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Is it unhealthy to drink icy cold water

Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Cold water helps to regulate body temperature after physical movement. It hydrates us faster, as the bloodstream absorbs it more easily. There is a misconception that regular drinking of cold water, especially after eating, causes serious diseases such as cancer. This idea arises from the simple speculation that drinking cold water after eating expands the consumed fats, which causes digestion to slow down. Some people believe that this process causes a series of reactions in the stomach and intestines, which lead to the development of cancer cells. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Great tasting water from the Water Coolers Innisfail.

What doctors say

Nevertheless, there are medical specialists who recommend drinking cold water especially after a workout because it regulates body temperature. And there are other doctors who say drinking cold water forces the body to use energy to warm you up, causing this water to be lost. Healthy drink water with minerals from the Water Coolers Innisfail. There are also other times when cold water is used and in this case it is used incorrectly. For example, when we get more fever, we immerse the body in cold water, while in this case it is better to use warm or lukewarm water. The body's defense can respond to cold water, resulting in shakes and an increase in temperature. In this case, drinking cold water has negative results.

The real problem

Several times we have heard that we should consume enough water, with two liters being the recommended amount. If we drink more than that or just too little we are more vulnerable to health problems. Since each person is different, your urine is the best indicator if you drink enough water. If it is dark, you do not drink enough water and if it has a light color, you will drink enough. Remember that your urine in the morning (when you just got up) is always darker. Another way to get an idea about your hydration is thirst. When the body says you are thirsty, you have to drink and it does not matter if the water is cold or hot. The aspects that really affect our health are the amount and quality of the water. Most of the water we consume should be natural, without added flavors (certain additives are allowed, such as mint leaves, lemon slices, etc.) and unsweetened. Having a full glass of water all the time. So drink plenty of tasty water from our Water Coolers Innisfail.

The benefits of drinking cold water, Cold Water Drinking

The primary benefit of consuming any type of liquid is hydration, but the specific drinking of cold water gives us specific benefits due to the temperature:

     - It helps to lose weight: The body always maintains a stable temperature. When consuming cold water, this temperature is lowered and the body uses calories to stabilize it again.
     - It lowers your body temperature: After physical movement, body temperature rises and helps cool water, as we have already indicated, to stabilize it.
     - It hydrates you faster: After physical movement, the body needs to be hydrated quickly. Cold water is absorbed more rapidly into the blood stream, which gives the body the necessary hydration faster.

Enough water drinking is important to stay healthy, the temperature does not matter. Hot and cold water straight from the Water Coolers Innisfail.

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