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Fruit water: Water with a taste

With these temperatures it is a bit of an in-store. You have to drink cattle. And preferably water because it is free, healthy and available everywhere through our water network. Now I'm trying to drink some more water for a while. Like reasons. If you drink a lot of water, the appetite is suppressed. And it is also good for your skin, the removal of waste products, the functioning of your kidneys. Somewhere I always believed this half. Clean, Cool, Cold, Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Dispenser. Because it seemed so overrated, all those good qualities, and you also have to urinate as often as you drink a lot. Not useful at all. Until my grandmother turned her beauty secret. And seriously, people, I'm 33, but my grandmother has fewer wrinkles than I do. I always thought it was a genius that she unfortunately did not pass on to me, but her method is, you guessed it: drinking lots of water. And my grandmother does not really smear some expensive stuff on her face. She is a lot outside, because at 94 she is still feeding a number of animals on the farm. She has not been talking about fences in the last few years alone. Unfortunately, the sporting genes have been forgotten by passing on ...

Making fruit water

Now only water is so boring. Is water melon healthy? Coincidentally I met someone twice with those special water bottles, with a fruit infuser. The water gets a nice taste of it. I immediately purchased two different versions, and then one of the three more with different caps. All this with the illusion that my children would also drink fruit-infused water. Well, you can forget that. It does not taste like lemonade and the water is possibly contaminated with vitamins, so VIES. I do not want to have the kids, but I think I like the water with a taste. Clean, Cool, Cold, Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Dispenser. Specially for you as loyal followers I tested a few different fruit water bottles and I have some fruit water recipes.

Fruit infused water

This is, of course, an expensive term for water where you have gutted fruit. But dude, it makes me realize what it's called, if you get it. First of all my experiences with the water bottle with screw cap, right on the left photo. You have these under different names and with different colors cap. I find it an advantage that he is BPA free, that gives a healthy feeling. He claims to be leak-free. Unfortunately, that is absolutely no success with me, the thing is indeed leaking. Because I'm not so fond of returning (and of buying more), I fished somewhere a nice pink cooler bag from a container. This keeps my drinking cool and if that bottle is leaking, my whole bag is not covered. How do I get more energy? He is leaking every now and then, not always. Very unpredictable. Clean, Cool, Cold, Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Dispenser from Prestige Water.

Because I also wanted water bottles for my children, and absolutely no leaking, I bought the water bottle with click cap, left on the photo. The advantage is that they can easily be opened and that you can remove the whole fruit filter and use it as a water bottle without fruit. But especially that he can in the dishwasher. I also aim the other in the dishwasher, of course, but whether he is suitable for it was not included. So far he has survived.

Finally, the water can or lemonade tap of the supermarket. This is not on the go, but it is ideal to put at home on the counter. I notice that, during a day at home, I drink a lot more water if it can be placed on the counter. Well, tapping is something I like anyway;). The kids also think the can is very funny, so I immediately bought only two: one for fruit water for me and one for lemonade for them.

Fruit water recipes

Alkaline water, is the nature of water. I often choose the takeaway bottle with the screw cap, because you can take delicious large swallows of water with it. I often put water with lemon and mint in it, especially with these temperatures that is refreshing. But also water with orange, strawberry, lime, watermelon, cucumber, you can actually put a lot of it into it. And water is also delicious with frozen fruit! Also I read somewhere the tip to give fruit with a firm skin (like lemons) first a bath with water and baking soda. This is because the large supermarkets would wax the fruit with a chemical substance as part of tempting packaging. Whether it is the truth I do not know, but rather it is certain for the uncertain. So I do that neatly. Why drinking water really does for your skin.

Clean, Cool, Cold, Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Dispenser

Better health with a clean cool cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser.

Calculate how much water you should drink. "When it comes to health, we look more than usual for shortcuts," writes Peter, who of course we know from Vondelgym, in his new book 'Fit', about sleep, nutrition and exercise. Better health with a clean, cool ,cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser from Prestige Water. He shares his own experiences about building a healthy lifestyle, but also gives advice on how you can do it yourself. Flue and drinking water. And about that lifestyle he is certainly: "We want a change as large as possible in as little time as possible, but in the end the change is rarely if ever of a long duration." How exactly, you can read in his book, but we can already share these three golden rules with you from Peter:

1. Eat small portions

Do you want to lose weight or become dryer? Then it is usually important to eat less. Without skipping essential nutrients, of course. One way to eat less is to make the portions smaller. So don't prepare too much food. But also don't always eat everything: "Remember that being full is not healthy. We eat much more than we need, "says Peter. "First compensate your small portions with nuts, or healthy snacks such as cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit and some fiber. This way your body can slowly get used to the new quantities. "

2. Be cautious with sugars and carbohydrates

It is easier said that done, but try to avoid sugars as much as possible. And especially the products to which sugar has been added. "Too much sugar in your blood disrupts your hormonal balance, because your body releases insulin and if that happens too often it is stored as fat," Peter writes in his book. In other words: it makes you fatter. The same applies to carbohydrates. We usually eat too much of it unnoticed. And if you are no longer able to burn it all, you will become heavier. "It is wise to replace the carbohydrates with fruit and vegetables in at least one of your meals," advises Peter. Better health with a Better health with a clean, cool ,cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser. "Make sure that you do not place products such as chips, chocolate or cookies on the counter or in any other place where you constantly see them. Store them in a cupboard and display healthy products such as grapes, nuts, avocados. Healthy snacks can also help to reduce your hunger for snacking. "That way you will be tempted much less quickly into unhealthy choices. Anti-Colds and drinking water.

3. Eat fresh, avoid food that comes from a factory

7 Ways to influence your energy intake. To build the healthy lifestyle that you have always dreamed of, you start with the basics, as with everything else. "Habits form the basis of how you want to deal with food from now on. Eat fresh and varied and avoid food produced in the factory, "says Peter. You can do that by setting a good rhythm with set times. "Having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day makes your body get used to it and makes you less inclined to make the wrong choices," says Peter. Think about it: how often have you succumbed to an unhealthy meal if you have waited too long to eat? Try our Better health with a clean cool cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser.

Comfort for a sore throat, clean cool cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser

1. Honey

Try it if your throat is swollen
How it works: honey not only has an antibacterial effect, it also softens it. Honey extracts water from an inflamed throat and thus reduces swelling and pain.
Good to know: 2 or 3 tablespoons in a cup of herbal tea do the job, but you can also make a brush with warm water and lemon juice.

2. Salt

Try it if: your throat feels raw and sore.
How it works: old fashioned, but good. Salt removes water from your throat so that you get rid of infected mucus, it also has a slightly disinfecting effect.
Good to know: Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water (as warm as you can tolerate), gargle with it and spit it out. Repeat every hour.

3. Lemon

Try it if: you feel a throat infection coming on.
How it works: Lemon juice has a natural antiseptic, antibacterial effect. That way it tackles the bacteria that are on your mucous membranes. As an extra bonus, there is also a good dose of vitamin C, to boost your immune system. Great water from a clean coole cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser. Having a clean and sterile water cooler.
Good to know: You can drink it pure, but a brush is better. To do this, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, put it in a glass of hot water and add a little honey. Drink with small sips.

4. Humidifier

Try it if: your throat feels dry.
How it works: In the winter, the air is drier and so will your mucous membranes, making you more susceptible to sore throats and infections. If the air in your house is not too dry, then your mucous membranes will not be.
Good to know: keeping your humidifier's water tank clean is a must, otherwise fungi can cause serious lung problems.

5. Zinc tablets

Try it if: you are sniffling and feel a sore throat.
How it works: A study has shown that people who take a tablet of zinc (from 13 mg) every 2 to 4 hours for three to four days get rid of a viral strep throat more quickly. Never do this for more than three or four days, because an overdose of zinc is just damaging to your immune system. There are so many minerals in the water from a clean cool cold healthy drinking water cooler dispenser.
Good to know: Zinc supplements can affect certain medications. If you take something on prescription, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

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