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Check out our Bench Top and Floor Standing models with the 7-stage filtration bottle.

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Prestige Water has years of experience and knowledge in drinking water industry and we have been supplying our water coolers to homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, fitness centers, businesses and more. If you own one of our water dispensers Carindale, you enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered and purified drinking water. About Prestige Water Coolers and Filtration. Simply poor tap water into the top chamber of the filtration bottle. All this water will be filtered by our 7-stage filter cartridge. You can refill this bottle as often as required so that means unlimited drinking water for yourself, your family, your staff and customers. The lifespan of the filter cartridge is between the 6 - 12 months, all depending on the water consumption. Prestige Water will advise you when the filter is due for replacement. 

All water cooler models will come with a cold water tap for refreshments and a hot water tap for all your hot water drinks. Hot and cold water dispensers Carindale. If no hot water is needed, simply switch off the hot water switch at the back of the water dispenser, and this tap will dispense room temperature water.

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Why Prestige Water?

  • Great tasting and healthy drinking water made from your own tap
  • Added minerals and mild alkaline level drink water from each water dispenser Carindale
  • Your skin and drinking water
  • Cold water and hot / room temperature water
  • Refill the filter bottle as often as needed, unlimited drinking water available
  • Great looking design for the Bench Top and Floor Standing water dispensers
  • 7-stage filtration, one of the best in the market today, Better health with Prestige Water
  • Why is water good for you?
Benchtop Water Dispensers Carindale
Benchtop Water Dispensers Carindale
Floor Standing Water Dispensers Carindale
Floor Standing Water Dispensers Carindale
Exclusive Water Dispensers Carindale
Exclusive Water Dispensers Carindale

Lose weight with lemon juice and water from water dispensers Carindale

The lemon is a citrus that is used to lose weight. The fat-burning properties ensure that you lose a lot of pounds quickly during a diet. It also helps to suppress the appetite, so you are less hungry. Also it 

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Losing weight with lemon juice is done in different ways. There are numerous drinks in which lemon juice is used. Of course it is possible to mix lemon juice with water from water dispensers Carindale and you're done. But there are also other drinks with extra ingredients that further support weight loss.

Drinks with lemon juice

Water and lemon: Taking a glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon squeezed in the morning before breakfast helps stimulate digestion. It is a fresh morning drink.

Lemon by eating: many dishes can be made extra delicious with lemon juice. Great tasting water from water dispensers Carindale. Examples are: dressing the salad or lemon squeezed over a piece of fish. Many pasta and meat types are also delicious in combination with lemon juice. Lemon and cayenne pepper: the die-hards take a shot of lemon juice with a pinch of cayenne pepper. The pepper will give an extra boost to the digestion. There are minerals in the water from water dispensers Carindale. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Lemon & Maple syrup: this is the traditional lemon juice drink.

Cons of lemon juice

12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. The best known disadvantages are stomach acid and tooth enamel. The lemon juice causes acid burping. Lemon juice is also an acid attack for the teeth. It is therefore wise to neutralize the mouth with a few sips of milk. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?