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Drink water against wrinkles

Water is the source of life. It is thirst-quenching, refreshing and cooling. Water helps to dispose of waste. It dilutes the blood and ensures that you get enough fluid. In traditional Chinese medicine, water has a big role in everything that has to do with health. It is stated that drinking enough hot water can drain excess fluids from the body - for example edema and water in the body. As a result, you have to urinate more often and you can often quickly lose a few kilos. Chinese people drink hot water often for nothing!

We drink enough water, but not in the right composition

Those who drink half a liter of tap water every day - naturally filtered - already achieve a better circulation in the skin. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. What kind of water to drink. In practice, most people drink different water-based drinks, but hardly "pure" water. Usually we use water to add rye or juices. We also drink tea in all kinds and tastes. Or, and I did that myself more often, we drink flavoring substances with sugar, prick and water (soft drinks). The latter category also includes sports drinks and energy drinks. Anyone who thinks that drinking enough green tea is enough to drink. Green tea removes moisture from the body, and you would actually have to drink two glasses of water for each glass of green tea to bring it into balance. Energy drinks and soft drinks have to be processed first, because they contain a lot of sugars and sweeteners. The liquid is only processed at the end of that process - and is often (almost) out of the body.

Drinking water stimulates the circulation of the skin

Pure water is the only liquid that the body can use immediately and without detours. All organs and cells benefit from this because nutrients and oxygen can be transported easily. At the same time, waste products dissolve better and can be disposed of more quickly. And that effect is especially important for the skin. The elasticity and health of the skin is very dependent on sufficient water. Strangely enough, this subject has long been ignored in science, possibly because little money can be made. In the meantime it has been investigated - and proven - that the skin is visibly better circulated within ten minutes after drinking water. The oxygen level increases, and the cell renewal of the skin is stimulated.

The immune system is strengthened

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. An optimal metabolism keeps the immune system of the skin intact and helps to strengthen it. Our body consists largely of water and that also applies to the skin. It itself consists of 80 percent water. In the skin about one third of all fluid is stored in the body! That also explains that it is immediately visible if someone drinks too little water. Many people with the syndrome anorexia, who eat and drink extremely little, therefore have to deal with extreme skin aging.

Water ensures elasticity & vitality

The water that is stored in the skin is used, among other things, to regulate the body temperature. You sweat when it's hot because the water that sweeps away cools your skin. If your body gets overheated, for example in case of a high fever, then sweating is even of vital importance. Only with sufficient drinking water can the skin perform its various functions well. Elasticity and vitality are particularly dependent on sufficient water. Always order a glass of water with your beer, because beer also extracts moisture from the body. About Prestige Water.

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