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TIP: You need to drink 8 glasses of water a day

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. We will be brave in the coming weeks to offer a little overview in the food jungle of whole and half truths. Because what do you have to eat, what do you have to do with a wide bend around the supermarket and do you even have to go to a supermarket to get your daily food? Fortunately, we are not only starting this mega-job, but we are doing this on the basis of the man who has already earned his spurs in food: Martijn Katan. Professor of Nutrition. Very knowledgeable, experienced, independent, but above all sober: a man who does not go along with every fashion breeze. And also author of the widely praised book Nutrition myths.

Of course we not only shoot all the holy houses to pieces, but we also give you tips with what you should do. Hopefully with the result that from now on you will be able to let go of the rattling of all those just too hip food bloggers. So, are you ready? For we begin immediately with the holy of holies: water.

"You must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day."

The health claims:

The list of health benefits attributed to water is huge. A small selection: You get a better skin, you fall off and your body is cleaned. If there is too little moisture, the misery can not be overlooked, according to some food gurus: You dry out, become nauseous, dizzy and you can even become depressed. Good hydration in the summer.

How much moisture do you lose in a day?

On an average autumn day, an adult loses about half a liter of water through the skin. This can obviously increase considerably with heat or exertion. You also lose half a liter of fluid through your breath and your poo. Finally, you need to make half a liter of urine a day to get the harmful substances out of your body. So together you need an average of 1.5 liters of water to replenish your moisture reservoir. But how much do you get in anyway without being aware of it? In your daily food is already about 0.8 liters of water and with the burning of this there is also another 0.3 liters of moisture. Together you already get 1.1 liters of moisture inside. A quick calculation tells you that you need an additional 0.4 liters of fluid to top it up.

The professor's conclusion:

We have to drink that much every day:

"So the minimum need for water is on average 0.4 liters. But nobody is average, for many people that 0.4 liters is too little. I think that you are more than adequate with 1 to 2 liters of fluid. Please note. You can also get this from coffee, tea, milk and juice. 8 glasses of water - so drinking 2 liters on top - is not really necessary. "

Lose weight by drinking more water:

"An important reason why people drink water is that they want to lose weight or do not want to arrive. That works when they start drinking water instead of juice, soft drinks or other sugary drinks. It is less certain that you lose weight if you pour with water before every meal, but it is not excluded that it contributes to weight loss. " 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

Other health benefits:

"Drinking more water does not make you smarter or faster, if you are tired, scared or nauseated, it does not matter and you will not get a tighter skin. Unfortunately, it is no different. The only category of people who always have to carry a bottle of water are people with a predisposition for kidney stones. Because drinking a lot of water reduces the chance of a kidney colic. Whoever ever had that will never leave home without water. But with that we have unfortunately already had all the health benefits. " How do I get more energy?

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