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Making Fruit Water - Healthy and very tasty

Is water healthy? It is extremely important to drink enough daily. However, drinking water alone may sometimes be a bit boring. Therefore, fruit water can provide the result, you can easily water yourself and fruity. Lemon water healthy and delicious. It's not just fun, it's especially healthy! This article explains how to do this. It is extremely important to drink enough daily. However, drinking water alone may sometimes be a bit boring. Therefore, fruit water can provide the result, you can easily water yourself and fruity. It's not just fun, it's especially healthy! In this article I explain how to make this.
In this recipe I chose watermelon and cucumber. Watermelon makes your water a little sweet, while cucumber makes for a fresh taste. First cut the cucumber and watermelon into a small piece after which you make them in a carafe. Stir this with a muddler to get the juice out. Then add some ice cubes. Finally, fill the carafe with the water. With a spoon you can mix everything now. To get the flavors well in the water, put the carafe in the fridge before drinking.

You can add the ingredients to your liking. I have used 1/3 cucumber and 1/8 watermelon in this recipe. Want to make your fruit water sweeter? Then add some extra watermelon to the water from your water cooler Warwick.

Fruit water

The best thing about making fruit water is experimenting with flavors and combinations I find myself. Fruit water is great when it's summer. Therefore, expect more summer combinations to read more combinations. Good hydration in the summer. A couple of combinations I have tried and tasted so far: Lemon with lemon and orange and lime with mint. Are you in a hurry? Then squeeze the juice of a few lemon slices into a bottle of water. Add some slices of water. Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice of a few pieces into your vial and add these pieces. During the day your water will taste stronger to lemon.

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Moisture and drinking water from your water cooler Warwick

Moisture is important for everyone, whether you have a stoma or not. Moisture transports nutrients and waste through the body. We also need moisture to regulate our body temperature. You can go without food for some time, but not without water for long. Those who do not drink enough on time, will dry out quickly. We usually notice hunger quickly, but thirst makes it more difficult. We often discover that too late. Because by the time we get thirsty, the moisture content in your body is already too low. Tips to drink more water.

Fluid deficiency

Thirst only occurs when about 2% of body weight has been withdrawn; for an adult, that means a fluid deficiency of 1.5 liters. Women consist on average for 52% of water and men for 63%. You call this the so-called moisture balance. By drinking enough, you can maintain that fluid balance. If the color of the urine is yellow to dark yellow, then you have drunk too little. If the urine is almost colorless, then you have used enough fluid. A shortage of fluid can cause the following symptoms: listlessness, headache, inactivity, drowsiness, lack of appetite, muscle cramps, a dry, battered tongue and reduced urine output.

What do we mean by 'moisture'?

'Moisture' is not only understood to mean coffee, tea or water, but also soup, yogurt or custard, for example. Solid food, vegetables and fruit also contain water. Water is also released when carbohydrates are burned, which on average provides us with around 1 liter per day. Drink plenty of water from your water cooler Warwick. In addition, how much we have to drink depends on the type of stoma, but also on other factors.

How much to drink

Having a full glass of water all the time. The more active you are, the more moisture you need. So you can be quite active for an hour at least 1 liter of fluid per hour lost by perspiration. Cyclists in the Tour de France sometimes drink 8 liters per day. Even at high temperatures, high humidity or dry air you have to drink more to maintain the moisture balance. Moreover, elderly people are advised to drink a little more.

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Not just water

There are no substances in water that hold the moisture in your body, so you quickly urinate it again. It is best to opt for isotonic drinks, especially in hot weather and a lot of sweating, or if you have a short bowel. These drinks contain, among other things, electrolytes (salts), which are minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chlorine. Sodium in particular ensures that moisture is absorbed faster. Your body retains the moisture better, so that the important substances are not lost through your urine. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Warwick.

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