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5 Tips and tricks to drink enough water

Drinking enough water on a day, I really think it's a crime. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. Two liters are really a lot, though most of my colleagues will not agree with me. I see my fellow Girls at the office all day by tapping the dishes as if they were tequila shots on the Friday afternoon breeze, while struggling with my first bottle of water of my day. Fortunately, I'm not the only one, and Anna is helping me in the fight against dehydration every day. Another chill motivator to get my H2O quota is using a nice water bottle! Besides that it's a very beautiful thing, you'll also get super easy on your little ones. And now the good news comes. If it does not work with that water then there's really something wrong ...

Of course I do not belong yesterday and I know drinking plenty of water is very important. So I found out that while reading, there is a poem for three quarters of water, and I know what my headache comes from in the morning. So, time for change! I always try different tips to drink enough water, but I think I have now found my 5 keys to success! And of course I share that with you

1. First water, the rest will come later

Drink plenty of clean water. In the morning I really talk to a big cup of coffee. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning. But really. I need it. Butja, coffee is not water and you only dry out. So I agreed with myself that I could only take that cappuccino if I first drank a bottle of water. And while my sleepy head is now a little pissed on me every morning, I get a shrug of my conscience. Well done, you've got that first half liter!

2. Find a drink buddy

And no, not the one you go to the goat in the pub. Of course, only if you have two liters of water for the day. What am I strictly? But, Anna and I have agreed to help each other with drinking plenty of water. So, nowadays, we call fishermen all the way to the market, "how are you drinking water?". Everyone in the office is so well aware of how much we are already up to, that understands you. And if we're not in the office, we'll just get together. It works!

3. Always keep water at your fingertips

If I do not have a bottle of water on my desk or have me, I do not drink anything either. I just do not think so. Occasionally my mind sometimes sets my head up and I think I have to grab something to drink, but I always put it out. End position: I forget about it again and nothing is being drunk. Therefore, by default I have a 0.5L bottle on my desk, which constantly reminds me that I need to skip four of them. I have to go to the toilet four times as much. I regret that again.

4. Buy a nice water bottle

Point 3 actually leads me to point 4. I now have a plastic bottle on my desk, but it does not last forever. Sustainability I think is important so I'd better buy a nice and good bottle that I can always clean. Maybe you'll go for the nice water bottle ... How do you know if you are drinking enough water.

5. Set daily goals

Look, I'd like a better skin and less painful intestines. I sincerely believe that enough water can help with this, but I'm also not so naive that I believe I will book these results after two weeks of drinking enough water. So I limit my goals to the day: for my first cup of coffee, the first bottle of water, another half a liter for lunch, and in the afternoon I'll take the other liter away. Sometimes that means that I have to go to half a liter by 17:15, but then I have to. What I drink in the evening I see as a nice bonus. Daily goals are much better and therefore these two liters seem less and less.

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