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How much sugar is there in soda?

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Too much sugar is not good for health. So much is well known. We know that energy drinks and coke contain a lot of sugar, but what about other soft drinks?

  •  On average, an Australian eats 65 grams of sugar a day,
  •  Recommended amount of sugar per day: 25 grams

Test a few drinks

The table below shows that most soft drinks do not bother for a glass of coke when it comes to the sugar content. If you add Roosvicee to the bottle, it's only 10% less sugar than in Coca-Cola. Vifit, a drink with a 'I choose conscious' logo, contains as much sugar as Fristi.

     1 sugar bean contains 4 grams of sugar. 1 gram of sugar = 4 kcal

Number of grams of sugar and sugar cubes per glass (250ml)

    - Chocomel: 29.75 gr. Sugar = 7 sugar cubes
    - Capri Sun: 25.00 gr. Sugar = 6 sugar cubes
    - Vifit: 20.25 gr. Sugar = 5 sugar beans
    - Coca Cola: 26.50 gr. Sugar = 6 sugar cubes
    - Roosvicee (lengthened): 23.75 grams of sugar = 5.5 sugar cubes
    - Redbull: 27.50 grams of sugar = 6.5 sugar cubes
    - Fristi: 20.50 grams sugar = 5 sugar cubes


Sugar does provide energy (calories), but does not provide your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibers. Drinking sugary beverages can help to overcome obesity. The body does not distinguish between naturally occurring or added sugar. This applies to all types of sugar and for honey, syrups and syrups. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. All sugars are processed by the body in the same way. They are broken down by the body into glucose, the "fuel" for the body, and deliver the same amount of calories. A can of cola contains 23 grams or 6 lumps of sugar: recommended daily amount of a woman (90 grams).


A label indicates the ingredients used in the preparation of the product. This is done in descending order of quantity: the top of which is the most. The carbohydrate content indicates how many of these are present as sugars. This does not distinguish between naturally occurring or added sugars. Is it bad to drink water while eating.

Make water more enjoyable

Better health with Prestige Water. Indulge yourself or surprise your table guests with any of these suggestions, or combine yourself well. Calorie-poor, tasty and better for the environment than bottles fresh.

     - Water with cucumber
     - Tip: Use a slipper for the most beautiful effect
     - Tap water with raspberries
     - Water carafe with lime
     - Eau a la menthe (with a sprig of mint)
     - A pot of water with orange
     - Tip: Use a sharp knife to make long skins of the skin.

With a stainless steel drinking bottle, you drink enough water and you do not get (hidden) sugars. In addition, your water stays cool for a long time in a Australian Design stainless steel water bottle.

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The importance of drinking enough

We have already had a taste of the summer these past few days! Moisture and drinking water. It is of course wonderful to enjoy the warm weather and the sun's rays, but the visits to the gym also continue as usual. On such nice days in the club it can be a little warmer than normal. That is why it is extremely important to maintain your fluid balance during your training. Do you think you drink enough from the water coolers Griffith? Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. We explain why this is so important and how you drink easily enough.

Why is drinking enough important?

Humans consist for the most part of moisture. This is 52% on average for women and even 63% for men. This is not for nothing, we need moisture for various reasons. Moisture ensures that nutrients are absorbed, nutrients and waste are transported and we can regulate our body temperature well. Too little structural drinking can also cause dehydration. In short: drinking enough is essential for our body to function optimally. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heartr, brain and metabolism.

How much do you have to drink from the water coolers Griffith daily?

Moisture is in drinking and in food, but by far the most moisture you get through drinking. An adult needs an average of 1.5 liters to 2 liters of fluid daily in the form of drinking. Exactly how much someone needs depends on, for example, age and health status. But when it's hot and you do a lot of sports, you need a lot more. On a warm day it is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water to prevent dehydration. With an hour of intensive exercise you can even lose one to two liters of extra moisture! Fortunately, your body automatically restores the fluid balance, provided you drink enough. What does water do in your body.

What is the best thing to drink?

Water is the purest form of moisture. In addition, coffee and tea also contain 0 calories. Sports drinks are very popular while training. Unfortunately, most sports drinks contain unnecessary and unhealthy substances, such as sugars and colorants, that can hinder the absorption of moisture. We therefore recommend that you fill your water bottle with water while exercising.

Did you know? - How many liters of "water" should a person drink every day? " Water Coolers Griffith

“Summer is just around the corner and the outside temperatures are gradually rising. This makes it all the more important to drink enough fluids. For adults this means at least 1.5 liters per day. At warmer temperatures, the need also increases, because the loss of fluid increases due to increased sweating. For athletes, the rule of thumb then applies to supplement the usual amount of water during training with 0.15 to 0.25 liters every 15 to 20 minutes. In this way, the loss of fluid can be compensated and performance can be maintained.

Ideally, still or carbonated water should be used. However, alternatives are also unsweetened herbal and fruit teas. If you want a change in taste, you can also mix spritzers in the ratio of one part fruit juice and three parts water. Fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables can also be infused with water, for example cucumber or lemon slices.

But why is water so important for the body? The absorption of water plays a central role for the organism. It is necessary for metabolic processes, biochemical reactions and many other processes in the human body. A long-term deficiency can even lead to irreparable damage. The first signs of a deficit can be frequent headaches, poor concentration and circulatory problems, for example. The urine also serves as a reliable indicator. Light-colored urine indicates a balanced water balance, while dark-colored urine indicates a deficit. Anyone who suspects they are not drinking enough can keep a kind of diary and document the actual water intake for a few days. This can help raise awareness about drinking and develop healthy habits. At the same time, fixed routines such as drinking with meals or after getting up can help you drink enough. "

Why is Filtered Water so Important?