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TIP: What drinking water really does for your skin

Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Around this period it seems that your whole body is dehydrated from your feet to your crown. According to many stars - think of Jennifer Aniston - the solution is very simple: drinking water. But what does water really do for your skin? What does water for your skin.

Many celebs declaim that drinking water is the way to stay hydrated, and it does not seem illogical: your skin is always 64 percent water. There are so many minerals in the water from your Water Cooler Goulburn. Yet there is little evidence for the hypothesis. Since the cosmetic world can save little money from the health benefits of water, it is difficult to find enough funds for research in that direction. Nevertheless, a 2007 study showed that 2.25 liters of water per day drink changes the texture of your skin. Whether that was in good or bad direction is not entirely clear. The University of Missouri-Colombia could prove that drinking half a liter of water immediately improves the blood supply to your skin. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Goulburn. But how much influence does that have? How many liter of water should you drink.

Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian sees advantages for your skin in any case. "Without sufficient water your skin looks duller and your wrinkles and pores are much more prominent." And because your skin is hydrated and elastic, you have much less chance of irritation. Your scars also become less visible, and because the oil concentration decreases, you also have less chance of pimples.

However, these effects are only in the short term. "Although the skin looks better, the wrinkles and scars do not disappear. Nothing changes permanently, "said Nazarian. "If you stop drinking water again, they will be more visible again." That is why she recommends drinking water consistently throughout the day. Eight to ten glasses of 200 milliliters from your Water Cooler Goulburn would be sufficient. "Do not drink it at once. Your body can only process so much water at once, all the rest you just pee out before it reaches your skin. "

This does not mean, however, that you can simply replace your day cream with a bottle of water. "The water does not always reach the upper layers of the skin. Your face needs to be hydrated both internally and externally for beautiful skin. " Are fruit juices healthy.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?