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Why you must drink 1.5 liter of water each day

Is water healthy? Moisture is an essential tool for the absorption of all kinds of nutrients in your intestines, the perspiration of food and waste in your body and the regulation of the temperature of your body. The necessary moisture can not only be taken directly to you, but also ingested through your food and drinks.

How much should you drink?

An adult person needs an average of 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid a day from their water dispenser Mossman. . You must also ingest this moisture by drinking. The amount of fluid that someone exactly needs depends on your age, your body temperature, the efforts you make, the food you eat and your state of health. For example, women who breastfeed a baby will have to take more fluid than average. The amounts of moisture can therefore vary considerably from person to person. It is certain that everyone produces at least 500 milliliters of urine every day in order to be able to dispose of all kinds of waste. For older persons, about 700 milliliters of urine is required in this process because of the decline in kidney function later in life. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Chance of dehydration

At the moment that a person does not drink for too long, symptoms of dehydration may arise. After all, the human body consists largely of fluid (on average, 52 percent for women, men for 63 percent and infants for 75 percent). On average, a woman has less fluid in her body because she usually has more adipose tissue than a man. This adipose tissue, however, does not contain moisture. The fluid in the human body is everywhere: about 65 percent in cells and tissues and the rest is in the spaces between the body's cells and in the blood. Some typical signs of dehydration are: thirst, drowsiness, less perspiration, less urination, less elastic skin or even unconsciousness due to a reduction in blood pressure. Serious dehydration can be indicated by symptoms such as: confusion. Your brain cells in particular are sensitive to severe dehydration. If you lose a lot of fluid, or do not get enough moisture or can keep it indoors, it is important to supplement the shortage as soon as possible or to seek medical help. Without moisture you can only survive for a few days and a newborn baby will even collapse under the consequences of under-drying.

Signals to drink more

It is therefore a bitter necessity to replenish all the fluid that you lose. You can best maintain the moisture balance by drinking enough every day. But of course there is also moisture in all kinds of food. By eating and drinking your body will automatically restore the fluid balance. If you lose too much fluid, for example, your body will excrete less urine and you will feel thirsty. Thirst is therefore an alarm signal that indicates that the time has come to drink. Drink more water with minerals from your water dispenser Mossman. The fluid that your body has left, through urination, but also through perspiration, feces and exhalation, should be refilled as soon as possible.

Other health effects

Water is the most important component of most moisture and is essential for dissolving nutrients so that they can be absorbed into your gut in your blood, transporting nutrients and waste in your blood and regulating the temperature of your body. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Nutritional advice regarding moisture

Filtered water or bottled water. Every day you need to drink about one and a half to two liters from your water dispenser Mossman of fluid. How much moisture you need exactly will depend on the amount you lose. This can also vary considerably per person and can be strongly influenced by the circumstances in which you find yourself. The moment you exercise a lot and move or if it is very hot, you will also need more fluid to keep your fluid balance up to standard. With a little physical exercise and in a cooler location, you can usually manage with less moisture. However, you need more fluid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Pregnant women need a little more fluid, but if they are breastfeeding they should take at least two to two and a half liters of fluid in a day. You also need extra fluid if you have drunk (too) a lot of alcohol. After all, alcohol will drive extra fluid out of your body. If you lose a lot of fluid because you have to vomit a lot and / or have diarrhea, extra moisture is also necessary to keep your fluid balance from dropping too far. This also applies to cases where you have eaten a lot of salt or protein-rich foods. In order to be able to drain the salt and the degradation products of protein from your body extra moisture is needed.

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Healthy water from your water dispenser Mossman with the lemon juice cure

Good nutrition is the basis for a vital and creative life. In addition to using natural and complete food, this also includes eating from time to time. That is just as important as sleeping. Just as you recover from tiring influences during the night's rest and prepare yourself for a new period of waking, you give the body the opportunity to completely cleanse itself and the digestive tract to recover through solid food abstinence. Waste and toxins are removed, which have accumulated as a result of a mostly unhealthy lifestyle (with the possible consequences of being overweight, tiredness or illnesses).

Cleaning with the Lemon Juice cure relieves the digestive system so that your intestines and other organs can be completely cleaned. The body can now use all the energy to get rid of snails (= poison depots, stored waste in fatty tissue and organs) and excess fat. You promote the freshness and resilience of your body, you can come into contact with your inner strength and experience what it means to be "whole" (healed and one).
The Lemon Juice cure is by the product composition an exquisite treatment that stimulates the body to clean itself optimally. Moreover, you receive all substances that are essential for your body. If you do this course twice a year, it will have a very positive effect on the health of your body and mind. You will feel the effect of this way of cleaning for a long time.

For the lemon juice cure you need the following:

  • freshly squeezed lemon juice, preferably from organic lemons (you can also use limes);
  • 1 to 1.5 liters of pure C + Maple syrup from Horizon;
  • cayenne pepper;
  • clear water from your water dispenser Mossman;
  • herbal teas, preferably Pyramid herbal teas.

You can prepare the C + Maple-Lemon Juice mixture as follows: Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (about half a lemon) with 2 tablespoons C + Maple syrup and add hot or cold water with a pinch per long drink glass (of approx. 0.2 liters) cayenne pepper (approx. 1/10 teaspoon). You can also make 2 liters for the entire day in one go (20 tablespoons lemon juice and 20 tablespoons maple syrup).

For ten days you drink 8-12 long drink glasses (about 2 liters per day) of this C + Maple-Lemon juice mixture every day. Since the mixture contains all the necessary trace elements, you will not get hungry. If you want, you can always drink more of the mixture.
In the morning you drink salt water with two full teaspoons of sea salt or rock salt on 1 liter of water. Drink it all! Your intestines will be flushed about half an hour after taking them. Please note: you can become very sick of this water on your empty stomach and want to vomit. Note: if you have high blood pressure, kidney or heart disease, you should not drink salt water.

The Pyramid Herbal Teas are of a perfect, natural composition and form a welcome change and addition.

And last but not least

Drink a total of at least 3 liters of liquid per day, consisting of the C + Maple-Lemon juice mixture, the herbal teas and any source / mineral water (without adding carbonic acid). Drink more water in hot weather. Drinking a lot ensures that your excretory organs are not overloaded by toxins and waste;

  • Definitely do not use any other food or any dietary supplements and the like. They disrupt cleaning, Use water from your water dispenser Mossman;
  • Leave smoking articles for what they are. A cleaning process is useless if you are simultaneously contaminated with such harmful substances.
  • What else you can do during the cleaning
  • Give yourself spiritual rest and do as much as possible what you enjoy and want.
  • Move! Exercise promotes the breakdown of excess fatty tissue, provides oxygen, diverts attention and keeps you fit. Moreover, you keep your muscles intact because not only fat is burned but also muscle tissue. By using your muscles regularly, you prevent this.
  • Do breathing exercises. * Proper breathing leads to vitality and self-awareness. Waste is also excreted and nutrients are absorbed through breathing.
  • Take a good night's sleep; sleeping gives your body the opportunity to recover.
  • Dress warmly. Cleaning can make you cold because there is no burning of solid food and you lose fat.
  • Find distractions when you are used to eating. For example, watching a movie at the cinema is an excellent way to forget the meal.
  • Get a massage. It is very good for the circulation and helps with the cleaning. Belly massage (clockwise) stimulates the intestines. - Place a warm jug on the kidneys and liver in the evening. This stimulates these organs to dispose of waste.
  • Finally, take the necessary hygiene into account. Bath twice a day and brush your teeth regularly. This prevents unpleasant mouth and body odors, which can occur during the course of time.

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Hot or cold alkaline drinking water from your water dispenser Mossman

Warm water after getting up strengthens intestinal health

A common myth. The fact is that whoever drinks something in the morning, whether warm or cold, water or coffee, actually wakes up the digestive system. He calls this morning shaking the "gastrocolic reflex".

Either way, the intestines wake up on their own. Until then, our body uses water sparingly. Because our body temperature drops during sleep and we breathe less. In addition, certain hormones are released that improve the functioning of the kidneys. You can then filter the urine better. The result: instead of having to go to the toilet while sleeping, our body recycles the water several times.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?