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TIP: 5 Tips to drink more water

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Most people know that they have to drink more water, but for various reasons (lack of time, forgotten etc.), they simply do not. You have divided opinions about how much water you exactly need. Often you hear that 2 liters of water per day is a good guideline, but the need in warm weather and in people who exercise regularly and / or heavier weigh is higher. The formula 0.03 x body weight gives you a good indication of how many liters of water you need per day. Below 5 practical tips to meet this daily water requirement. Children and drinking water.

1. Add a flavor to your water

Water in itself is of course very boring. You probably want more if you make it slightly more interesting by adding a flavor. You can do this in many ways. For example, place a jug with water in the refrigerator and add a piece of watermelon or cucumber (or other vegetables and / or fruit). What is also very nice to cool a liter of water and add the juice of 2 oranges + 1 lemon and some basil. Another method to keep it more 'interesting' is to vary with water with bubbles and drink it from a nice glass.

2. 'Eat' your water

You can also get water from your diet. Eating delicious ripe fruit. This will not be enough to meet your total water requirements, but it is a good addition. Many fruit and vegetables contain a lot of water, the best is to eat them raw because a lot of water is lost when you cook it. Some fruit and vegetables with a lot of water are:


3. Process it in your daily routine

Everyone has their daily activities that always come back. Starting the day with a cup of coffee, brushing your teeth, showering, etc. If you teach yourself to drink a glass of water at these times, that will help you to meet your daily needs. I always start the day with 2 glasses of water before I start my coffee. This is now part of my regular routine and I do not even have to think about it anymore. For example, you can also put an empty glass next to your toothbrush, so you will always be reminded that it is time to drink again.

4. Use an application

There are nowadays free and very useful applications to download that show exactly how much water your body needs, how much you have drunk and how much you have to drink. The application 'Give your body water' gives you a handle to meet your daily water needs. If you do not want or can not install an application, you can also simply set the alarm when it is time for your next glass. Is water healthy?

5. Drink water during exercise

For everyone, but especially for people who exercise a lot, it is important to drink enough. Good hydration in the summer. During your effort you lose a lot of fluid and this needs to be supplemented. It is therefore wise to take a bottle of water with you during exercise and not wait until you get really thirsty, this means that you are actually already dehydrated. Even after your training, drink enough to immediately replenish the lost reserves.

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