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Are you paying for your drinking water? Check out the Bottled Water Mackay filtration bottle.

Most of our body is water. Water will transport nutrients throughout our body. Therefore it is important to drink approx 8 glasses of clean drinking water every day. Water also keep you hydrated. Tap water contain chemicals such as chlorine and other. The bottled Water Mackay filtration system will remove these chemicals and it will also bring back to the water some very important minerals. We are confident that you will love drinking our great tasting water from bottled Water Mackay. Try and taste yourself.

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Bottled water Mackay

Why buy bottled water Mackay if you can make great tasting water yourself ?

Filtration Bottle from Bottled Water Mackay

This is the 7-stage filtration bottle from bottled Water Mackay

  1. Never buy water again, enormous savings every year
  2. Never run out of water again, unlimited drinking water
  3. No full or empty bottles
  4. No more fridges stuffed with water bottles
  5. Adding minerals to the water
  6. Only 1 or 2 filter changes per year

Bottled Water Mackay

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Sufficient drinking

Drinking is a necessity of life. Your body consists of about two-thirds of moisture. That is also the most important reason why you must ensure that your moisture balance is maintained.

If you lose too much fluid, for example because you have been exercising or because it is very hot outside, your body will respond to this. For example, it excretes less urine or you get a feeling of thirst so that you naturally start drinking more. Bottled water Mackay and alkaline water made from your own tap. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. What moisture leaves the body must be replenished.

Moisture helps regulate your body temperature. If your body temperature becomes higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, then you start sweating (more). Because the body becomes moist, it can cool down more easily. In this way the body temperature remains constant at 37.5 degrees Celsius. Your fluid balance is therefore very important within a healthy lifestyle. Drink plenty from a bottled water cooler Mackay.

The table below shows the recommended amount of drinking per day for different ages. Children need slightly less fluid than adults and your fluid needs may increase under certain circumstances, for example at higher temperatures or when you exercise and exercise a lot.

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By drinking this before going to sleep you burn fat at lightning speed

Bottled water, tap water or filtered water. A balanced diet, adequate exercise and a good night's rest are essential for a healthy body and good figure. That your metabolism is at a low level at night is probably nothing new, but did you know that you can give it a boost with a nice drink? Also drink great tasting water from a bottled water Mackay cooler. Drink more water in hot weather.

When you sleep, your body is in the rest position, making your metabolism less active. However, there is a drink full of antioxidants that keeps your metabolism going and thereby stimulates fat burning. What goes in? Drinking water prevents muscle pain. One cucumber, a handful of parsley or coriander (which you like), the juice of one lemon, a tablespoon of grated ginger, some aloe vera juice and half a glass of water from bottled water Mackay. Put this together in the blender, drink before bedtime and voilà, you will burn fat while you sleep.

The vitamins, fiber and water content in the cucumber would make you feel full. And - the more water you drink, the faster your metabolism works. Coriander and parsley in turn ensure that you do not get bloated and they are full of antioxidants; lemon and ginger ensure that your body is cleaned and the fat burning continues. Healthy drinking water after filtration with bottled water Mackay.

7 good reasons to drink more water from a bottled water cooler Mackay

Water is the ideal drink to ensure adequate hydration. More precisely, mineral-rich water with a high sodium content (at least 200 milligrams per liter) and at least 50 milligrams of magnesium per liter.

Why? 7 good reasons speak for it:
  1. Water provides you with energy. Carbohydrates provide quick energy. But water can also make us more efficient. How? In mineral water, the minerals are already in dissolved, ionized form. This means that they pass immediately from the intestine into the bloodstream and are quickly available to the body. That helps us focus.
  2. Water detoxifies your body. As the body's filter system, the kidneys clean the blood of waste and pollutants. But you can only do this if you have enough fluids. Those who drink enough water flush their kidneys and support them in their work. At the same time, you prevent inflammation and infections.
  3. Water lowers the risk of cancer. Researchers at Harvard University have found that drinking enough water can reduce the risk of bladder cancer by up to 60 percent. Water dilutes the pollutants in the body and prevents them from settling on the bladder wall. Try to drink plenty of filtered alkaline water with minerals from the bottled water cooler Mackay.
  4. Water can relieve headaches. The British neurologist Joseph N. Blau found that lack of water often causes both headaches and migraines. With adequate water intake, most of these headaches could be avoided or quickly relieved. If the trigger is a lack of water, the headache should be gone after half an hour, at the latest after three hours after drinking a large glass of water.
  5. Water makes your skin beautiful. If our body is dehydrated, the skin cells do not work as usual. To be efficient, they need water. If this is missing, the skin becomes dry or cracked. Wrinkles can also appear. Scientists from the Berlin Charité under the direction of Dr. Michael Boschmann studied the effects of drinking tap water on the skin. Ten minutes after the test subjects had consumed water, their skin was better supplied with blood. Better blood circulation leads to a supply of more oxygen and stimulates the skin's metabolism. This supports the protective function of the skin.
  6. Water is cheap. Tap water is of the best quality in Australia and can be drunk without hesitation. Tests show that the drinking water from the waterworks is flawless. It is also extremely inexpensive.
  7. Water makes you slim. No sugar, no fat, no calories - unlike sugary sodas or juices. An example: there are 18 sugar cubes in one liter of cola. Water can even help you lose weight. Dr. Brenda Davis of Virginia Tech University showed in a study that two glasses of water help you lose weight. 48 subjects took part in the study. Half drank two glasses of water before each meal, while the other half did not change their drinking habits. After twelve weeks, the group of water drinkers had lost two kilos more. Davis' explanation for this is that the water accelerates the onset of satiety.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?