Water Dispenser Central Coast

Drink great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Dispenser Central Coast

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Prestige Water Cooler Central Coast, Water Dispenser Central Coast, Water Filter Central Coast

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TIP: Why is drinking water so important

What does water do in your body. Water is important to you! Because as a person we are about 70% water, but of course this also depends on the age and the stage of life we find ourselves. In addition, there is also a difference in the amount of water between man and woman. You would not think that we consist of so much water, but this water is in every body cell, every platelet and actually the rest of all parts of your body. When I used to go to the zoo I heard a presentation about water with the title:

A lot of water = a lot of life.

This means that where there is a lot of water, many living organisms can survive there. Water, a super drink. We humans have invented water supply system so that we have access to water anywhere. Water is not only important for people, animals also need enough water to survive. Animals do not have water pipes and therefore you will not find any animals in places where there is no water (water = life).

Little water = little life.

We humans can not do without water. But what exactly is water? It is nothing more than a chemical compound of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Water does not only exist in liquid form!

Below a number of facts about water:

    At the moment, 12,000 chemicals are available. And 500 new ones are added every year. It does not matter where you live, some of those chemicals will end up in your drinking water.
    Your body consists of 70% of H20. Is it perhaps wise to drink only the best water?
    The army has been drinking well-cleaned water for years now.
    Pure H20 contains 0,0 chemicals and minerals, it is the most healthy water that exists.
    True, your body needs minerals, but it is not essential that they are extracted from water. If you drink water, you must drink the healthiest form of water.
    With all the pollution that exists today, it is only logical that you drink a lot of water.
    Pure water is water which has first been turned into vapor, so that all impurities are filtered out.
    It is the only form of water that meets: hydrogen + oxygen

Drink enough water a day

Many people know that they have to drink 2 liters of water a day, but even the fact that most people know this is not enough to keep you at the recommended amount of water. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer are also often seen as moisture and in fact this is also true. Only this is not the moisture that our bodies can do anything with; on the contrary. Coffee and tea even cause dehydration (on a small scale of course) and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Beer and other alcoholic drinks contain alcohol (duh) and these also have the nice effect that this dries you out. That is why you always have the bad headache you have after looking too deep in the glass for an evening.

Night rest

Even after a good night's rest your body needs sufficient water. Think about it yourself. During the whole day you drink (whether it is water or other sources of moisture) moisture. Normally we sleep 8 hours a day. After waking up, we dress and go for breakfast. What most people drink at breakfast is coffee or tea, which will dehydrate our body. What does your body need after a long night without receiving any kind of moisture? Water of course! I do not try to say that after sleeping you have to splash a liter of water, but it is important that you keep the water level of your body at a good level. Always put a glass of water next to your bed, which you can drink immediately after waking up. Often when we get up, we are not really thirsty. This is how we feel, but in fact everyone is thirsty after sleeping. However, your brain registers this "feeling" more like hunger. This is because the 2 parts that perceive this in your brain are close together. Because of this, we often "forget" to take in enough moisture in the morning. Our bodies need moisture, but our brains register this as hunger. That is why it is extra important to drink enough during the day.

Yes, water is indeed extremely important! Drink plenty of clean water. And make sure you drink tap water (bottled water is not better) and possibly clean it yourself! Bottled water, Tap water or filtered water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?