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10 Tips to drink more water from your water cooler Highland Park

About Prestige Water. You often hear that drinking water is good for you, because you get a beautiful skin, it carries waste and it has many more benefits for your health. Only sometimes you forget that you have to drink enough so you may not even have 1 liter at the end of the day. We will give you 10 tips to drink more water. What kind of water to drink.

Everyone says that you have to drink more water, but why? You can read that here!

1. Make sure you always have a bottle of water at hand
Make sure you always have a bottle of water in your bag so that you do not forget to drink. Take a sip of water regularly so that you drink all day long.

2. Make a habit of it
For example, start the day with a glass of water from your Water Cooler Highland Park and speak with yourself that you drink a large glass of water before every meal. After a while you are used to it and you get that 2 liters with ease.

3. Add fruit
After a while water can start to get bored, so you do not feel like drinking two liters of it every day. To make it easier to keep you can add fruit or vegetables to your water. You can vary endlessly so try for yourself what your favorite is. Mint, lemon and cucumber, for example, is a tasty combination. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

4. Use an app
There are special apps in which you can keep track of how much water you drink per day. That way you can motivate yourself to drink more water, because the app gives a signal when it is time to drink again and you can keep track of how much you already have.

5. Fill your bottle every time you go to the toilet
Fill your bottle from your Water Cooler Highland Park every time you have been to toilet. Because you drink a lot you have to go to toilet more often, you fill your bottle again so you have to go back a bit later, you actually arrive in a kind of vicious circle.

6. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that contain water
You do not just have to drink water from your water cooler Highland Park to get enough fluid. Fruit and vegetables also consist largely of water, for example watermelon or cucumber.

7. Take a bottle or a large glass
If you always take a small glass of water you have to drink a lot of glasses before you have two liters. You better take a bottle of half a liter, because before you know it you have another bottle empty. You only have to drink four bottles from your water cooler Highland Park and you already have two liters. That's okay, right?

8. Keep a bottle of water with you if you watch television or are in school
If you have a lecture or if you watch a movie at home on the couch, you are often distracted. You will notice that your bottle of water is empty without you noticing it.

9. Buy a nice water bottle
You can of course use an old franks tank, but it is much more fun to have a nice bottle. Betting that a nice bottle motivates you to drink more water from your Water Cooler Highland Park?

10. Ask your friends and family
Drinking water is not bad for anyone, so it works even better to do it together. So you can help each other remember and of course motivate each other. Tips to drink more water.

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Drinking water from your water cooler Highland Park: the benefits for during your training

Drinking water is important for every person. It ensures that the body remains hydrated. Especially during exercise it is important that enough is consumed, since a lot of fluid is lost during exercise. What benefits can we all get from the water we take in during exercise? Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

What does water take care of?

- Water ensures better circulation. The blood consists largely of water. If there is not enough of it in the blood compared to the other components of the blood, the blood can get a thicker structure. Sufficient drinking can ensure that this does not happen, the heart needs to deliver less force in this way to pump blood around.

- Water ensures the "lubrication" of the joints. There is a spread between the joints that ensures that the joints can move easily and without pain.

- An increased concentration of salts can cause kidney stones to form. By drinking enough, this high concentration is prevented as much as possible.

- Water speeds up metabolism. This ensures that calories are stored less quickly in fat.

- Waste is removed from the body with the help of water. This is done through sweating and urine production.

- Through all the above points, you will feel better. All an advantage of drinking enough!

Drinking water during exercise

Because you lose a lot of fluid during exercise, it is important to drink more from your water cooler Highland Park. Why filter tapwater. The points above indicate how important water is for your body. You can understand that especially during exercise certain points such as a good blood circulation, a good metabolism and a good separation of waste are of great importance.

How much water should I drink from my water cooler Highland Park?

How do I get more energy? The amount of fluid that you lose during training depends on a number of things. For example, the temperature, humidity, duration and intensity of exercise and the clothing you wear have an impact on your moisture loss. Of course, one person sweats more than another. Make sure you drink plenty from your water cooler Highland Park.

As a result, an absolute amount cannot be specified. It is advisable to ensure that no real thirst is formed. When you get thirsty, your body actually indicates that it contains too little water.

Drinking too much is of course possible, but this does not happen quickly. If you exercise more than 2 hours and drink a lot, it may happen that the blood contains too few salts. This makes it very watery, which in turn causes the body to excrete a lot of moisture. This can be prevented by consuming a sports drink containing sugars and salts specifically for the sport. These are often sugars and salts that can be absorbed quickly so that the effect occurs immediately.

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