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Fruit water in your water bottle

That I have not thought of this before ...... How do you know if you are drinking enough water. My son has always been a good drinker and one who likes drinking water. By his smaller sister, that was something else. With her, the water became more difficult in the early years. Fortunately, this has improved considerably, but the water she receives in her water bottle to school still does not work out.

Now I have the solution here: fruit water in the water bottle to school! And despite the fact that my mother put water on our table for us when I was still very small and I have been doing this for myself and my kids before, I have never before come to give a water bottle of fruit to the children to school. That I have not thought about this much sooner. Healthy drinks instead of water. Since I transform my daughter's water into "fruit water," the water bottle goes as well as empty. Wow! What can a solution be, however, simple. Perhaps you have been doing this for a long time, but if there is anyone who makes this or her children easier to drink on the water then I am already a happy person.

And ...... Lose weight by drinking water. I know that you can buy ready-to-eat water with a fruit flavor nowadays, but this is so much delicious and you are sure that there is no additional addition.
What is fruit water and / or vegetable water

Making fruit water is very easy to do and can with anything you have at home. Fruit water is nothing but water from the tap with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables and possibly a sprig of fresh herb. We often drink when we sit at the table and on hot days if you're done with just plain water. I will give you some examples below to get an idea.

For 1 water bottle - preparation time: 5 minutes


    Bottle of water
    Slice or piece of fresh fruit or vegetables like lemon, strawberry, cucumber, ginger
    Branch of herbs such as mint, thyme or basil

Recipe fruit water in your water bottle

Put your favorite fruit, vegetables and / or spices in your bottle. Fill to the edge with water and close with the cap. And of you go! Our favorite has been for years: slice of lemon with freshly minted mint. But occasionally we would like to change this with a few fresh ginger pieces. But strawberries with mint is also very tasty and a few cucumbers are delicious too.

Enjoy It!


Get involved with your child. Ask if he / she likes this and ask what kind of vegetable and / or fruit he / she likes to see in the water bottle. How many liter of water should you drink.

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