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Do you really like the taste of tap water and do you really think drinking chemicals are healthy? Read here how you can convert your own tap water into great-tasting drinking water:

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We have years of experience in filtering and purifying tap water. Drinking all these chemicals that are present in your tap water is not healthy. Simply remove all these impurities with our 7-stage filter bottle, and you will have healthy drinking water for yourself, your family and/or staff and customers. Water dispensers North Lakes supplied thousands of homes and businesses throughout Australia since 2001 and we are known and recognized as the No.1 supplier of water dispensers and water coolers in Australia. We are an Australian-based company with lots of passion to provide you or your company with the latest, high-quality water dispenser. Tap Water vs Filtered Water. Our 7-stage filter system is one of the most advantaged filters available and you will love the taste.

You can now enjoy great-tasting drinking water for free

Benefits of having a Water Dispenser North Lakes:

  • Drinking water without all the nasty chemicals you find in tap water
  • Drinking water with added minerals. Benefits of drinking water
  • Drinking water with a more alkaline level
  • Cold water for refreshments
  • Hot water for coffee, tea, and more. If no hot water is needed simply switch it off at the back and this tap will dispense room temperature water
  • Never run out of water, simply refill the filter bottle as often as needed. How much water should I drink each day?
  • Never buy bottled water again, save a huge amount of money, every day
  • Don't stuff your fridge with water bottles

If you are interested and need more information, you can click on one of the pictures above to find out about our prices or you can send us an email: Email water dispensers North Lakes

Drink more water in warm weather from the water dispensers North Lakes

Most people perspire a lot during hot days. It is therefore of great importance that the shortage of moisture is replenished with water to prevent complaints such as headache, fatigue and listlessness. Why filter tapwater?

Complaints that are caused by dehydration.

Water keeps our metabolic system active and ensures the removal of poison and waste. Moreover, it keeps our skin healthy.

Older people in particular must drink enough water from the water dispensers in North Lakes. They often drink insufficiently, so the high temperature affects the heart and blood vessels. So keep an eye on the elderly in your area and make sure they drink enough.

If you drink too little, you will see it in your urine. When the urine is yellow you have to drink more. The waste materials in this case are too concentrated in too little moisture. This can lead to a bladder infection. Do not drink more than one litre per hour. Your body can't handle more.

Read also: 5 Helpful tips for losing weight by drinking water.

- Take a bottle of water (500 ml) and take it everywhere you go. Fill your water bottle from the water dispensers at North Lakes. During the day the bottle is on your desk and after work or school, the bottle goes home in your bag. Always top it up.
- Insert a drinking moment. For example a glass of water with every snack you take.
- Drink tea and coffee from a mug. If you continue to drink the same number of cups per day, you will drink more.
- Be moderate with alcohol that dries out. If you drink a glass of alcohol, you also drink a glass of water from the water dispensers at North Lakes. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.
- Naturally, other drinks also contain moisture. Such as soft drinks, fruit juice and milk. Drink 2 glasses of semi-skimmed milk per day but soda and fruit juice are not really necessary. They contain a lot of sugars, so water is preferred. Sweetener-based drink often contains no calories. Given the sweetener, it is advisable not to drink more than two glasses per day.
- Take a few litres of water on the beach. It takes a while, but afterwards, you are happy with it.

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Ginger and lose weight, water dispensers North Lakes

Drinking water and losing weight. If you want to lose weight, ginger can certainly be a good tool. This powerful carrot has many advantages and therefore also in the fight against the kilos. You can take ginger in many ways, making it easy to add to your daily diet. Drink great-tasting water from water dispensers at North Lakes.

Ginger helps with weight loss

That is obvious. And everyone knows that losing weight is a process that requires time and must be sustained. So why not help yourself a little with nutrition, in this case, ginger, which actually contributes to weight loss? Fruit water. In addition, ginger is also very healthy, so two birds with one stone!

However, stay real, to really lose weight you will just have to exercise and stick to a balanced diet. Hot and cold filtered water made from your own tap with water dispensers North Lakes. But ginger fits perfectly in such a diet. Lemon water is healthy and delicious.

5 reasons to take ginger when slimming

1. Ginger relieves hunger

A big advantage of ginger is that it satisfies your hunger feeling. This will make you less inclined to snack. And that is of course ideal during a period of losing weight.

2. Influence on bowel movements

The root helps to detoxify the body and has a good influence on bowel movements. And good bowel movements have a major impact on the body's waste process. You get rid of toxins faster and this is beneficial for the functioning of your body and intestines.

3. Ginger speeds up the metabolism

Ginger ensures that metabolism starts more quickly. The biggest advantage of this is that it makes your body burn fat more easily. The moisture in your body is also drained faster, which also contributes to the waste process.

4. Blood sugar levels in balance

Taking ginger for extended periods of time can keep the blood sugar level in balance. This is especially important for people with diabetes, but a stable/low blood sugar level also has its value for losing weight. This ensures that the desired fat burning, used for example by exercising, works optimally and is not delayed. Faster fat burning means more weight loss.

5. Few calories in ginger

There are few calories in the ginger itself. So if you add this carrot to a dish or take a cup of ginger tea, you don't have to worry about taking a calorie bomb. There are only 4 calories in a 200 ml glass of ginger tea. Use water from water dispensers in North Lakes. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Ginger-lemon tea recipe

Okay, ginger helps with weight loss. How to add it to our daily diet now?

How about a cup of tea? A good way to start the day is with a nice cup of homemade ginger-lemon tea!

Requirements: Ginger and 1 lemon, possibly some honey.

  •    Take some hot water from the water dispensers in North Lakes
  •     Cut a piece of fresh ginger (+/- 1 cm) into thin slices (the more, the spicier)
  •     Squeeze a lemon into your mug
  •     Add the ginger slices
  •     Once the water has boiled, pour it over it and let it soak for five minutes
  •     To make it a little sweeter you can add a teaspoon of honey.
  •     You can leave the tea or the ginger slices in it, which you like.

Why you should drink more water from your Benchtop or Floor Standing Alkaline Filtered Water Dispenser North Lakes

Even low dehydration of 2 per cent can lead to health impairments, starting with concentration problems, tiredness and exhaustion through to specific symptoms of illness.

If you don't meet your body's fluid requirements over a long period of time, the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, intestinal diseases and tumour diseases increases.

Conversely, you can significantly reduce the risk of illness by drinking plenty of water! Because your body consists of almost 70 per cent water, which regulates the essential processes in your body.

Water for better digestion

Adequate water intake promotes digestion and prevents digestive problems such as constipation. The stool is hydrated by the liquid and can be easily excreted. If you drink too little, your body will draw water from the stool, which can lead to constipation.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?