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Drinking water is a MUST!

Healthy drink water from one of the affordable water coolers from Prestige Water

Do you drink enough water during the day? 6 Facts about drinking water. Drinking water is often an issue and this is really a missed opportunity. Did you know that your body consists of more than 50% water! This level must be continuously maintained, otherwise we can develop all kinds of health problems. Drinking water also has a positive effect on your weight loss and sports performance. Let's dive in! Check out our affordable Benchtop Water Coolers and our affoudable Floor Standing Water Coolers here on our website.

During the day your body consumes water through urinating, breathing and sweating. This goes up to around 2.5 liters per day. If we do not supplement this, we will get a moisture deficiency also called drying out. A moisture deficiency of 2-3% can already lead to important performance losses such as reduced alertness. A deficit of more than 6% leads to serious consequences for your health such as organ damage.

Calculate how much water you should drink. You can calculate your basic water requirement based on your body weight. You do this as follows; body weight in kilograms x 0.03 = basic water requirement in liters. So if you weigh 70 kg (x 0.03 =) then you will have to drink 2.1 liters of water per day.

What does that look like?

  •     Bottle of water from the supermarket 500ml 4x per day
  •     Long drink glass 250ml 8x a day
  •     Plastic cup 180ml 11x a day
  •     Tea glass 250-300ml 8x a day
  •     Sports bottle 750ml-1L 2.5x a day

Do you drink enough

It is no news that drinking more water helps with weight loss. Drinking water is very affordabe if you have one of the Prestige Water Coolers with the 8-stage filtration bottle. Flue and drinking water. But how do you apply this now? You can increase your water intake to a maximum of 4 liters per day. Don't expect miracles but it will certainly promote weight loss. All that extra water will ensure that waste leaves the body faster, the feeling of hunger diminishes, you start to feel more energetic and you have less need for sugary drinks. And the best thing about water is that it contains no calories. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

Pay attention, because too much water can be harmful to your body! It is therefore important that you do not drink too much water (max. 4L) and that you spread the drink throughout the day. Your body can only process 0.7 - 1 liter per hour.

Fitter by water

You will have to drink extra water on your training days. This is due to sweating and accelerated breathing. Drink during exercise drink 125-250 ml of water per 15 minutes extra. In this way you compensate for the loss of fluid, your body temperature remains at the same level and you will be able to sustain the effort longer. So you get in shape faster with a hydrated body! With the Prestige Water Coolers, drinking water is affordable for everyone.


Now drinking water is not a matter of course for everyone. Our tap water in the Netherlands is great for consumption, but you can also drink mineral water from the bottle. Tastes differ so choose what you like.

This way you make it even easier for yourself:

  •     Always have a filled bottle of water with you.
  •     Drink tea (without sugar).
  •     Eat fruit and vegetables every day (no juices).
  •     Add a slice of fruit to your water to prevent boredom.

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