Awesome Water Coolers Sydney

Our Water Cooler range from the Bench Top, Floor Standing and Stainless Steel Awesome Water Coolers Sydney.

Awesome Water Coolers Sydney provide a modern range of filtered water coolers for home, business, office, school and other. Our range of water coolers and water dispensers do not need any plumbing or difficult installation. Just plug into the power point and you can enjoy drinking the awesome taste of healthy drinking water. FREE from the tap.

The Awesome Water Cooler Sydney range:

The Bench top Awesome Water Coolers Sydney: Bench Top Awesome Water Dispensers Sydney

Bench Top Awesome Water Coolers Sydney

The Floor standing Awesome Water Coolers Sydney: Floor Standing Awesome Water Dispensers Sydney

Floor Standing Awesome Water Coolers Sydney

The Exclusive Awesome Water Coolers Sydney: Stainless Steel Awesome Water Dispensers Sydney

Stainless Steel Awesome Water Coolers Sydney

Benefits to own an Awesome Water Cooler Sydney:

To own a water dispenser with a filtration bottle will be the perfect solution for the whole family or staff to drink more and healthier water:

  • Cold water available, on tap
  • Option for hot water if switched on for coffee, tea and other hot drinks
  • No need to store water bottles in the fridge anymore so more fridge space
  • Save money, never buy water bottles again
  • Drinking water from the Awesome Water Coolers Sydney is healthy. Get hydrated, the dangers of dehydration. The filter will remove harm full chemicals from tap water and even add some minerals back

We offer a wide range of Awesome Water Coolers in Sydney and other areas in Australia to buy out ride of rent / own options. Yes, you can pay off the water cooler system over 6 or 12 months if you wish. Visit our home page to find out about our specials: Home Awesome Water Coolers Sydney

Rent to own is a popular way to drink free filtered water from the tap. Choose a 6 or 12 month payment plan or buy the water cooler out ride. Many options available for you to choose from. Also free delivery.

The importance of drinking enough water and the awesome water cooler Sydney

Is water healthy? A person consists of more than 55% water. Sufficient moisture is therefore very important for the human body. However, this is very underestimated! Research shows that only 15% actually receives the recommended daily amount of water. Often the reason given is that drinking water is simply forgotten or you have to pee too much. The recommended daily amount of fluid that we should receive is 7 glasses of water. Best drinking water is from an awesome water cooler Sydney. We drink on average only 5. So we should drink two glasses of water more than normal, but why is this so important?

The importance of water

Every day you lose around 2 liters of body fluids through urine and sweat, among other things. To keep your body water level, you must compensate for this loss by drinking enough. Body fluid has several functions: it is important for the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, it supports the transport of nutrients and waste and it regulates body temperature. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Great tasting water from an awesome water cooler Sydney. If you drink insufficiently, various dehydration symptoms may occur. Your brain in particular is affected by this, because it consists of around 80% water. For example, you may feel drowsy, weak and confused and, in the worst case, faint.

The consequences

Drinking too little does not only cause physical symptoms. For example, your attention, reaction time, concentration and short-term memory deteriorate. In addition, it also has a significant impact on your mood. Mineral water and awesome water cooler Sydney. Research shows that less drinking has a negative influence on your mood and sensations. This has also been examined from day to day during normal activities of daily life. Participants were asked to consciously drink less one day and more consciously than normal the next. This subtle difference in drinking habits had a major impact on their mood! Where by drinking less the mood deteriorated, the mood improved by drinking more. What a glass of water cannot produce! Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Be aware of your daily drinking habits and check if you get 1.5 - 2 liters (7 glasses of water) per day. It is also important to compensate on warmer days or when you exercise, because you will lose extra moisture. You can certainly lose a quarter of a liter of moisture during your night's rest. If you structurally drink too little, you also wake up structurally dehydrated and you start every day with a backlog. So drink a glass of water from an awesome water cooler Sydney as standard 1 hour before you go to sleep and immediately when you wake up! Filtered water or bottled water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?