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TIP: How to drink enough water per day with ease

We are recommended to drink about one and a half to two liters a day from your Water Cooler Deniliquin. Actually I should drink more water. This does not just have to be water. All drinks count. In addition to water, coffee and tea without sugar are in the Schijf van Vijf. For some people a breeze, but others find it difficult to get this. Because how do you get those 8 glasses of water, especially if you almost never thirst or are busy all day long? We are happy to help you. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the Office.

Why water?

First of all, a short answer to the question why water is actually so good for you. Water helps your digestive system, it helps your body absorb the nutrients in the intestines and helps transport nutrients and waste in the body. It also regulates your body temperature (for example by sweating) and your skin is also happy. Okay, reason enough. Here are the tips:

The 10 tips

  •     Embrace a new habit: always bring a bottle. Put it in your bag, put one on your desk. So you make it a habit to occasionally drink a few gulps. And with a few refills per day, you quickly find the recommended amount of approx. 1.5 to 2 liters.
  •     Spice it up. Because water alone, we sometimes find boring. Fortunately, you can vary endlessly with the addition of fruit, herbs or even vegetables. Not only looks very festive, it is also super refreshing. Read more about the best water from your Water Cooler Deniliquin!
  •     Coffee and (preferably) tea - and then the variant without sugar and milk - also count in the daily amount of water. Soup, broth or yogurt also count as moisture. And did you know that drinking 3 cups of green or black tea every day is the advice according to the new Schijf van Vijf?
  •     Start the day with a glass of water. Because during your sleep a lot of water is extracted from your body, for example by perspiration. You simply build up the water level in your body in the morning with a good glass of water from your Water Cooler Deniliquin.
  •     Drink water with food. Drink water at fixed times. Not only in the morning after getting up, but also at your lunch or dinner.
  •     Keep track of how much you drink. to get at least 1.5 liters of fluid, it can help to write down or keep track of how much you have already drunk. Or take a concrete goal, for example that you drink three 0.5 liter bottles a day!
  •     Eat watery. The moisture that your body needs does not just get you out of drinking. Also from your diet! You can increase the amount of moisture you ingest through food by eating water-rich products. Like watermelon (what's in a name), a soup, broth or, as mentioned earlier, a bowl of yogurt.
  •     Drink from a large glass. Because then you do not have to drink water as often! And if you teach yourself to always empty your glass, you will eventually get more inside than with a small glass.
  •     Reminder. For the stubborn non-water drinkers among us. Put a reminder on your phone. There are also various apps that can help you with this, but you can also set an alarm yourself.
  •     Add extra water to smoothies or juices. Fruit water. For example, use some water to dilute your smoothie or make your (sometimes sugary) fruit juice slightly healthier! Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

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Detox and drinking from your water cooler Denilliquin

Detox is cleaning, purifying and removing unwanted or foreign elements. This includes both external cleaning such as washing, showering and bathing as well as internal cleaning. This is the removal of waste or detoxification. Cleansing the body leads to detoxification of the body and health improvement.

The purpose of detoxing is to clear up blockages and paralysis in your body. This allows you to create more space for yourself and gives you the resilience to life's challenges. Besides, the balance in your health improves, both physically and mentally. Incorrect nutrition is an important cause of imbalance in your body. Other factors such as poor digestion, excessive stress, insufficient oxygen, blockages and other factors play a role in the imbalance in your body. The liver has to work harder to allow detoxification. This bulletin explains the role of the liver and how the liver helps us to stay healthy.

Incurrence of imbalance

Slackening and blockages that lead to an imbalance in the body are caused by waste such as toxins and stresses. A distinction is made between two types of disturbances: Exogenous disturbances such as, for example, chemicals, heavy metals, medicines, toxins from micro-organisms, trauma, radiation and food. Besides, there are endogenous factors such as incomplete digestion and detoxification, pH changes, impeded excretion (chronic constipation) and emotional / mental stresses.

Exogenous disturbances

Exogenous disturbances are disturbances that come from the outside. Everything that people produce, lubricate, inhale and inhale eventually returns to us through our living environment (through food, water and air). Drink plenty of water from your water cooler Denilliquin. Due to our current living conditions, our living environment is rapidly becoming polluted and we are seeing chronic diseases increase rapidly. An important cause is an increase in the so-called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). These hormone disrupting chemicals are widely present in our current environment. These EDCs are found in pesticides and fertilizers used in the agricultural industry, flame retardants that need to be sprayed on our furniture and carpet (determined by the government), plastic in which we package and store our food, but also in medicines. Besides, EDCs can also be found in food, water, cosmetics, care products, cleaning products, non-stick coatings, paint and clothing. EDCs can be detected in human blood and urine. For example, bisphenol A (BPA) can be measured in the blood. More and more studies are showing that there is a relationship between the use of EDCs and diseases such as breast cancer, infertility, diabetes and thyroid problems. Other health effects of EDCs can include fertility problems, metabolism disorders, bone metabolism problems, neurocognitive impairment and immune system problems.

Endogenous disturbances

Healthy drinking water with minerals from your water cooler Denilliquin. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Endogenous disturbances are disturbances that arise in the body itself. Wastes are created by an incorrect relationship between digestion and food supply (overeating). Besides, incorrect diet and eating habits cause waste to accumulate in the intestine, among other things. The endogenous disturbances often arise from bad (eating) habits. Bad (eating) habits include eating too much or too little, drinking too little water, eating too fast / not chewing properly, incorrect food such as junk food, processed food and too much fat and sugar. This can lead to a disturbing feeling of satiety, causing more and more to be eaten. But also due to factors such as stress and too little movement or sleep. Besides, good digestion is essential. Digestion is the shrinking of food to a size that can then be taken up for use in cells. For proper digestion, good chewing and therefore also good teeth are important. The optimal functioning of the digestive system with the required production of enzymes at a good pH value is essential. Besides, the intestinal flora must be healthy and, of course, the liver must also work properly. The cause of endogenous toxins lies in the digestion, this also applies to emotional / mental waste. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Liver detoxification

The liver is the most important organ for proper detoxification. Liver detoxification converts fat-soluble toxic substances into a water-soluble form that can be excreted. The liver detoxification takes place in 3 phases. Phase 1 is Hydroxylation, after which there is an intermediate phase in which the highly reactive particles are captured.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?