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7 Tips to prevent dehydration in the elderly by drinking water from your water cooler Newtown

Drink more water in hot weather. Australia is experiencing an unprecedented warm early summer. Cold water drinking. Sufficient drinking and cooling is important, but how do you do that? 2000 ml is about 10 glasses of drink. Of course it is always important to also look at the individual: does someone have diabetes pills, diabetes, medication where the fluid balance is important: make sure you have information how much this person should drink. Here the surprising tips that contribute to sufficient drinking and cooling. Yogurt, custard and ice cream also contain a lot of moisture.

7 tips on heat to prevent dehydration in the elderly.

The thirst feeling is reduced in many elderly people. On regular days you often have to make an effort to ensure that they receive the minimum amount of 1500-2000 ml. In warm weather the danger of dehydration is even greater. For those who drink badly, yogurt, custard and ice cream can be an extra source of fluid, just like soup.

A change in taste makes people drink

Is it possible to offer clients and residents something different than usual? Maybe an alcohol-free beer? Or a tomato juice with a pinch of pepper? Divide drinking water from your water cooler Newtown over the day.

If 1500-2000 ml is the goal, it can be good to 'chop' the day into 5 pieces. In each part, the client must drink at least 2 glasses. The 5 pieces can be: breakfast, between breakfast and lunch, lunch, between lunch and dinner, dinner. Of course it is wise to drink from your water cooler Newtown after supper, but a little extra does not hurt with this warm weather. And it is possible: report how much the client has drunk. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

TIP! Can you think of something festive about the moment of drinking so that it is easier? In one of Ruud Dirkse's books on dementia, he tells us that a partner discovers that his wife with dementia drinks better when they toast. They toast every day several times. Or can you make a map for the residents of you with 10 checked boxes every day? As a kind of competitive element?

TIP! Be extra alert for elderly people with dementia that their drinking is not returned to the food cart untouched because they have forgotten to drink.

Find extra drinking moments

You can stimulate drinking at an unexpected time. Think for example of brushing teeth. Or try a few sips of water after a move if the client has possibly gotten hotter. Every bit helps. If it is warm for a longer continuous period, try to keep the heat out as much as possible. You do this by closing curtains and sun blinds, so that sunlight does not heat the room.

Keep doors and windows closed during the day. Open them in the morning and evening when it gets cooler. Airy clothing also helps to stay cool. Think of cotton or linen clothing. Synthetic clothing can activate sweating, so do not do better. A cool washcloth can be very nice. Or just rinse the wrists or face under the tap. Cool is better than ice cold. Or use a spray with water. And what does the client think of a fan?

Characteristics of dehydration

Bottled water, tap water or filtered water. Dehydration can lead to confusion and even death in extreme cases. How do you recognize dehydration at an earlier stage? Dehydration in the elderly can be difficult to recognize. Some characteristics: cracked lips, dry mouth and tongue, headache, little urination and dark urine. Good to keep an eye on this!

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Why drink water during yoga

Do you sometimes have a headache the day after you have taken a yoga class? You are not the only one, this is a common complaint. Below you can read what the cause is and how you can easily solve and prevent it. Drink plenty of clean water.

Most people know that by doing yoga postures and movement sequences you develop a stronger and more flexible body (and mind!). But did you also know that all kinds of processes take place within your body? Yoga, for example, has an effect on your digestive effectiveness and calms your nervous system.

Yoga also helps detoxify your body. Due to tension, unhealthy eating and our sedentary lifestyle, waste gets stuck in the body. You can feel this well in stiff shoulders. A knot in your muscles is actually an accumulation of waste. By moving your body in certain positions, these wastes are released and they end up in your bloodstream and lymph nodes with the aim of eliminating them. You get rid of waste on the exhalation, through sweating, through urine and feces. You need one thing for all these processes and that is moisture!

That is where the crux of this story is. Most people do not drink enough water. You need at least 2 liters of water per day. On hot days or if you exercise a lot more than that. If you do not drink enough, your body does not have enough fluid available to excrete the waste. You can compare it with too much alcohol and drinking too little water from your water cooler Newtown. Drink more water in hot weather. Result? Bursting or nagging headache. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

The best way to prevent headaches after yoga is to drink enough water before, during and after class. If you drink 2 liters of water every day and a glass or two more on yoga days, you will not only notice that you no longer get a headache, but also that you have more energy and your skin gets a boost.

In some yoga traditions you are advised not to drink water during class. This would cool the inner warmth that you build up. Your body consists of 80% water and in addition to oxygen, water is your primary necessity. Cooling your inner fire is therefore of secondary importance to me. If you are worried about this, drink hot water from your water cooler Newtown during class.

So next time bring a bottle of water to your lesson or ask the teacher for an extra glass of water from their water cooler Newtown. Cheers to wake up refreshed and energized!

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