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These 12 tricks will help you drink more water from your water cooler Reedy Creek

Hydration is important, but enough drinking still comes along. That is why our colleagues from Women's Health looked for how you can ensure that you get enough fluid. What drinking water really does for your skin. The result: 12 tips. Use it to your advantage.

This happens when you drink water with lemon every day

1. Start the day with drinking water from your water cooler Reedy Creek. Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

Start the day with a dance, start the day with a laugh. And with a glass of water! So, you've got that inside. How do I get more energy?

2. Always reason for bubbles

Do you sometimes have enough of flat water? Then choose the bubble variant.

3. Drink from liter bottles

If you do not have to get up after every few sips to get a new load of water, the chances of you drinking more are greater.

4. Put your drinks in sight

Avoid forgetting to drink. Therefore, put your moisture pontifically in sight. When you notice your bottle more quickly, you will get it faster.

5. Take your water bottle

Make it a habit to always have a bottle of water with you. For example, the word 'thirst' does not have to appear in your dictionary anymore. Fill your water bottle from your water cooler Reedy Creek.

6. Time your gulps

By teaching yourself to take a sip of water at certain times - just like you breakfast, lunch and dinner at certain times - you ensure that you stay hydrated. Put an alarm if necessary if you need a reminder.

7. Compensate

If you have a party you may prefer to spend the whole evening on wine or beer - that's what we get - but occasionally go for a glass of water to ensure that your moisture content stays in better balance and that you have a less dull feeling. the next morning.

8. Infuse your water

Do you find water tasteless or boring and can you make it difficult to put it on your lips? Then choose an infusion water bottle in which you put fresh fruit. Which natural flavor you add is completely up to you. Mango, apple, strawberry, orange ... The possibilities are infinite. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Reedy Creek.

9. Eat water

H2O is not just dripping from the tap. Many foods are also loaded with it. Think celery, cucumbers, apples, watermelon and soup. Is water melon healthy?

10. Spice up your life

A simple trick: sprinkle some extra chili powder over your food, this will make you drink a lot more.
11. Use an app

An app such as Waterlogged analyzes how much water you need per day and reminds you to take a sip every now and then. Handy, is not it?

12. Drink more

When you drink from your water cooler Reedy Creek, always take a little more than you are used to, this will eventually ensure that you get a lot more fluid.

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Filtered water cooler Reedy Creek

Actually I should drink more water. Carbonic acid is in enough of our favorite drinks: spa red, beer, champagne and the beloved gin tonics. We drink it often enough, but recently we heard that it would not be so good for you at all. I process liters of spa red on a working day, just a little more exciting than a glass of water. Delicious and healthy, I thought, but is that really the case? We will find out exactly what carbonic acid is and how good or bad it is for you! Pure drinking water from your water cooler Reedy Creek.

What is it exactly?

Carbonated drinks are very simple: it is a mixture of water, carbonic acid (CO2), any sweeteners and other substances that determine the acidity. It used to be used as a medicine for headaches and digestive problems, but now we really drink it more for pleasure. The puncture in the drink may sound chemical, but it is basically just a natural substance that occurs in nature and we breathe out every day. How bad can such a thing be? It is said that this can be bad for your teeth and your abdomen, among other things, and therefore it is better to drink flat water than sparkling water. Hot and cold water from your water cooler Reedy Creek. But no worries for the spa red and gin and tonic enthusiasts: this all turns out to be better than expected.

Your teeth

Drinks that contain carbon dioxide are indeed often bad for your teeth. I myself drink as much as possible with a straw - except for champagne - to protect my tooth enamel from this. However, it is not that carbonic acid that has a negative effect on your teeth. It is a weak acid that does not affect your teeth. The damage is caused by strong acids, such as citric and malic acid, in combination with sugar to compensate for the acid content. In addition, the buffer capacity plays a role: the capacity of liquids to keep the acidity within certain limits. The higher, the longer the acids stay in the mouth and the worse it is. Soft drinks, apple juice and wine are examples of drinks that affect your teeth. Beer and Spa red are much less harmful to your teeth. If you still want to drink the "worse" drinks, drink it fairly quickly in large sips. That way your teeth have the most time to recover. Unfortunately, sipping your wine is not an option here.

Your stomach

Healthy drink water made from your own tap from the water cooler Reedy Creek. Most of the jab disappears when you open the bottle and the actual amount of carbon dioxide you get in your stomach is not too bad. However, after drinking a lot of carbonated drinks you can get a bloated feeling. However, this does not have to be bad. A not very charming, but just a farmer can fix this. Only if you suffer from an irritable bowel can carbon dioxide have an extra stimulating effect, so drinking this is not recommended for these people. In addition, it appears that carbonic acid can give a saturated feeling, especially with large glasses with larger amounts of carbonic acid. Drinking sparkling water can therefore help people who want to eat less! So carbon dioxide is not bad at all for the health of your abdomen. In fact, it can even help you if you are nauseous. The farming through it reduces the nausea. Coke helps the best, but other drinks with jab help too. Drinking water and losing weight. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

Not unhealthy at all

So carbonic acid is not at all as bad for you as is sometimes claimed! This does not mean that drinks with punctures are automatically good for you and you can continue to drink from them, but spa red remains a great replacement for water and long live gin tonics!

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