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Filtration Bottle Water Dispensers Brisbane

Welcome to the water dispensers Brisbane website. Say NO to bottled water and never pay for bottled water again. Whether you look for a water dispenser for home or a water dispenser for your business, you find the perfect solution for your filtered water dispensers Brisbane here. Serving your local area we can offer you several modern designs. Just click on one of the images above to find out about the prices, payment options or more. Water dispensers Brisbane has an in build 7-stage filtration inside the filtration bottle. You can refill the filtration bottle as often as you like so this means unlimited great tasting water FREE from your own tap. Reed more about our filtration: Filter cartridge from water dispensers Brisbane

not to buy bottled water

Buying bottled water is a thing of the past. Why spent lots of money every year on bottled water? Forget about having water bottles delivered and have your fridge stuffed with water bottles. Water Dispensers Brisbane can offer you the perfect alternative of NOT having to buy bottled water anymore. We are the leading company in drinking water filtration.

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Benefits of owning a filtered water dispenser Brisbane

  • Filtered water is good for health and dehydration, great tasting water made from your own tap
  • Chilled water for refreshments
  • Hot water for all your hot water drinks, if no hot water is required you simply switch it off and this tap will dispense room temperature water
  • Only 1 system for water filtration and cold / hot water dispensing
  • Never buy water again
  • Safe room in your fridge
  • No empty or full water bottles storage
  • Never run out of healthy drinking water, endless supply of water
  • You own you water dispenser Brisbane system, never pay rent

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Why is drinking water so important

Water in your blood

We also need water for the resilience of our bodies. One of the most important aspects of this is purifying the blood. Your blood is 94% water (if you drink at least enough). Healthy drinking water from water dispensers Brisbane. The purification of your blood is mainly done in the kidneys. But these can only work well if enough water flows through our bodies to drain the waste. When the kidneys are not working properly, some waste products are stored in the liver. The liver ensures that stored fats are converted into energy. If the liver is not working properly, these fats remain stored, which can be a cause of becoming fat and not feeling good in your skin. The blood also ensures the removal of excess substances from the metabolism, such as heat and carbon dioxide. There are so many minerals in water from water dispensers Brisbane. With blood in our blood, the blood is thinner and transport is easier and faster.

How much fluid do you lose per day?

A person loses an average of 500 ml per day through the skin, 350 ml through the respiration and 150 ml through the stool. What you lose through your urine varies. Water must also be supplemented. The kidneys need water to excrete waste matter (such as urea), but also to excrete electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Hot and cold water from water dispensers Brisbane. In the morning your urine is often a bit darker because your kidneys concentrate your urine. Your kidneys are also capable of diluting your urine, lighter urine when, for example, you have drunk a lot. Your body needs 500 ml per day to secrete these substances. What you are releasing next to it is excess moisture. If you sum everything up, you lose at least 1500 ml of water per day. In case of physical exertion (sports), in warm weather, or diarrhea, you naturally lose more fluid.


If you are thirsty, it is usually a sign that you have drunk too little. The amount of water you drink usually has more to do with your habits and not with thirst. A handy tip for this is therefore to get 2 glasses of water when you get up and for every meal 2 you have already had 8 glasses in total that corresponds to 1.6 liters. Use the cold water tap from water dispensers Brisbane.

Symptoms of dehydration:

  •     You feel inexplicably tired
  •     Depressed or depressed
  •     Poor concentration
  •     Irritable and anxious
  •     Have a heavy head
  •     Restless sleep (this often occurs in the elderly)

Physical symptoms of dehydration are:

  •     Migraine
  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Rheumatic complaints
  •     Heartburn
  •     Stomach ache
  •     Heart cramps
  •     Back problems
  •     Bad bowel function

Why drinking water is healthy?

  •     It increases your energy
  •     Helps you lose weight
  •     You get a healthy skin
  •     Water flushes away toxins
  •     Gives a boost to your immune system
  •     Good bowel function
  •     Helps against headaches
  •     It keeps your head happy
  •     Helps muscles and joints

What happens to your body if you drink too much water?

However, too much water is not healthy. If you drink a lot you also piss out a lot of salts and you need those salts. It is always said that eating too much salt is bad for us. That's right if you eat too many ready meals, packaged products and snacks, then you indeed get a large amount of refined salt unnoticed. This type of processed salt contains only two minerals, chlorine and sodium, and this actually removes moisture from your body. Therefore the importance of PURE and raw food, you do not get refined salt inside. You need to drink also clean water from water dispensers Brisbane for a better health. It is good to supplement your salts, but with the right salt in which there are many minerals that we often lack in our diet.

The best salt you could take for this is Celtic sea salt, with 92 minerals in it. If you drink too much water you can under normal circumstances get a bloated stomach and you do not feel completely comfortable.

Only when you recognize certain symptoms in yourself can there be water poisoning.

These can be symptoms:

  •     Headache
  •     Vomit
  •     Bloated feeling
  •     Nauseous

Especially if you have a headache this can be a signal that your brain is filling up with fluid as it were. Your brain then swells to what can lead to convulsions, confusion or even a coma.

Drinking water and exercising

Drink heaps of great tasting water from water coolers Brisbane. During sports you lose a lot of moisture through perspiration, this ensures that your body temperature does not rise too much. A small part of this loss of moisture is absorbed by the fact that urine production during exercise is lower. This is not enough to prevent dehydration.

It is important to be well hydrated before exercise.

Depending on the intensity and climate with which you can exercise, you can adjust your fluid requirements, which can be between 500 ml and 1000 ml per hour. In warm weather or a lot of sweating this can increase to 2 liters per hour. Try to drink 100 to 150 ml each time this ensures a better absorption of fluid through the body. The best quality of drinking water made from your own tap is from water dispensers Brisbane.

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Why drinking enough water from your water dispenser Brisbane is crucial for good health

Water shortage is fatal within a few days. How do you know if you are drinking enough water. So you have to drink. But how much do you actually need? What is the recommended daily allowance and what does water do to you? And how do you recognize that you need moisture?

A person excretes an average of two and a half liters per day. That is how much it should be. Excretion occurs via the large and especially the small message, through perspiration and through the breath, just about in that order. Normally thirst tells you that you need fluid. But some circumstances disrupt that natural drive.

Causes of dehydration

The "drying out" of lonely old people is known. Diseases or reduced alertness have reduced the survival instinct, and if they are not careful, they lose consciousness and life. Even small children miss this sense of what is needed at a current moment to maintain the body. They are so absorbed in play or other situations that they get deficient at some point.

And adults? In warm weather, thirst and heat can also affect them, especially people who are less aware of the needs of their bodies. At the office you can also get dehydrated: get coffee until a stinging headache appears in the afternoon. They have been ignoring the body's desire for simple, fresh water for too long. You forget natural needs faster when you sit motionless behind a screen in a poorly ventilated, artificially warm environment.

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How do you recognize thirst?

Some tips to recognize early thirst:

* Go outside, if only for a short break. Feel your body, then you easily recognize what you need.

* If that is not possible, visit the toilet. Only then do you discover that you "must", also a way to communicate with your body. Is your urine dark? The surest indication that you should drink. Continue until the urine turns pale yellow again. Drink more water from the water dispensewrs Brisbane.

* Alternate your coffee and tea with a glass of water. People used to pour standard water with coffee.

* Moderate your alcohol consumption, especially in warm weather. A glass of beer carries more moisture out of your body than in it.

* Peter also advocates sufficient drinking in the Food Hourglass. Your kidneys go down a few percent every decade. To keep them optimal, drink enough moisture, preferably tea or water, or fruit / vegetable juice. Eighty percent of fruits and vegetables consist of water. Dairy also contains a lot of moisture. Be moderate with salt and salty dishes,

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What does water do in your body?

Women consist on average of 52% moisture, men for 63% and babies even for 75%. Women have on average more fatty tissue and that contains no moisture. Our fluid is all over the body: about 65% in cells and tissues, the rest in the spaces between the cells and in the blood. Moisture makes it possible to absorb nutrients in the intestine, transport nutrients and waste, and regulate body temperature. How much fluid you need depends on age, temperature, effort, your food and your health. Pregnant and lactating women need more than average. Healthy drink water from the water dispensers Brisbane.

The body releases moisture when the protein, fats and carbohydrates from food convert into energy. This moisture is called oxidation water. Excessive urination after alcohol is also water of oxidation, then you actually urinate your cell fluid. Too much water is rare, only for those who drink extremely much. Kidneys can process 0.7 to 1 liter of water per hour. In the case of that "too much" fluid even enters the brain.

Based on the biological average of two and a half liters, the Health Council recommends that: 70% of all moisture must come from drinks in one day. You must then drink 1.5 liters per day from your water dispenser Brisbane. You need more if ...

* you drink alcohol. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect. To a lesser extent, coffee, black and green tea do that too.

* you take salt or protein-rich food. You then need extra moisture to get rid of all the salt and protein breakdown products. What does water for your skin.

* you are sick: a lot of fluid is lost when vomiting, diarrhea, sweating heavily with a fever. You have to drink much more than usual. It also helps to remove toxins from medicines. With severe diarrhea you also lose a lot of salt. In addition to water, a lot of salt is also important. If you only drink water and do not eat, salt deficiency can occur. This can cause fluid accumulation in the brain and you can lose muscle cells. Moisture is important for everyone to keep urine production going and therefore the removal of waste.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?