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Drink regularly water in warm weather

During these hot days, most people perspire a lot. It is therefore of great importance that the shortage of moisture is supplemented with water to prevent complaints such as headaches, fatigue and lethargy. Calculate how much water you should drink. Complaints that are caused by dehydration. Water keeps our metabolic system active and ensures the removal of toxins and waste. Moreover, it keeps our skin healthy.


Especially older people must drink enough. They often drink inadequately, causing the high temperature to burden the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, keep an eye on the elderly in your area and ensure that they drink enough. Flue and drinking water. Anti-Colds and drinking water.


If you drink too little you will see it on your urine. When the urine is yellow, you have to drink more. The waste products are in this case too concentrated in too little moisture. This can lead to a bladder infection. Do not drink more than one liter per hour from your water dispenser Bridgeman Downs. More can not handle your body.


- Take a bottle of water (500 ml) and take it with you wherever you go. During the day the bottle is on your desk and after work or school the bottle will go home in your bag. Always fill it up.
- Write a drinking moment. For example a glass of water with every snack you take.
- Drink tea and coffee from a mug. If you keep drinking as many cups a day, you drink more.
- Be moderate with alcohol, which dries out. If you drink a glass of alcohol, you also drink a glass of water.
- Take a few liter bottles of water on the beach. It is just lifting, but after wards you are happy with it.

Tap water is very healthy in Australia, but still contains chemicals. Wells with a special composition, vitalized water, dedicated water. It all costs a lot more, but according to research, ordinary tap water is just as healthy. To be understood in Australia, because the water from the tap is often not drinkable abroad. Moreover, in most cases it is not safe to drink water in many countries, because there are all sorts of germs that make people sick. In those cases, water must be bought in bottles. In Australia, the quality of tap water is extremely good, by the way. Regular drinking water from your water dispenser Bridgeman Downs with hot days Most people find it boring to just drink water and are therefore quickly finished. Water with a taste is then a nice and tasty alternative. It is fresh, very healthy and you will not get fat. It is very easy to make yourself. If you can serve it in a fun can, it also looks nice. What you need for it, you will usually have at home.

What do you need?

- water or carbonated water

- a glass jar or jar, preferably closable

- fruit, vegetables, herbs

- possibly. some ice cubes

How do you preserve the water with taste? Put your water and your fruit, vegetables and / or herbs in a glass jar or jar and put it covered in the refrigerator. 6 Facts about drinking water. You can keep it for a few days, but it is the tastiest and freshest if you make it fresh every day.

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How much do you actually have to drink during exercise? Calculate how much water you should drink. And is water sufficient or is it better to go for a sports drink? In this article you will find all the answers to your questions about drinking while exercising! 6 Facts about drinking water.

Why is it wise to drink while exercising?

You lose a lot of moisture (unnoticed) during exercise. It is important that this moisture is replenished on time so that there is no shortage. That is why it is important to drink during exercise. Your body benefits from a good fluid balance during intensive exertion. It reduces the risk of cramps, injuries and headaches. Certainly in warm places such as in a swimming pool or during the summer run, your body needs extra moisture to be able to deliver the performance that you demand without being bothered by headaches. In addition, a good moisture balance promotes sports performance.

Ideally, you should weigh yourself before and after training and your weight should be the same. If you did lose weight after training, this means that you have lost too much fluid and have not drunk enough.

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What is the best thing to drink during exercise?

Water or sports drinks? That is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to drinking while exercising. And if the answer is "sports drink" ... then what? After all, there are dozens of sports drinks and powders for sale.

If you exercise at a recreational level (no more than 90 consecutive minutes) to get / stay fit and / or lose weight, water from your water dispenser Bridgeman Downs is best to drink during exercise. You can after wards drink a protein shake and / or eat fruit to replenish lost minerals and prevent muscle soreness.

In principle, sports drinks mainly contain sugars. That is why you only need this for a heavier, prolonged effort (90 minutes or longer). If you regularly exercise intensively for a longer period of time (+90 minutes) your body burns a lot of calories and it loses a lot of fluid in a relatively short time. In that case you can use supplement during exercise. You not only lose a lot of moisture, but also salt and other important minerals. Think of long bike rides, triathlons, but also longer walks. Drink healthy water from your water dispenser Bridgeman Downs. A sports drink can then help you to keep working out better. And it ensures that your fluid balance is not compromised. In the case that you work out for more than an hour and a half, it is important that you start supplementing from the beginning and not after an hour, for example.

Which sports drink should I choose during heavy exertion?

In most cases it is best to opt for a hypotonic (6 grams of sugar per 100 ml) or isotonic (up to 8 grams of sugar per 100 ml) sports drink. So always check the ingredient list. You can use these two types of sports drinks as a thirst quencher. In addition, the sugars will be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly during exercise.

Watch out with hypertonic sports drinks (more than 8 grams of sugar per 100 ml). These sports drinks contain so many sugars that they are actually not that good to drink during exercise. They can even cause stomach problems. Only with extremely strenuous efforts (think of marathons, full triathlons or certain cycling tours + 100km) can these drinks possibly be practical.

How much water should you drink during exercise?

Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. This is a very difficult question because the answer depends on many factors (such as the weather, the humidity, the level of effort, the length of the training and the weight of the athlete).

The following rule of thumb applies: Drink between 150 and 300 ml of water per 15 minute effort.

But you yourself best notice whether this is perhaps too much or too little. Adjust it to your own needs.

It is best not to drink too much just before your workout to prevent a stomachache, stings, nausea and frequent toilet visits during exercise. If you drink enough every day throughout the week, that is fine too.

As an athlete you must at least ensure that you drink enough throughout the day. Even on days when you don't exercise.

How do you know if you drink enough from your water dispenser Bridgeman Downs?

In most cases (with the exception of your first morning urine), make sure your urine is light yellow in color. At least 1 liter of light yellow urine per day. If you often have dark urine, you should drink a little more water. Completely watery / transparent urine suggests that you might drink a little too much water. Drinking more no longer makes sense. The body can only process about 1 to 1.5 liters per hour.

Did you drink too little again? Drink more from your Benchtop or Floor Standing Water Dispenser Bridgeman Downs with Filter Bottle

The app helps you to keep an eye on the individual amount you drink every day. You can easily observe and check your drinking behavior throughout the day. Based on a formula that was developed in cooperation with the Sport University, the app automatically calculates the personal daily requirement. Alternatively, the data can also be maintained manually.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?