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Warm weather? Drink enough water

A warm summer? Holiday plans? A long car ride ahead? Make sure your child drinks enough water. Why filter tapwater. Because of the higher temperatures, your child loses a lot of fluid and looses the risk of dehydration around the corner. Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

Drink regularly and ... urinate

When it is hot, your child loses a lot of moisture by sweating. Give your child small amounts of water regularly to drink. This way you continuously fill in any moisture loss. In addition, water helps your child to maintain better body temperature. How do I get more energy?

Traveling? Tips for traveling

Do you travel by car?

  •     Do not regulate the temperature in the car too high and not too low. After all, your child quickly gets too hot in the car. Please note, however, that the difference with the outside temperature is not too great: a maximum of 6 to 7 degrees lower. Usually 21 degrees is a temperature that is experienced as 'pleasant'.
  •     Plan a stop every 2 hours and let your little one drink some water every time. The bottles of Spa Reine 50cl are ideal for on the go!
  •     Never leave your child alone in a stationary car, even when it is in the shade.

Are you traveling by plane?

  •     The air in the plane is drier than at home. Your child may want to drink more, sometimes even twice more than usual. Is water melon healthy?
  •     When taking off and landing, your child may suffer from pressure on the ears. Let your little one drink. Swallowing helps to reduce pressure.
  •     Please note: in principle, you can bring a maximum of 100 ml of liquid in the hand baggage. Once there is sufficient water available on board, free or not. Are you traveling with a baby? Then an exception is made. Baby food (both milk and pot food) is allowed in the hand luggage. You can bring as much food as you need during the flight. At the security checkpoint, you may be asked to taste the food to prove that it is baby food.

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