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Can you drink 2 liters of water a day from a cool chilled water cooler dispenser

Especially during the summer period it is of the utmost importance that you drink enough water. Good hydration in the summer. Because it can occasionally be quite difficult to drink such a large amount, we give you 5 tips to make it easier and more fun. Tips to get through the summer COOL.

1. Start the day well

The very first thing you should do in the morning? Drink a glass of water! After all, your body has not received any moisture for hours. You even lose moisture during your sleep. It is therefore very important that you drink something as soon as you get out of bed.

2. Make it a party

Do you find water boring and do you prefer to drink something else? Nice to drink your drink with lemon, mint, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and so on. Make a good can of water and add the fruits that you like. Adding ice cubes certainly does not hurt either. In this way drinking water is almost fun and suddenly it is not so difficult to get 2 liters per day with a Prestige Water Cool, Chilled Water Cooler Dispenser.

3. Use an app

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Is it difficult to keep track of how much exactly you drink in a day? Then use an app. For example, the 'Plant Nanny' app is a good motivation for continuing to drink. In this app you can grow a plant. Every time you drink water, the plant grows. As soon as you drink too little, the plant will die. The app also keeps track of how much you still have to drink to reach your target that day. Very handy, so.

4. Eat food that is full of water

You can of course completely replace your water intake with food, but it can help. For example, a lot of water is found in cucumber and watermelon. With this you can compensate somewhat for your shortage.

5. Create a natural routine

Have you just been to the toilet? Make sure you immediately drink something again to 'fill' the fluid in your body. In this way you create a natural routine. Do you want to look slimmer in the summer? Start now with at least one glass of water per day (and preferably more) to drink! Nowadays there are many ways to keep your weight up. Walking is a good option. But if you go hiking, you must of course drink enough. You already know that there is a lot of sugar in soft drinks. A glass of water is really the best option!


The University of Illinois has researched that one glass of water per day will benefit your weight. In a study that lasted seven years, scientists kept track of how much water people drank one day. The people who drank the most water (7-8 glasses a day) burned 200 calories less in a day. But even the people who drank only one glass of water already noticed differences in their weight! Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? How is that possible? If you drink water, you get less bad food or drink that contains a lot of sugar, calories and / or cholesterol. Water fills your stomach, making you less meaningful in sweets and other 'bad' snacks. So do not forget to drink water from time to time.

Cool, Chilled Water Cooler Dispenser

8 rules for a really healthy life, Drink healthy water from a Prestige Water cool and chilled water cooler dispenser.

Thanks to these 8 rules you live healthily in a funky way.

Mich had just turned 40 when she decided to change her lifestyle. In her book 'Healthy is funky' she teaches us what she has learned from her search for the perfect diet. Is water healthy?

"Admittedly, I had a nice job, but the workload was sky high and the stress was corresponding," Mich explains in the book. "Add the daily traffic jam again. In the weekend I felt like a wrung-out rag, I often lay on the couch for a full Sunday. With a cigarette. And a glass, or two. In that period I gained ten kilos, and my skin and hair also looked bad. " Time for a change. Cool, chilled water cooler dispenser. After a long search, she has found a way of life that suits her, not a diet, but some simple tips. In her book she shares those tips and gives more explanation. Not a boring book full of strict rules, but just as funky as the music style of the same name. We put her 8 tips in a row.

1. Water your 100,000,000,000 cells

Your body consists of 70% water, so it needs fresh water every day. Water offers countless benefits. Here you can read what daily 1.5 liters of drink does to your body. Mich recommends the following: when you get up, drink at least 1 glass of water, in the morning it is nice if the water is a bit lukewarm, add some lemon for taste. Lemon helps to get your metabolism going. Moreover, drinking lemon water has some health benefits, here you can read which ones. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Drink another 1 large glass of water before every meal and snack. It is proven that if you drink a glass of water before each meal, you eat less. You also drink a large glass of water before bed from a cool, chilled water cooler dispenser from Prestige Water.

2. Vegetable proteins are sexy and funky

Proteins are essential nutrients. You need them to stay healthy and strong. Proteins are cut into building blocks for body cells. Your muscles, blood and cells like to consume these building blocks. You get proteins from meat, fish and eggs, among other things. Cool and chilled water cooler dispenser. But you can also get your proteins perfectly from vegetable foods. Think of: soy, seitan or quinoa.

3. Funky carbohydrates are complex

Besides fats and proteins, carbohydrates are the most important energy suppliers of your body. They are converted by the body into glucose (sugar): energy for your brain and muscles. There are 2 types: slow or complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. It is best to opt for the complex variant. The complex carbohydrates are good because they digest slowly and in this way slowly bring sugars into your blood, so that your sugar level rises less and falls less quickly. Result: No sugar peaks and troughs. You can feel lifeless and hungry as a result of these troughs, which makes you crave for sugary and fatty foods. Complex carbohydrates include brown rice / pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa and fruit.

4. Fiber, the BFFs of your intestines

Good digestion is very important! The better your digestion works, the more nutrients your body absorbs. What you eat determines how well your stomach and intestines behave and how well your bowel movements go. Great tasting water from a cool and chilled water cooler dispenser. Fiber contributes to good digestion. You can find them in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds, among other things.

5. Healthy fats are a MUST

It is a big misconception that you are not allowed to eat fat if you want to lose weight and that fat is unhealthy. Fats are an important supplier of energy and they are essential for the proper functioning of your body. There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. The unhealthy fats are unhealthy because they burden your body, among other things because they are difficult to digest and also not good for your heart and blood vessels. Consider, for example, the fats in pastry and fast food. Here you can read which fats are really healthy.

6. Pimp your body with vitamins and minerals

Lemon water healthy and delicious. Do you want to be completely healthy and funky? Then vitamins and minerals are very important. They are indispensable for many body functions. They make you energetically and mentally strong. They give you a radiant appearance: they ensure that your hair, nails and skin shine. They protect against diseases and infections. Moreover, you will heal faster if you get enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, aka healthy and varied food. Fruit water. Drin healthy water from a cool and chilled water cooler dispenser from Prestige Water.

7. Cut the crap!

In other words, throw away everything that is not good for you. Delete junk food, refined sugars and ready-made processed food as much as possible if you want to become healthier and lose weight without much effort. Also pay attention to hidden thickeners, here you will find 9.

8. Move your ass

Move a few times a week, half an hour per session is enough! And try to take a walk every day. What you do does not matter so much, as long as you do! What sense does it make?
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Slimming by drinking from your cool chilled water cooler dispenser

Who thinks of slimming, thinks of diets and therefore also adjusting nutrition. How much water do I need to drink during losing weight. That is certainly necessary for great weight loss, but it is all too often overlooked that drinking can also support this process or cause you to lose a few pounds. And in these ways:

Detoxifying or detox drinks

Drinks that help detoxify or detox are helpful before you start a diet or when you are just starting out. They help to remove the waste, making it easier to lose weight.

You can do this in 2 ways:

  • add liquids to water
  • drink a dose of "pure" (but then a lot of drinking during the day is really necessary)
If you are not in the habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day, the first option is probably the best.

Diet tea

Ideal for those who combine tea and results on the scale. There are many different types of tea that have a slimming effect, although they often work in one aspect, eg less sense of sweet or fat burning. So pay attention to the effect you want to achieve. Use the cold water tap from a cool chilled water cooler dispenser.

Tea seems harmless because it is a natural product, but that is not the case with slimming teas. Some fabrics can cause habituation. Always read the package leaflet carefully!


Soup of vegetables and without potatoes is an ideal way to lose a few pounds. Soup does not contain many calories and fills the stomach very well. At the same time, you have moisture and a portion of vegetables. So ideal!

Protein drinks

Protein-based drinks can serve as a replacement meal or snack. These are also relatively low in calories, no fats, and no carbohydrates. The advantage of these drinks is that you get a feeling of satiety that lasts for a while.


Yes, by simply drinking enough water every day you can also lose a little weight. You remove toxins and because you stay hydrated, you have less desire for sweets. Some hunger (or better: appetite) are caused by thirst! Variant: (warm) water with lemon and / or ginger would also start fat burning faster. Great tasting water from a cool chilled water cooler dispenser.

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