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Do you really need to drink 2liters of water each day

Nowadays you hardly see anyone going over the street without a bottle of water. Everyone 'knows' that we have to drink enough water, at least two liters per day. That is healthy - we have been finding for a number of years. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

Scientists in Australia did an equally remarkable and simple survey this year (published in the Journal of Sports Medicine). Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Doonan. They looked at what effect dehydration had on physical performance. A group of cyclists was sent into the Australian heat and cycled until they had sweated 3% of their body weight. Then they were given fluids intravenously, so they did not know how much fluid they actually ingested. Moisture and drinking water. One group got nothing, one group got enough to get 2% dehydration, and the third group got all the fluid lost. After that, their performance was measured again and what was the outcome: it did not matter whether or not they had been supplemented with their moisture reserves.

That was a surprise. Do athletes have to monitor their fluid balance? They do this extremely fanatically. Do you see a tennis champion or cyclist drinking water? Athletes prefer to drink special sports drinks, isotonic brews that immediately fill every drop of sweat with all lost minerals. So you do not have to undergo a dip in your performance. Because, we think, to perform optimally you need to be optimally hydrated. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Doonan.

What does water do in your body. And now let that in our heads to be stopped by smart marketers of soft drink producers and water companies.

People in temperate climate zones that do not make heavy physical effort get enough fluid when they consume one and a half to two liters of fluid a day. And the moisture in your cucumber, your coffee, your steak and even your beer just counts. If you get too little, you will automatically drink. The biggest risk around water consumption does not appear to be dehydration, but water poisoning by drinking too much water. You can even die from that. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

It turns out to be much simpler than we started to think. Your body is a great moisture regulator. Do you drink too much, then you pee the excess out again. If you drink too little, you get thirsty and you start peeing less. The fact that we are all floating around with water today is really entirely due to the campaigns of a number of smart marketers and companies. "Saying that you have to drink more water than your body requires is just like saying that you have to breathe more often because, if a little bit of oxygen is good for you, then you should be better off". There are many minerals in the water from yoiur Water Cooler Doonan.

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Drink from your water cooler Doonan and detox your body - 7 tips

By purifying your body you can get rid of toxins. This gives you more energy, and you feel healthy and fit. Purify your body with these tips!

A detox keeps your body clean

Every day we expose our body to countless toxins that penetrate our body. Heavy metals in the air, residues of pesticides, harmful additives in our food, foreign ingredients, air pollution, inhalation of aerosol vapors, toxins from cosmetics and care products, acidification from bad food and so on.

Your body has to deal with countless substances that have to be broken down and removed. Your body can drain these substances through the lungs, pores and urine. However, when the amount of toxins is too large to safely pass through these pathways, your body chooses to store the toxins in your organs and fat tissue.

A detox can cause your body to release and drain these stored substances. This brings your body into balance and all processes can function optimally again.

Two basics for a successful detox

A detox stimulates the body to get rid of stored toxins. A successful detox meets these two basics:

  1. Stop adding toxins;
  2. Stimulate your body to break down and remove toxins.

As soon as your body is ready to remove toxins, you may experience temporary headaches or intestinal complaints. To get rid of the stored toxins, your body has to return them to your bloodstream, which can make you temporarily ill.

However, you can also choose to detox gradually. This means that you gradually change your diet in such a way that you mainly eat purifying food, and stop adding toxins.

1. Detox your body every day

Do not focus so much on keeping an intense detox, but eat purifying food every day so that you always support your body in breaking down toxins.

2. Throw toxins out of your life step by step

Step by step make your living environment cleaner. Opt for more organic, natural food. Replace chemical care products with natural ones, eat a lot of vegetables and avoid factory food.

3. Eat more fiber

Fibers help to 'clean' your intestines, as it were. In particular, opt for fiber found in vegetables and add fiber to your daily diet and flaxseed and chia seed smoothies.

4. Drink plenty of pure water from your water cooler Doonan

Actually I should drink more water. Water helps your body to drain toxins. Drink pure water regularly throughout the day (Dutch tap water is exceptionally pure) and supplement this with green tea and (purifying) herbal tea.

5. Provide adequate nutrients

To be able to remove toxins, your body mustn't be deficient in essential vitamins or minerals. Therefore, make sure you get enough nutrients, and replenish it if necessary. You can also choose to take a detox juice cure for a few days (such as this detox cure) and get a box of fresh organic detox juices sent to your home.

6. Increase the amount of raw vegetables in your diet

Raw vegetables have a very purifying effect. Green leafy vegetables in particular contain a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other substances that your body needs to stay pure and healthy. Wash the vegetables with water from your water cooler Doonan.

You can add raw vegetables by eating salads regularly, snacking on vegetables and by drinking green smoothies.

7. Start your day with a green smoothie

A green smoothie is an easy way to get your daily portion of fruit and vegetables. Because you finely grind the ingredients in your blender, they are also quickly and easily absorbed by your body.

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