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Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach

The body's body consists for the most part of water: 75% of the muscles, 90% of the brain, 22% of the bones and 83% of our blood are water! We must therefore be aware of the importance of daily drinking of water to maintain good health and to protect our bodies from many harmful diseases. How do you know if you are drinking enough water? To make full use of the many benefits of water, you could drink 1-4 glasses of water on an empty stomach every day. Read here what this could mean for your health.

10 reasons to drink water on an empty stomach

Without water, we can not live and we can not deny the benefits that provide water for our health. All our bodies need water to stay healthy and stay well. However, we must use this important, effective and healthy element that nature makes available to us.

1. Drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water from the Water Coolers Murwillumbah for breakfast is ideal for getting rid of toxins and all other substances that do not need it. How many liter of water should you drink. As a result, water can help prevent illnesses and promote your metabolism at the beginning of each day.

2. During the night, the body is cleaning itself and restores body cells. Therefore drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach is very beneficial. It will give your body a boost and ensure that all waste is discharged through the urine.

3. Drinking one or more glasses of water on an empty stomach reduces the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, air pollution and junk food.

4. Water is a good friend for your skin and extremely good for your health. Drinking 2 glasses of water from the Water Coolers Murwillumbah on an empty stomach will help your skin to maintain its elasticity and healthy complexion and prevent premature wrinkles.

5. In the morning water drinking protects and hydrates important organs. It keeps the organs healthy and keeps them functioning properly.

6. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water on an empty stomach is very helpful in losing weight. In addition to removing the poison from the body, water helps burn fat and calories. If you drink enough water, you will soon get hungry and therefore will not arrive because you eat too much.

7. Drinking water in the morning is good for overall health because it helps to keep the lymphatic and intestinal tract healthy, control the production of cortisol and resist deterioration of infections. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

8. By drinking a glass of hot water from the Water Coolers Murwillumbah on an empty stomach in the morning you will start the day with much more energy. Day sleepy feeling and fatigue!

9. For breakfast drinking water works very well in preventing constipation because it promotes stool.

10. If you have problems with gastritis, water may be very helpful. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Drink on an empty stomach at least three glasses of water. This reduces the acidity in your stomach and reduces the cramps that can cause gastritis.

How to drink water in the morning

Drinking water in the morning is a good habit, which we should all make ourselves in order to take care of our health and our body. It is important to remember that drinking water should be quiet and gradual, as it will not bring the same benefits, but can cause health problems if you drink too much water at once. If you want to start drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning, take these recommendations into consideration first:

- If you want to drink two litres or eight glasses of water a day, you can spread this amount best. You can start with a glass of water from the Water Coolers Murwillumbah on an empty stomach, then another glass after breakfast, a glass before and after lunch and again before and after dinner. You can drink the two remaining glasses at different times during the day.
- To get used to the regular drinking of water, it is best to start drinking small quantities. You could initially drink one glass of water on an empty stomach and gradually increase it to two to three glasses.
- The water you drink should be of good quality. Therefore, check that the tap water that you have at home meets the quality requirements for drinking water and care if this is not the case that you drink water that comes from somewhere else and meets these requirements.
- To increase the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach you can add some lemon juice.

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How much should you drink from the water coolers in Murwillumbah when exercising?

Tips to drink more water Prestige Water is now working on answering your pressing sports questions after her series of sports snack recipes. This week: how much should you drink during exercise? What is the best drink? And what is the distribution of how much you should drink before, during and after exercise? You can read it here!

The importance of drinking enough

If you lose a lot of moisture it will affect your performance. This is already noticeable if you lose two percent of your body weight in fluid (around 1.3 litres of fluid loss for someone weighing 65 kilos). Most people are not even thirsty yet! With more than six percent moisture loss you are dehydrated and you can continue to exercise (or even move) at all. However, drinking too much is also possible. Every year a number of athletes fall prey to water poisoning or hyponatraemia. Athletes who drink more than three litres of water per hour, without getting enough minerals, can get water poisoning. The cells swell because there is not enough salt and too much water in your body. The correct amount of drinking from the water coolers in Murwillumbah is therefore extremely important. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. That's why in this blog everything is about drinking during sports and of course three delicious recipes: sports drinks with a twist!

How much should you drink?

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Not only do you have to keep drinking well before and during exercise, but you also have to supplement your fluid loss afterwards. How much can you drink best and when? That depends on many different factors: the duration of the training, the ambient temperature and the physical state you are in. In addition, not everyone loses the same amount of fluid during exercise. The one sweats like an otter and with the other, even sitting in the sauna, hardly a drop is loose. Benchtop and floor standing water coolers Murwillumbah with an 8-stage filter bottle. How do you know how much fluid you lose? You can calculate this as follows: stand on the scales for sports without clothing. Record this number in your memory or on a piece of paper. Then keep a good record of how much you drink during exercise. After exercising, preferably as quickly as possible, you weigh yourself again without clothing. Add the difference in weight between before and after to the amount of fluid you have drunk. What kind of water to drink. You then do this result x 1.5. According to the sports nutrition rules you have to supplement 150%. The number you have now indicates how much you should drink after exercise in order to optimally supplement your fluid loss and restore it well. The more accurate your scale, the more accurate this result is. More about this and other calculations, such as your energy needs.

Do you know!

The stomach can process slightly more than 1.5 litres of water per hour. Although you can limit yourself better during exercise to a maximum of 1 litre per hour. If you drink more, the fluid will splash in your stomach and you can become nauseous.

Salts & electrolytes

In addition to moisture, you also lose minerals (electrolytes) in sweat, including sodium, potassium and a small amount of calcium. There are many minerals in the water from the water coolers in Murwillumbah. Sodium is a mineral that is part of salt and is important for controlling the moisture balance in your body. In addition, muscle and nerve cells also need sodium to function properly. It is therefore almost always added to sports or recovery drinks. In addition, salts have some advantages:

  • It improves the taste of the drink (up to a certain amount of course).
  • It helps keep you thirsty, encouraging you to drink more.
  • Sodium increases the water absorption in the intestines; the moisture is absorbed better and faster if sodium is present.
Sports drinks, or actually drinks in general, can be divided into three categories.
  • MORTGAGE: less than 4 grams of carbohydrates per 100 ml. A hypotonic drink is useful when the weather is very hot and you need something more in proportion. Here, "absorbing moisture as quickly as possible" is paramount. You take sugars a little less quickly.
  • ISOTONE: 4 to 8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 ml. An isotonic drink is absorbed relatively easily by your body. This is because it most closely resembles the liquids in your body. This is useful when you are exercising. All substances that you need at that moment find their way into your body super fast. With isotonic you can achieve both "sugar intake as quickly as possible" and "moisture absorption as quickly as possible."
  • HYPERTOONE: more than 8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 ml. A hypertonic drink is especially suitable when you need a lot of sugars and minerals in a short time. It is best to take this before or after exercise. During exercise, your stomach has too much trouble with that mountain of carbohydrates in one go and you can become nauseous.

Drink more healthy alkaline water from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler in Murwillumbah

Build drinking into daily routines

Forgetfulness is one of the main reasons people drink too little. So that you don't have to constantly remind yourself to drink more, you can also make drinking water part of fixed routines in your everyday life. For example, you can have a glass of water every time you sit on your sofa, in front of the computer, or when you start cooking in the kitchen. It is important, however, that you keep drinking a daily routine to socialize. Find your routines and take advantage of them. After a few days, you should automatically drink more.

Tip: In the first few days, you can also stick notes to the places where you start your daily routines (remote control, keyboard, kitchen cupboard, etc.). This will help you to establish your new, old routines in everyday life in a few days.

Water should always be close at hand

It is easier to drink more when the water is always close at hand.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?