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TIP: Five quick tips to relax

We hardly get away from it that we sometimes feel stressed. Then it's nice to know that you can quickly get rid of that stress again. How? With these five simple tips!

1. Drink enough water

Bottled water, Tap water or filtered water. You have often come across that drinking water is good for you, but do you do it too? Frankly, it also sometimes comes into my mind .. All your cells in your body are dependent on water. Water purifies your body and makes you think clearly. That is extra hard if you have stress. Do you find it difficult to drink cold water or water at room temperature? Then try it warm. Your body thinks hot drinks are finer than cold anyway. It can relax while drinking hot drinks, but if you drink something cold, everything is going well. In addition, drinking cold water costs your body more energy, because it has to get started to warm up again. Your body needs about 20 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight. If you weigh 60 kilos, that is 1.2 liters. Someone of 70 kilos needs 1.4 liters at 80 kilos you drink 1.6 liters. If you do a lot of sport and exercise or when the weather is warm, you obviously need more. I can tell you that this guideline suits me much better than the recommended 2 liters that I occasionally encounter ... Headaches, dizziness, feeling drowsy or the urge to start eating can be signals of your body that you need water from your water dispenser Hay. Cold water drinking.

2. Move

Go for a walk, jump, dance, run or hang your laundry By moving, you activate both hemispheres. Drink more water in hot weather. In complex tasks we need both hemispheres. In addition, you create endorphins during exercise that help you feel happy and relaxed.

3. Make sure you are well-founded

Grounds is a simple and wonderful way to get back on earth with both feet and to calm your head again. You will find a quick way in this video.

4. Put a hand on your forehead

Probably you have done this unconsciously once if you just did not see it: elbow on the table and your forehead leaning in your hand. Or a hand on your forehead if you can not fall asleep. If you are stressed, the front, creative part of your brain is put on the back burner for a moment. Logical, because you do not have to be creative to flee or fight. In prehistoric times this was an excellent response, but in this time we often have to be able to think logically if something gives us stress. Putting a hand on your forehead helps the front part of your brain to get enough blood supply and thus enough oxygen, so that you can clearly figure out how to solve your problem. Can food influence your sleep.

5. Provide a positive mindset

If you are positive in life and also see setbacks or difficulties as data that comes with it, you have less stress than when you have thoughts like "why should this happen to me again" or if you see it as failure or actions to you. If you suffer from negative thoughts, you can also get to work quickly and effectively. In the eBook Successfully changing your Beliefs is a short and surprising exercise, with which you turn your negative beliefs into positive ones.

You can not escape from stress every now and then. But from now on you know what you can do yourself, quickly and simply.

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Water is best at this temperature

Spring is in sight and the temperatures are slowly rising again. Actually I should drink more water. And the warmer it gets, the more important it is to keep drinking a lot. Do you also drag your water bottle everywhere you go all day? Make sure that you do not refill your bottle with too cold water. Drinking water at too low a temperature has a negative effect on your body. Filtered water at room temperature, hot or cold from your water dispenser Hay.

Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. It is generally known that you should continue to drink enough during the day. Moisture helps with the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, the transport of substances through the body and the regulation of body temperature. Exactly how much you should drink per day depends on various factors such as age, temperature and exercise. Drinking a lot of water is a good way to get your required moisture. Water contains no calories and also ensures that your body functions well. But did you know that the temperature of the water can also have a negative influence on your body?

Faster warm

Even if you are warm in the summer months or during exercise, you should avoid ice-cold water. A cold drink causes your body temperature to fall temporarily, causing your brain to emit signals that have to raise your body temperature, so that you only get warmer. Great tasting water from your water dispenser Hay.

Influence of cold water on your organs

In addition, your stomach is not fond of ice cold water. Cold water ensures that the fat that contains food hardens faster, which also automatically slows your digestion. It is also better for your airways not to drink water too cold. Cold water can cause the mucosa to become inflamed more quickly. In addition, it could increase the risk of respiratory infections and various types of throat problems. Drinking cold water also causes your blood vessels to contract. With warm water, however, your blood vessels expand, making toxins easier and faster to remove.

The ideal temperature

Water between ten and fifteen degrees Celsius is most recommended, because water with this temperature leaves the stomach faster and is therefore absorbed faster by the body. Precisely  with a thermometer in their handbag: water is best moved through the body at a temperature of around five degrees Celsius.

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Notice your feeling of thirst

Your body is incredibly efficient and will usually let you know by thirst that it is lacking fluids. The expert explains that people have different water requirements, depending on their weight, activity level, sweat production, temperature, the medication they have taken and their diet.

Obviously, you want to avoid being dehydrated, but that doesn't mean you have to ingest huge amounts of water every day. If you are well hydrated, your urine should be a light lemonade color, but it doesn't have to be clear. If your urine is darker, it could be an indicator that you should drink more water, but keep in mind that some medications (and even foods) can affect the color of your urine, explains Peter.

How much water should you drink in general?

The fluid intake is different for everyone, but the standard amount to aim for is 1.9 liters per day, according to the expert for adults. Your level of activity, your metabolism and your size should be taken into account, as well as the outside temperatures or climatic factors at the location. Some people naturally need more water than 1.9 liters, others a little less, says Peter.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?