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5 reasons to drink more water, Awesome Water Filters Perth

71% of the earth consists of water (m2), if one goes looking for life on another planet one searches for water, you yourself are between 50 - 65% water, every organism needs water to survive. Is water important? uuuhhh what did you think. The best water ever, water from an awesome water filter Perth. Tips to drink more water.

Hydration plays a very important role in your recovery. If you wake up, get out of bed and you have lost 4 ounces, your urine looks like "cola" then something certainly does not go well. Your recovery process is not effective at that time.

1. Improve your recovery time

During exercise, the electrolyte balance of the body can begin to shift. Electrolytes are simple ions that occur dissolved in the blood or intracellular tissue. These electrolytes are essential while moving, they regulate the fluids within the body. If the balance is disturbed by, for example, sweating, various phenomena can occur such as cramps, fatigue, nausea and confusion. If you then do not supplement this sufficiently, this fatigue can remain and you will be constantly in imbalance. As a result, performance deteriorates quickly. Your skin and drinking water. Always top up your water management immediately after your WOD.

2. Help prevent dehydration (headache, muscle fatigue)

Drink water from an awesome water filter Perth and you can taste the difference. 1% of dehydration is -10% in your sports performance! That you know for a moment. Have a full glass of water all the time. So it can go fast with your performance as an athlete during your WOD.

When is dehydration then? The moment the body no longer has enough fluid to cool the body, then you are in the dehydration phase, and this is not what you want. Too much loss of moisture and salts cause muscle fatigue, lack of coordination, increased heart rate and headache. These are some of the consequences of dehydration. So make sure that your fluid intake stays up to standard.

3. Important for muscle development and maintaining maximum strength

We are almost certain that you did not know that muscle tissue consists of 75% fluid and approximately 10% fat. According to strength coach Charles Poliquin, hydration is the biggest determinant of strength. A decrease of 1.5% in your water level translates into a decrease of 10% in maximum power loss. However, drinking water is not only important for maintaining muscle strength but also helps to prevent muscle protein breakdown and increases the absorption of the amount of nutrients that can be taken from food. These last two aspects are also important for building strength and maintaining a high energy level during your WOD. It all starts with taking the right amounts.

4. Stay mentally strong

As we now know, a lack of moisture can lead to imbalances in the electrolyte balance. This also applies to the electrolytes, sodium chloride and potassium. These are the two substances that are needed for, among other things, maintaining the acidity of the body.

If we look at the mental aspect these two also play a very important role in the communication between the brain, muscles and organs. You find minerals in water from an awesome water filter Perth. A shortage of this causes the sending of signals in your brain at a lower speed. As a result, you move more slowly and your body actually responds more slowly to what happens. Counting and keeping track of your reps during your WOD can sometimes go wrong, and the technique of your exercise can also be lost due to the miscommunication that takes place there. Tap water vs filtered water.

5. Reduces joint and muscle pain and increases flexibility

You probably know it, you wake up in the morning and you think: "well that is not so bad after the WOD of yesterday ... ..." Until the day progresses and progresses and the muscle pain gets worse by the minute. The question then is? "Did you immediately restore your moisture after the WOD?" If not, then the consequences of not bringing it up to date immediately by drinking water can sometimes arise later. Water regulates muscle gain and relaxation, too little water results in cramps, which means that this control regulation is lost. Great tasting water from an awesome water filter Perth.

Let's also look at the joints. 65-80% cartilage around and in joints consists of water. Yes, there we go again. The most important function is the damping and lubrication of joints and tissues so that everything remains elastic, and therefore you are flexible.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?