately. The responsible nerve cells were discovered last year. They are connected to sensors in the blood vessels of your liver and run to your backbone. If the sensors give the signal that the osmotic value of the blood is falling, because the drunk water is absorbed into the blood via the stomach and intestinal wall, these nerve cells ensure that immediate action is taken to get the excess water out of the blood. 

Fully automatic system of your body by drinking water

Because blood flows straight from the digestive system to the liver (through the portal vein), your body can intervene before the blood gets thinner everywhere. Even people with paraplegia can do this, according to Boschmann. "With them, nerve signals cannot run from the backbone to the head, and this proves that this system works fully automatically, without brain influence. It keeps the osmotic value of the blood nicely constant. " There are minerals in the water from a floor standing water dispenser Brisbane. Lemon water, healthy and delicious.

What does the nervous system do when extra water is found in the blood? The blood pressure rises temporarily and so does energy consumption. And this is actually very logical when you think about it. Your organs, especially your kidneys, simply have to do extra work and so they consume more energy: around 100 kJ per liter of drunk water. Which corresponds to the burning of 2.5 grams of fat. And that comes on top of the energy that you need to heat the water. In total, with a daily dose of two liters of extra water, you could lose five kilos of fat per year. Fruit water.

Lemon juice, good for your health and your weight. Healthy drink water from a floor standing water dispenser Brisbane.

Alkaline water, is the nature of water. It is a good habit for many people to drink a glass of lemon juice in the morning, after getting up. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, fiber, minerals and antioxidants. The reason that many people drink a glass of lemon juice in the morning on their empty stomach is that it helps them to become slimmer. This is because the metabolism starts and can stimulate fat burning. It has more healthy benefits such as promoting your immune system and it is good for the health of your heart. In this blog I will explain the benefits for you, so that you can decide for yourself whether you also think it is a good idea to make yourself a glass of lemon juice in the morning from your floor standing water dispenser Brisbane.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C

Lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C. A lemon contains approximately 51% of the RDA of vitamin C. That's quite a lot and the great thing is that vitamin C is pretty healthy. Research shows that eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Lemon juice, lose weight with drinking water from a floor standing water dispenser Brisbane. What drinking water really does for your skin.

Lemon juice

Not only does lemon juice do you good, because lemon is a citrus fruit. Other citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and grapefruits also have those healthy benefits. Anyway, let's look at the benefits of lemon juice.

1. Weight loss

The vitamins and enzymes help regulate your blood sugar levels, thereby controlling your appetite. Lemon juice also helps your digestion (metabolism) get going. This way you burn more calories.

Although no studies are yet known about the effects of lemon juice on weight loss, it is quite possible that it works. Do you also want to get rid of those extra kilos and have you tried everything? Then use our e-book for responsible weight loss and work step by step towards your goal weight.

2. Kidney stones

When waste products that accumulate in your kidneys. Lemon juice can help prevent these kidney stones, because the citric acid creates an unfavorable climate for the kidney stones to build up.

3. Cancer prevention

A diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables contributes to the prevention of cancer. Studies have been done that show that people who regularly eat citrus fruits run a lower risk of cancer. Lemon juice also appears to be able to kill cancer cells in test tubes.

However, this does not say much about the eventual preventive effect on people. Therefore more research is needed for that.

4. Rinse the kidneys

Lemon juice contains the mineral potassium and that helps prevent kidney stones. Potassium is also important in the absorption of calcium in your bones. Drink more water from your floor standing water dispenser Brisbane.

5. Increases your immune system

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and this vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your immune system and your lymphatic system. How do I get more energy? This gives bacteria and viruses less chance of making you sick.

6. Good for your digestion

Lemon juice can give your digestion (metabolism) a boost, if you also drink the pulp. The pulp consists of the fibers, or the flesh. Healthy drink water straight from your floor standing water dispenser Brisbane. It is these fibers that can help you to stabilize your blood sugar levels, so that sugars and starch are absorbed more slowly.

7. Good for acne

Lemon juice can help with acne because it helps regulate the acidity of your body. And that helps your skin with acne. Beet juice also works very well.

8. Reduction of alcohol cravings

Do you like a drink and do you sometimes have trouble inserting non-alcoholic days? Feel free to squeeze out a lemon. Lemon juice helps you to reduce the desire for a drink.

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