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Drink filtered tap water with a water cooler Marlborough from Prestige Water

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Water is just water, or not?

What do water filters do with water? You can buy them everywhere, but are they worth the investment? Is filtered water healthier or more delicious? Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar

"The water from our tap is not unhealthy," says Professor Arne of the UGent. Prestige Water is strictly regulated and strictly controlled, and is perfectly healthy in our country.
Do not be afraid of substances like chlorine and lime that are in tap water. Chlorine is added to the water to ensure that the water remains disinfected during its distribution. It does not affect our health.

Do you taste the chlorine in the water and would you rather not? Put your glass of tap water in the fridge for a while, then the chlorine flavor disappears automatically. Lime also has no effect on our health.

Is it useful to filter water?

Water with minerals is better than just tap water. "If it's not about quality and health," says Professor Verliefde. "You even filter out minerals that are good for your body." Too mild water could lead to cardiovascular disease. Water filtering is useful if you live in a house or apartment where there are lead or copper pipes. Because the filter removes heavy metals from the water. But if you live in a new house, it's no problem to drink water straight from the tap.

If you first pass water through a decalcifier before it goes out of your tap, it does the same as such a water filter. Why filter tapwater.

Water with a taste

But is filtered water more delicious? Waterman Roland Vanden Abbeele tested it for us. He tasted unfiltered tap water, filtered tap water, unfiltered bottled water and filtered bottled water.

"A filter extracts some minerals from the water, giving you a cleaner and lighter flavor," says the sommelier. He immediately removed the unfiltered tap water. That tastes very different, also inspector Sven noted. The other three are much closer together. And the sommelier finds the filtered tap water the best 'the water tastes less bitter'. Filtered tap water thus tastes different. It is softer of taste. But healthier than unfiltered tap water is not, unless it runs through copper conductors. Please note if you want to buy a water filter. Maintain the filter well. Because a filter can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So you need to clean the filter well and replace it in time.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?