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Fruit water in your water bottle

That I have not thought of this before ...... How do you know if you are drinking enough water. My son has always been a good drinker and one who likes drinking water. By his smaller sister, that was something else. With her, the water became more difficult in the early years. Fortunately, this has improved considerably, but the water she receives in her water bottle to school still does not work out.

Now I have the solution here: fruit water in the water bottle to school! And despite the fact that my mother put water on our table for us when I was still very small and I have been doing this for myself and my kids before, I have never before come to give a water bottle of fruit to the children to school. That I have not thought about this much sooner. Healthy drinks instead of water. Since I transform my daughter's water into "fruit water," the water bottle goes as well as empty. Wow! What can a solution be, however, simple. Perhaps you have been doing this for a long time, but if there is anyone who makes this or her children easier to drink on the water then I am already a happy person. Drink more great tasting water from your Water Cooler Kingaroy.

And ...... Lose weight by drinking water. I know that you can buy ready-to-eat water with a fruit flavor nowadays, but this is so much delicious and you are sure that there is no additional addition.
What is fruit water and / or vegetable water

Making fruit water is very easy to do and can with anything you have at home. Fruit water is nothing but water from the tap with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables and possibly a sprig of fresh herb. We often drink when we sit at the table and on hot days if you're done with just plain water. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Kingaroy. I will give you some examples below to get an idea.

For 1 water bottle - preparation time: 5 minutes


    Bottle of water
    Slice or piece of fresh fruit or vegetables like lemon, strawberry, cucumber, ginger
    Branch of herbs such as mint, thyme or basil

Recipe fruit water in your water bottle

Put your favorite fruit, vegetables and / or spices in your bottle. Fill to the edge with water and close with the cap. And of you go! Our favorite has been for years: slice of lemon with freshly minted mint. But occasionally we would like to change this with a few fresh ginger pieces. But strawberries with mint is also very tasty and a few cucumbers are delicious too.

Enjoy It!


Drink more water from your Water Cooler Kingaroy. Get involved with your child. Ask if he / she likes this and ask what kind of vegetable and / or fruit he / she likes to see in the water bottle. How many liter of water should you drink.

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Drinking water from your water cooler Kingaroy

Water is included in the nutrients. A nutrient is a substance that the body needs to stay healthy. There are different types of nutrients. Carbohydrates, fats, water, proteins and vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates are sugary substances that the body uses as fuel. Fuels provide energy. Fats are used in the body as fuel and as building material. Building materials build the body. For example to recover after illness. A protein is a substance that consists of amino acids. Amino acids are used in the body as a building material. Muscles and organs consist of amino acids. Vitamins and minerals support the body in certain processes. For example, vitamins and minerals support the immune system to protect the body against getting sick.

Water is an important building material for the body. An adult human consists of approximately 55% water. In babies, the body even consists of 70% water. The amount of water in the body varies. In general, women, babies and the elderly have less water in the body than men. This is because babies are very small compared to an adult. Women are generally a lot smaller and have fewer muscles than men. The elderly also have less fluid in the body. This is because they lose more fluid and the body shrinks, making the elderly smaller.

Functions of water

Because water from your water cooler Kingaroy performs important tasks in the body, water cannot be missed for long. The body does not warn so quickly with any nutrient that there is a deficiency as with water. As soon as the body has a shortage of water one will feel this by feeling thirsty. They will then drink to get rid of the feeling of thirst. Small children and babies cannot yet make their needs known. For this reason, care must be taken that small children get enough water. Water has different functions in the body. These functions ensure that the body remains healthy.

The functions of water are:

  • Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Water serves as a building material for all tissues: A tissue is a group of cells with the same function. A cell is a small part of a tissue. An example of a tissue is a piece of skin, organ or bone. Water is found in protein structures in the tissue cells. Protein structures are pieces of protein that perform a certain function in the cell. A protein with water in the form of protein structures is also called cell fluid. Cell fluid is approximately 30% of the total body weight. There is also moisture between the cells and tissues. This is called intermediate moisture. Intermediate moisture has a protective function. Intermediate fluid is for example between the brain and in the eyes. Intermediate moisture protects that part of the body against shocks and movements.
  • Water serves as a raw material for the formation of digestive juices needed to digest nutrients. Digestive juices are enzymes mixed with moisture. An enzyme is a substance that can make a certain reaction in the body go faster. Enzymes ensure that the food is cut into smaller pieces quickly and well. This is called digesting. Digestive juices ensure that foods are digested in the body. Digestion is the shredding of a food into smaller nutrients. The human body can then use the released nutrients.
  • Drinking water from your water cooler Kingaroy helps to maintain the correct body temperature. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Water plays an important role in body temperature. If the body gets too hot, sweat is created. Sweat consists of water and salt. The sweat is evaporated on the skin. Heat is needed to evaporate the sweat. Heat is then withdrawn from the body. This ensures that the body cools down. Water also plays a role in heat distribution when it is colder. Water transports heat from an active body part to the rest of the body, so that heat spreads.
  • Water serves as a means of transport for nutrients: Nutrients are useful substances for the body and are transported through the blood. Water ensures that blood is liquid. As soon as a food is digested, nutrients are released. These nutrients then end up in the blood. The nutrients are transported from the blood to places where they have to go. Water also serves as a means of transporting waste. Waste substances are substances that are not important for the body. Waste is transported through the blood to organs that remove these substances from the body.

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