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12 Ideas to drink more water from your water cooler Molendinar

With these hacks you make sure you easily get to your daily dose of water.

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. The thermometer spontaneously pops again to a summery status. While it is officially already autumn? You sweat carrots in your new winter outfit with an aura of 25 degrees. You had not taken this into account for a while. Now that it is suddenly hot again in summer, it is important that you think of your hydration. It is very important to drink enough water in one day. Not only your body can become dehydrated without water, if you drink too little water you are mentally less sharp, according to fitness and lifestyle coach James Hardy. To calculate how much water you need per day, you can multiply 0,033 by your body weight. "At every hour of your sport you have to add a liter," says the coach. But drinking enough in a day is sometimes quite a challenge. With these life hacks you can easily drink more water.
1. Use an app

An app such as Waterlogged analyzes how much water you need per day and reminds you to take a sip every now and then. Handy, is not it?
2. There is always a reason for bubbles

Do you sometimes have enough of flat water? Drink healthy water with minerals from your water cooler Molendinar. Then choose a bubbly version, also delicious! Although, even in the case of puncture: an excess is never good. Tips to get through the summer COOL.
3. Drink from liter bottles

If you do not have to get up after every few sips to get a new load of water, the chance that you drink more is naturally greater. A shortage of water is not lurking, so you can refuel.
4. Put your drinks in sight

Avoid forgetting to drink. Therefore, put your moisture pontifically in view, so that you can not get around it. When you notice bottle sooner, you'll get it faster.
5. You and your water bottle are best mates

Make it a habit to always have a bottle of water from your water cooler Molendinar with you. Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? You can refill them (in most places) whenever you want. For example, the word 'thirst' will no longer appear in your dictionary and it will save you a few cents if you have to buy a bottle along the way. Extra tip: also make sure that you always have a small portion of change, so that you can also get rid of the water in case of emergency.
6. Time your gulps

By learning to take a sip of water at certain times - just like you eat breakfast, lunch and evening at certain times - you ensure that you stay well hydrated. If necessary, turn on an alarm clock.
7. Compensate

If you have a party you may prefer to spend the whole evening on wine or beer, but occasionally going for a glass of water will ensure that your moisture content stays in better balance and creates a less dull feeling the next morning. Score! Children and drinking water. Drink more water from your water cooler Molendinar.

8. Infuse your water

Do you find water tasteless, boring and can you make it difficult to put it on your lips? Then choose an infusion water bottle in which you put fresh fruit. Which natural flavor you add to your water is entirely up to you. Mango, apple, strawberry, orange ... The possibilities are limitless.
9. Eat water

H2O comes not only from the tap drip, but also in many foods such as celery, cucumbers, apples, watermelon and soups. Eat it!
10. Spice up your life

A simple trick: sprinkle some extra chili powder over your food, so you will drink extra water.
11. Start the day with water

Save a glass of water immediately after standing up. Then you have it again.
12. Drink more

Never take a sip. Always take at least three. Always take extra sips than you are used to.

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Lemon with water from your water cooler Molendinar good for your skin

As soon as I wake up, I always drink a very large glass of lukewarm water with lemon. Water is essential when you wake up in the morning and lemon is good for your skin. Two birds with one stone and then your day has to start. Before you have breakfast, it is really very important to first drink a large glass of water. You need moisture in the morning since you probably didn't drink anything during the night. By the way, you are really dehydrated, because apart from drinking nothing at night, you also lose half a liter of moisture during your sleep. Why filter tapwater.

As far as I am concerned, water is the first necessity of life in the morning (soon followed by coffee!), But if you really want to start the day well and want to work at the same time on beautiful skin, lemon is on the menu every morning from now on.

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Water with lemon

You have probably read something about it once that drinking a glass of water from your water cooler Molendinar with lemon causes you to lose weight quickly. In itself it is not a panacea but lemon does indeed stimulate your fat burning, digestion and it keeps your sugar level in balance. This ensures that you are less hungry all day. Don't go drinking lemon juice all day long, because then you won't do your stomach any pleasure. Your body can handle 2 to 3 glasses of water from your water cooler Molendinar with lemon a day. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

Lemon good for your skin

Besides that lemon juice in your water is healthy, it also ensures beautiful skin. Great tasting water made from your own tap from your water cooler Molendinar. Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which prevents collagen in your skin from breaking down (read: firm skin). I prefer fresh lemon to extract the lemon juice (and not lemon juice from such a green pre-packaged bottle), because the secret to wrinkles is in the skin of a lemon. This is because the skin contains important oils that have a purifying and healing effect on the skin.
The peel of a lemon is a perfect mask if you suffer from oily skin, for example. A lemon mask closes your pores, has a disinfecting effect and, just like the juice of a lemon, contains a lot of vitamin C.

What do you need for this lemon mask?

    - 1 lemon or lime zest (organic)
    - 1 tablespoon of water

What do you have to do to make a lemon mask?

    - Use a mixer or blender. Put the skin and the water in the blender.
    - Mix everything until you have a kind of puree.
    - Apply the puree to your face and let the mask sit for about 5 minutes.
    - Rinse with warm water.
    - Pat your skin dry, don't rub dry.

Another tip is to add a few drops of lemon juice to your day cream. Of course, don't immediately throw the whole lemon into your La Prairie jar, but take some day cream in the palm of your hand and add a drop of lemon juice to it. Super good for your skin.

How do I get 2 liters of water in a day? Drink plenty from your water cooler Molendinar

How good is drinking 2 liters of water for your skin and body? Water hydrates your skin and keeps your skin from looking dull. Do you suffer from acne? Drinking water! Would you like to lose some pounds? Drinking water from your water cooler Molendinar!

Water is important not only for the outside of your body but also for the inside. Water helps your kidneys process waste products in your body. If you don't drink enough water, the waste products remain in your body.

Are you sometimes just unable to get 2 liters of water in one day? We give some useful tips to drink enough water.

    Drink a glass of water right away when you wake up

At night while sleeping you lose a lot of fluids, but you do not take any fluids. So drink a glass of water right away when you wake up. This way you wake up the moisture level again. You immediately start well with your goal: 2 liters of water.

    Drink all day long

For example, because of your busy work schedule, you have been drinking too little. Do not try to catch up on this within an hour in the evening. It is better to drink smaller amounts throughout the day than in 1 liter of water at once. Your body only processes a certain amount of fluid per hour.

    Eat water

Yes eat water (not literally of course). Eat products that contain a lot of water, such as cucumber. If you eat these products daily, you will unconsciously ingest water.

    Download an app

Are you fairly forgetful or would you rather not keep track of how many glasses of water you drink in a day? Download an app!

    Drink enough water from your water cooler Molendinar during exercise

When you exercise, you lose a lot of sweat and therefore moisture. You have to replenish the fluid you have lost and that means drinking a lot of water to get back to level.

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