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Clean and Pure drinking water from Awesome Water Filters Sydney

Never buy bottled water again!

Prestige Water has become a well respected, knowledgeable and truly experienced Drinking Water Solution supplier for Awesome Water Filters Sydney and Coolers. We would love to provide you or your company with the latest, stylish, high quality and most convenient way to access great tasting healthy drinking water.
Awesome Water Filters Sydney and Benchtop Water Coolers:

Bench Top Awesome Water Filters Sydney

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Awesome Water Filters Sydney and Floor standing Water Coolers:

Floor standing Awesome Water Filters Sydney
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Awesome Water Filters Sydney and Stainless Steel Water Coolers:

Stainless Steel Awesome Water Filters Sydney

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Benefits of Filtered Water:

With more and more homes and businesses installing a Prestige Water filtered Awesome Water Filter Sydney and Awesome Water Cooler Sydney, it is important to note the added advantages of using these convenient water Filters. The water filters will filter and purify the water by removing all the harmful chlorine and other impurities from your tap water. Filtered water tastes and smells better and will encourage you and other people to drink it more. Prestige Water can assist you to select the best Awesome Water Filter Sydney for your facility.

Filtration Bottle from Awesome Water Filters Sydney with Filter

The Way Water was meant to be

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider speaking with Awesome Water Filters Sydney and Water Coolers experts!!
- Advise on the latest stylish range of Awesome Water Filters and Awesome Water Coolers, sparkling and even boiling hot water options.

- Easy installation
- No bulky, heavy water bottles

- Filtered Water Coolers are muck kinder to your environment, reducing carbon footprint.
- Our cost effective solution aims to provide you and your staff with vital access to consistently high quality drinking water virtually anywhere.

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Drink water with pleasure, Awesome Water Filters Sydney

Not everyone is a big fan of water, and I can understand that. But is it a basic need, if not the greatest basic need of our body. What does drinking water really does for your skin.
Our body consists of 50-70% water, and that must remain balanced for proper functioning, and even survival. Knowing more? Read my blog post about water here.

In this post I would like to make it a bit more pleasant for non-water drinkers with a few specific tips:
  •     If you are on the road for a whole day, your bottle may undergo some temperature fluctuations. To prevent your bottle from giving off taste and spoiling your water, do you prefer a glass bottle? You can find them online at eg, but you can certainly also find them in your local "nature store" and the like. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you.
  •     If you don't like to drag bottled water, tap water can certainly be a good alternative. It is actually even recommended above bottled water. Best water from a awesome water filter Sydney. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. Only there can sometimes be a taste, which can be disappointing. But there are also solutions for that:
  •         fill a glass carafe or glass bottle with tap water and put it in the fridge for an hour or so.
  •         or put a slice of lemon in it. Lemon quickly removes nasty flavors and leaves a fresh, fruity touch.
  •     Do you find water boring and does it not motivate you to sip it? Added minerals with the awesome water filters Sydney. Let it be a comfort, you are not alone. The best tip I can give you here: give it a taste, and vary. Opt for natural, fresh ingredients:
  •         slice of lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc.
  •         red berries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries,
  •         pieces of ginger, apple, pear, ...
  •         or a branch / leaf of your favorite herb or spice: basil, mint, rosemary, cinnamon
  •         already thought of edible flowers? lime blossoms, East Indian cherry, cucumber herb,
  •         or why not a piece of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, or a stalk of rhubarb?
  •         I personally like to make a cocktail out of it: what lemon, cinnamon and ginger for example, or make it your own mix?
I hope these tips motivate you to drink water. Try our awesome water filters Sydney. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?