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Drinking enough water is also possible by drinking coffee

Every year, almost thirteen thousand children younger than five die in Third World countries because of diseases that have been caused by drinking impure water. Many millions on this globe have to walk for hours to get water. We live in Australia, where clean and healthy drinking water is everywhere in abundance, so also in that respect in a privileged environment. But then we have to drink enough of that pure water, if we want to stay healthy and prevent gout, for example. And that is also best coffee. Alkaline Filtered water is the best water for your body!

Water on our planet

Tap Water vs Filtered Water. Today there is still as much water on our earth as at the time of the Neanderthals. 80% of all water on earth consists of surface water and 20% of groundwater or water vapor in the atmosphere. The molecule of water (H2O) consists of two atoms of the element hydrogen and an atom of the element oxygen. Alkaline Filtered Water Coolers and Alkaline Filtered Water Dispensers from Prestige Water. The water molecule is produced as hydrogen by means of oxygen is burned. Water is therefore a connection that was once created through combustion.

There are, as you know, two types of water, namely the salt and the sweet variety. Only 2.5% of all water on earth is sweet, of which the largest part (about 90%) is located at the South Pole in Antarctica. The amount of salt in fresh water is less than 1%. Salt water is less healthy because it removes moisture from our body. So you dry out, which means, for example, that salty soup can not be counted (fully) to the 1.5 to 2 liters that we have to drink on average every day in our climate. It also means that you have to drink more water, as you use more salt in a day. Having a full glass of water all the time.

The water in our bodies

  •     About 2 / 3rd of our body consists of water. The liquid is found in all body parts and organs, and is transported through the body to support all kinds of functions and processes. Alkaline Filtered Water.
  •     An adult person has an average of about 37 liters.
  •     The brain of a human being consists of three quarters of water
  •     Even the bones consist of a quarter of water.
  •     Our blood consists of 83% water.
  •     Water is only five minutes in the stomach after which it will fulfill its functions in our body.

Health and water, Dehydration

  •     A person can, depending on their burning speed and fat supply, live on average for about a month without food, but only three days up to a week without water.
  •     If we do not drink enough water we will dry out. We therefore need to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily to live healthy. Drink alkaline filtered water for a better health.
  •     When our urine is almost clear, it means that we drank enough for that. Too yellow-colored urine means that we probably have not drunk enough, which makes sense in the morning when we have just woken up after a refreshing night's rest.


It is often thought that coffee would be diuretic, but luckily that is not the case. Our body no longer loses moisture by drinking coffee. The caffeine ensures that the fluid leaves the body faster, as it stimulates the kidneys. But therefore no more fluid leaves the body.

Body temperature

Water also has a temperature-regulating function for our body, so that you have to drink a lot more during fever. It removes the waste from our body. It is not recommended to drink untreated water from a lake or river because of the possible harmful substances. Presumably the local population knows in Switzerland or southern France, for example, whether this restriction also applies to the water of babbling mountain streams.

Tap water better and cheaper

In many countries in the world it is better to drink only bottled water. Water Cooler with or without filtration. Especially if your body is not accustomed to the local water because you are, for example, on holiday in a warm country and you have to drink extra because of the heat. In Australia we know a luxury situation with regard to tap water. Because the standards set for bottled water in are even lower than those for tap water in Australia. Another reason for not using bottled water in our country is that it is hundreds of times as expensive as our tap water, while the environment is also taxed with plastic bottles. The best water you can drink is alkaline filtered water made from your own tap. We as Prestige Water can convert your regular tap water into great tasting alkaline water.

Our water consumption

A Australian person consumes 121 liters of water a day, 91% of which is used for washing clothes, the dishes, the toilet and the shower. A Senegalese has to do with 29 liters and an American consumes no less than 700 liters per day. Why do we sometimes drink too little. Water is vital in every respect for humans, animals and plants. That we often do not drink enough water can have a multitude of causes.

Drink Alkaline Filtered Water with a Water Filter / Cooler / Dispenser from Prestige Water

Better health with Prestige Water

9 signs that you will get a healthy body

When reading the title you may think of one thing: lose weight! And yes, that's right, you will probably lose weight if you live a healthier life. But losing weight doesn't have to be the most important thing! You will certainly also notice a healthy body in other ways. In this blog we give 9 signs that you recognize that you have a healthy body!

The importance of a healthier body

Weight can be a result of how healthy you live, but it doesn't have to be the only thing. You can have a "normal" build and weight, that does not mean that your body is also healthy; think for example about overtraining and injuries. That is why a healthy body is even more important than your weight.
How do you recognize a healthy body? See these 9 signs to find out and see how healthy you are!

1. You have a better posture with a healthier body

Of course, a sign of a healthy body is that you will look better. That is for some people losing weight because they are too heavy and for some because they are too light. The point is that you start to look better as you live healthier and that the difference is noticeable (tip: fitting pants is a commonly used benchmark!). Drink plent of alkaline water. Calculate how much water you should drink.

2. With a healthy body you score better on medical tests

An improved blood sugar level, lower cholesterol and / or a better triglyceride level; they all indicate that you have a healthy body. Better medical scoring indicates that you are doing well! Flue and drinking water. Anti-Colds and drinking water.

3. You feel more energy and strength with a healthy body

You often achieve a healthy body through good nutrition and sufficient exercise, usually by exercising. What does that have in common? Well, by exercising regularly (especially strength training) and eating well, you will feel more energy and strength. This is a cycle that will continue to occur as you work healthier and the result is a healthier body!

4. Better hygiene through a healthy body

Have you ever noticed that people who look better in terms of posture often have good hygiene? Eating the right foods and exercising enough can help with this. Drinking alkaline water is also very important. There are differences in, for example, the skin, hair and nails.

5. You have a better posture with a healthy body

When you have a good posture you will notice that you are less likely to suffer from ailments or pain. This also has to do with your posture; a healthy body will not easily be "bent" or "bent." In addition, a better attitude also helps for your self-confidence!

6. You are less likely to get hungry / tend to eat

What many suffer in the beginning if they want to eat healthier is that they often eat unnecessarily. If you continue to eat unhealthy food, you often tend to eat again after a short period. By eating a healthy diet that you are full of and having a healthy body you will less likely have the need to snack.

7. You notice that your fitness / stamina is improving

Condition is aimed at repeating certain bets of the body. Endurance is more in the longer term and how long you can last. Both can be improved by exercising. A healthy body can therefore come from a better condition and / or endurance!

8. A healthy body strengthens your metabolism

The healthier you are and the more you exercise, the better your metabolism. Also drinking healthy alkaline filtered water will help to strengthen your body. 6 Facts about drinking water. This will make it easier to lose weight and maintain good posture. A good metabolism is an important sign of a healthy body!

9. You have a better mood

Also very important for a healthy body: a good mood! By having a positive attitude you will also have less trouble with healthy eating and living. This will be reflected in your healthier body!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?