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Drink water if you want to lose weight

By applying what you learn in this article, you make one of the most important and powerful steps to control your weight and health for a lifetime. In this article, you do not only read how much when and what to drink to make it easier to lose weight. You also learn why drinking is so important if you want to fall off. If you apply what you read in this article, you give your body what it takes and your body will reward you by running your fat burn at full turn. Let's start with the most important drink you should drink if you want to lose weight. Lose weight by drinking water.


We all know we need to drink water. Yet, I see many clients that they have difficulty drinking enough water. Each living organism consists of more than half of water. The human body for about 70 percent. The amount of water you exactly own depends, inter alia, on your age and gender. Water is for your body, what oil is for a car. It ensures that all processes in your body can be smooth and smooth. Without water, your body (and therefore your fat burning) does not "work". Under normal conditions, people can only have three days without water. If you have no water for longer than three days, your body can no longer function and you die. You always need water because you also lose water. You lose water via evaporation and excretion. By sweating, breathing and peeing we lose water every day. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. To ensure optimal functioning of your body, you must ensure that your water content stays on level.

Water has different functions in our body:

  -  It serves as a means of transport. Water is necessary to transport nutrients from our food to our cells. The same goes for oxygen. Water is needed to transport oxygen to all cells in our body. Thus, without water, we can not breathe. It also transports waste from our body so we do not get sick.
  -  It plays a major role in digestion. Through water in our saliva and in the stomach and intestines, our food is consumed.
  -  It regulates the temperature in our body. If your body temperature exceeds about 37.5 degrees, you will sweat. That causes cooling during sports or if you have a fever.
  -  It serves as the building material of our cells. Because water is in and between our cells, tissues and our blood, it protects our organs and joints from shocks and movements. Wht drinking water is good for your hair.

Water is needed for a healthy body and a healthy body is slim.


Recent research has shown that people with obesity who want to lose weight and drink two cups of water for each meal after three months lost about 2.5 kilos more than dropouts who did not. A year later, the people who drank water still lost more weight. Note, of course, this does not mean that if you drink more water, you lose weight more automatically. Water is something that helps you lose weight. It makes it much easier. Make water the main drink you drink, then it will greatly affect your weight loss. The following points show why drinking water helps you to lose weight.

1. Water reduces your hunger feeling

Water drinking reduces the hunger feeling. By drinking two glasses of water for each meal, you have a fuller feeling. As a result, you get less calories during the meal because you are previously saturated. It is not always easy to distinguish your thirst and hunger mechanism. Sometimes you think you're hungry, but you're just thirsty. For example, if you have just eaten and constantly have the feeling that you're still tired of something sweet, this may be impossible because you're still hungry. Probably you're just thirsty. If you drink extra water between meals, it is likely that your feeling of hunger or withdrawal will decrease, so you will also be less likely to eat sweet snacks between meals. So, by drinking enough water, you get much less calories throughout the day. That helps you fall faster.

2. Water rinses poisons away

Losses occur by burning fat. Body fat is not, as many people think, a passive mass that has no purpose. One of the (important) functions of body fat is that it acts as a toxin storage site that enters the body. These stored toxic substances come free during combustion. Your body wants to eliminate these substances as quickly as possible. As they accumulate, these poisonous substances can make you sick. Extra water drinking helps your body quickly remove these toxins. If the toxic substances easily leave your body, your body can even burn more fat, which will cause you to fall faster.

3. Water replaces the hidden thickeners in beverages

Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. It may be that you do not fall because you drink the wrong drinks. It may even be that you unconsciously enter an abundance of sugars every day without your having it. Of most soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, sports drinks and alcoholic beverages, we know that they contain a lot of sugar. Yet, there are many people who think they are doing well by replacing them with so-called health drinks. These are drinks with a healthy image that the producer of the product gives you the feeling that you are very well and healthy when you drink it. Claims such as "extra vitamin C" and "contains antioxidants" are on the packaging. For example, think of such a drink for Vitamin Water or Spa and Fruit. Even the names are misleading. These drinks often contain a lot of sugar. Usually no less than the usual soft drinks like coke and sinas. If you drink a can of soda every day, you'll get half a kilo soon. This is 6 kilo a year. Without you having it through. If you make water the main and only drink you drink, you will not unconsciously enter calories. Also, your body can burn calories from food and body fat faster. So drink enough water if you want to fall off.

4. Water gives you energy

Because your body consists largely of water, you can work better if you regularly supplement it. You will have more energy and you will feel your fitter. If you are losing weight, you may have little energy (especially at the beginning). Water drinking helps you feel better and more energy while losing weight. Just drink half a liter of water if you feel tired. You will see that you feel a lot more energy and excitement a couple of minutes later. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips.

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