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Water with a taste

Everyone knows that you have to drink enough water every day, but only water is so boring. Give your water a natural flavor enhancer, there are lots of combinations! What happens in your body if you drink soda. Tell me: drinking water all day is boring? Water with a taste, on the other hand, is very tasty and healthy and easy to make too! It takes you only a few minutes to cut the ingredients and add to the water. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.

Water with mint and lemon 
This drink is a delicious thirst quencher because of the lemon and mint. The lemon does not produce a sour taste, but rather a very fresh taste. In addition, lemon is very healthy; it has a hydrating effect and removes waste. Lemon also works deacidifying, ensures a beautiful skin and good digestion. The mint provides extra flavor and helps against bad breath.

Water with mint, watermelon and lime
Another surprising, refreshing combination: watermelon and mint. Great for a summer day.

Water with basil, strawberries and lemon
Strawberries and basil fit well together. The slices of lemon will make your drink just a little fresher. Drink this quickly, because the longer the strawberries are in the water, the more mushy they become.

Water with grapefruit, lemon and orange
A drink with only citrus fruits: grapefruit, orange and lemon

Water with lemon and lavender
Lavender? Yes, lavender is delicious! Water in combination with lemon and lavender is special and delicious at the same time. Do you think it's a bit too sour? Then you can add a scoop of sugar.

Water with cucumber
You can also keep it very simple: just drink your water with some slices of cucumber. Cut the cucumber into thin slices, so more flavors are released.

As you read, there are many different combinations to make. Let your imagination run wild and try water with other fruit such as kiwi, raspberry and blueberries. Are fruit juices healthy.

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