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Cold or hot drinks: What works better in hot weather

The answer is probably not what you think! When the temperatures rise outside, we often seek cooling in all possible ways - think of a dip in the pool, a cold bottle of water or a nice ice cream. Good hydration in the summer. But is it really true that these cold drinks and snacks help us to cool down? Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Body temperature

Maintaining optimal body temperature is also called thermoregulation. People are warm-blooded, which means that we are able to regulate our body temperature independently of the environment. That is because our bodies constantly generate heat through our bodily processes, such as metabolism. The heat produced by our metabolic system is of course very useful when it is cold outside, but when the temperatures rise outside, we must avoid overheating. It seems logical to cool off with a cold drink or an ice cream, but this turns out to be less effective than we previously thought ...

Heat up

When you eat an ice cream, you will initially cool down a bit. However, the cold is quickly replaced by the heat that is released when the nutrients are broken off the ice. The digestion of high-calorie foods causes an increase in your body temperature, so eating an ice cream makes it even warmer. Oops ... Cold drinks are also less effective than we thought. Just as with the ice cream, a cold drink ensures that you cool down for a short while, but with a small drink the effect is quickly gone because it is warmed up by your surrounding organs. Large quantities of cold drinks cause your blood to flow less quickly, so your body will have more trouble with heat drains. In addition, because of their high calorie content, soft drinks have the same effect on your body as eating an ice cream - you just get it warmer.


How is it that you still have the idea that drinking cold drinks or eating an ice cream will cool you down? Tips to get through the summer COOL. By drinking you ensure that you stay hydrated. This allows your body to release heat by transporting it from your vital organs to your skin in the form of sweat. Generally, an adult can lose a half to a liter of sweat per day, but on hot days this can go up to almost a liter and a half per hour. That is also the reason to continue to drink well on a hot day to prevent dehydration.


What about alcohol then? Is it wise to grab a cold beer on a hot summer day? Actually not ... Bummer! Alcohol works diuretic, so your body loses a lot of moisture and therefore more difficult heat can be lost by sweating. Alcohol is therefore not very refreshing in warm weather. What should you drink? Surprisingly, hot drinks can ensure that you stay cool. It may seem strange, but drinking a hot drink causes the receptors in your mouth and throat to send a signal that makes you sweat. This will cool your body faster. Active ingredients in spicy food also have this effect, which is why these types of dishes are popular in countries with a warm climate. On a hot day, choose a cup of tea or a Thai curry instead of a cold beer or an ice cream! Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?

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